Gun Ranges In The City Of Chicago

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was true to his word that a bill would be introduced today to amend the Chicago Gun Law regarding shooting ranges. The item below is the only item on the agenda for the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety this afternoon at 2pm CDT.



An ordinance amending Chapters 8-20 and 8-24 and related
provisions of the Municipal Code.

Translating these Municipal Code references, Chapter 8-20 deals with Weapons and Chapter 8-24 deals with Firearms and Other Weapons. Within Chapter 8-20 is Section 280 which prohibits “shooting galleries and target ranges” while Chapter 8-24 deals with discharging a firearm within the City of Chicago.

As I and others have noted, passage of such an amendment to the Municipal Code of the City of Chicago could moot the Second Amendment Foundation’s case – Ezell v. Chicago -that challenges the prohibition on shooting ranges within the City of Chicago. An appeal of Judge Kendell’s denial of a preliminary injunction is pending a decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeal hearing was held in April and seemed quite favorable to those supporting gun rights and shooting ranges.

2 thoughts on “Gun Ranges In The City Of Chicago”

  1. While all I know about Rahm Emanuel is what I see from 1500 miles away, he certainly appears to be the worst, most hypocritical type of scum bucket. It seems inconceivable he would let gun ranges into the city. It's not like he's spending his own money to defend Ezell, and I think he believes the pot of OPM the city is using to fight it is bottomless.

    Prediction: if they do something to make it possible to open a range, it will be some process of forms, layers of approvals and other obstacles that can only be overcome by massive amounts of payoffs. It will have the appearance of complying with the law, but only appearance.

    Isn't that the Chicago way?

  2. @Graybeard: You got that right!

    While looking for notice of this ordinance, I came across the agenda items for the City Council. The miniscule things that have to be run by them is incredible. Can Joe's Bar have an outdoor patio? Those are things that are normally handled at the administrative level and not by a City Council.

    I expect that if you are granted permission to open an indoor range, you will have made significant donations to the campaign coffers of at least one if not more Aldermen.

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