The Virgina Tech Grad You Don’t Hear About

When you mix the words guns and Virginia Tech grads together in the media, you are mostly likely to hear about Colin Goddard of the Brady Campaign or his movie Living for 32. The other alternative usually is Omar Samaha of MAIG’s Fix Gun Checks. If you are in Texas you might also hear about doctoral student John O. Woods and his campaign against guns at the University of Texas-Austin.

I’d like to add another name to that list – Dr. Ken Stanton who earned his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 2010 and who is now a Research Scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State. He was on campus in Blacksburg on that day in 2007 when the madman killed 32 students and faculty. He, too, lost a good friend to the madman (whose name I choose not to publicize). However, as Stanton explained to a reporter for the Wall Street Journal for an article on campus carry published yesterday, he took a different lesson from the shootings than did Goodard, Samaha, and Woods.

But Ken Stanton, a Virginia Tech Ph.D. student at the time of the
shooting, said he decided to become a research scientist at Colorado
State University because he wanted to be on a campus where he could
legally carry a gun to class. The Virginia shooting, which killed one of
his friends, left him convinced that concealed weapons should be
permitted on campuses to allow people to defend themselves.

“It is not a force field, but it just means that if something bad
does happen, we can fight back,” said Mr. Stanton, an advocate for gun
rights on campus. “At Virginia Tech, no one had a chance.”

Dr. Stanton decided not to be a victim. I’m sure there are many other Virginia Tech grads who were on campus that fateful day in 2007 who have made the same decision and of whom we will never read about in the mainstream media. That Dr. Stanton was even mentioned is an aberration because when the media has to choose between promoting self-defense or victim-hood, it is almost inevitable that victim-hood wins.

GRPC 2012 – Who’s Going?

The 2012 Gun Rights Policy Conference kicks off this coming Friday evening in Orlando.

I am trying organize a little get-together for gun bloggers and podcasters. It will probably be Saturday evening after the reception. I’ve contacted a few bloggers that I knew were going to attend the conference but I’m sure I’ve missed others.

So, if you are going to GRPC 2012 and are a gun blogger or podcaster, either leave a comment or contact me at jpr9 AT earthlink DOT net. I’ll be back in touch with you with more details.

But Only Ones…

David Codrea often refers to law enforcement officers as “only ones”. It is a riff on the claim by many gun prohibitionists that the only ones who should have guns are law enforcement (and military) as they are the “only ones” properly trained and responsible enough to have guns.

Given the recent shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City where all the wounded were caused by errant shots fired by NYPD officers, the shooting skills of many police officers was exposed to be less than optimal. Indeed, most non-only ones shoot more on a regular basis than they do.

Joe Huffman and his local gun club decided to do an objective test. They ran a USPSA club shoot using the Los Angles Police Department qualification test. However, to meet USPSA rules they actually had to make it a bit harder. Nonetheless, they had a 79% pass rate on a tougher course of fire.

Barron Barnett of The-Minuteman blog provides a video explanation below:

H/T Sebastian

Its For The Children

The constant refrain of the gun prohibitionists is that guns or standard-capacity magazines or ammunition must be banned because “its for the children”.

I came across the picture below in today’s Wall Street Journal in a book review. The Cage deals with Sri Lanka and how the country’s marginalization of their Tamil minority lead to a 26-year civil war which only ended when the Tamil Tigers were annihilated in 2009.

While I don’t approve of the tactics used by the Tamil Tigers or the official repression of the Tamils by the Sri Lankan government, it still looks to me like those kids are enjoying that see-saw. I guess you could say it is for the children, too.

“Unavailable To Civvies”

As anyone who has been paying attention to the gun world recently knows, the former editor of RECOIL Magazine, Jerry Tsai, channeled his inner-Zumbo and made stupid comments about who should or shouldn’t be allowed to have the HK MP7A1. I’m not going to rehash the controversy or his comments.

However, this video is for Jerry and those who only think only guns with “sporting purposes” are appropriate for the great unwashed like you and me.

Even The Deer In Texas Are Conservative

A couple in Austin, Texas was frustrated that their yard sign touting Obama was continually getting destroyed. After staking it out one morning, they found to their amazement that it wasn’t some dastardly Republican but rather a whitetail deer.

Even the deer in Texas have the good sense to know that Obama and his policies are just not right for America.

Another New #GunVote Video

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released another of their #GunVote videos. This one features a number of quotes from the gun prohibitionists regarding their plans for more gun control and more bans.

This video has a great ending tagline – “one vote stands between your and your gun rights – your vote.” These YouTube ads from NSSF are in a league of their own.

Sen. Chuck Grassley On IG Report And Hearings

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was interviewed on Fox News this afternoon about the Inspector General’s report and the hearings into them. He said the report was fairly good. He attacked the Obama Administration’s claim of executive privilege. He noted that there was a lot of stuff covered under executive privilege that wasn’t even shared with the DOJ IG even though they are both in the executive branch. However, he said that the IG’s report did provide an opening as over 300 pages of documents previously sealed by the claim of executive privilege were used in the production of this report.

Grassley nails Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer over what he knew or should have known of Operation Fast and Furious and is disappointed that the report absolved Breuer.

Watch the latest video at

The Oversight Committee Hearings Today

I was tied up with work all day and wasn’t able to break away to watch the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing. They held a hearing today on DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on Operation Fast and Furious.

If you were like me, you had to work as well. Fortunately, the Committee has made the video available of the hearings. You can see them below: