Eating In Pittsburgh Updated

Cybrus at the Lost and Found blog has put together a list of places to eat in Pittsburgh for visitors coming for the NRA Annual Meeting. It can be found here. I plan to check some of them out.

One Pittsburgh favorite, Primanti Brothers, has been removed from the list. They appear to have endorsed Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors when MAIG’s anti-gun billboard truck was in town. Bitter and Sebastian have much more on that controversy here. Supposedly the Primanti Brothers sandwich is to Pittsburgh what cheesesteaks are to Philly. Their sandwiches feature meat, cheese, cole slaw, tomatoes, and french fries. I guess you have to be from there to appreciate it.

UPDATE: Cybrus has updated his recommendations. He has put Primanti Brothers back on the list after they responded to the criticism with a statement of where they stand. That said, french fries on a sandwich?

UPDATE II: Sebastian has a report on Cam Edwards meeting with the folks at Primanti Brothers. He said they made things right. You can read his report here. I am still leery of any sandwich with french fries on it. Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Man versus Food.

One thought on “Eating In Pittsburgh Updated”

  1. Thanks for the link! I've updated my post regarding Primanti Bros. as they've responded to several people and said that they do not endorse any particular position and that their staff tends to be very friendly with any group that comes in.

    As I said in my post:
    "I would love it if they'd tell anti-rights group to go piss up a rope, but I can't fault them, from a business perspective, for just wanting to serve the largest audience possible."

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