Pink Camo Has Officially Jumped The Shark

I’m searching the Interwebs for good pictures of camo to get ideas for painting one of my AR-15s when I stumbled across this.

I understand trying to make hunting and camo more appealing to women by incorporating pink.

But this? Really? A pink camo engagement and wedding ring set? Just how long are we to expect that marriage to last?

24 thoughts on “Pink Camo Has Officially Jumped The Shark”

  1. Hello my name is joe. i am extremely enthuised by these beautiful engagement rings. is there anyway possible to get a price and a way of ordering this ring? Can you email me with details please? email is… tiffany.amandalee@ thsnk you for your time. hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi. My partner and i are from country Australia and we are looking for camo engagement and wedding ring sets … can anyone help … there seems to b nothing avilable in Oz … email to … thanks in advance

  3. You obviously don't know the strength of the type of people that would want this! Judging something b/c of it's looks is ignorant! My wife and I would get something like this and we are 6yrs strong!

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