Smith & Wesson Steps Up

First it was Ruger who provided an easy way to contact public officials about gun control. Now it is Smith & Wesson. They now have a page where you can send a pro-gun message to your elected officials in both DC and your state capitol.

I’m glad to see gun companies stepping up for gun rights and not making secret deals with administration officials. I don’t think we are going to see Smith & Wesson make the same mistake that they made during the Clinton Administration.

If you haven’t used either the Ruger or Smith & Wesson pages to send a message, why not?

6 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson Steps Up”

  1. I've never forgiven them for what they did with Clinton. Haven't bought an S&W since. Get rid of those shitty locks on the side of the revolvers (legacy from that deal with the devil) and I'll be first in line. I have money set aside and waiting.

    1. Those S&W people are long gone, you're fighting a battle was over more than 10 years ago. We won. We need to stop eating our own.

  2. Interesting, and they must have been shamed by Ruger… But any port in a storm to get more words in front of the legislators!!!

    1. I think it's Ruger's software they're using. Mike Fifer of Ruger said he'd share it with other gun companies. Last I looked this morning, over 900,000 had used the Ruger version.

  3. John's right. According to Tom Gresham, Ruger offered up their app free of charge and with no strings attached. I'm pretty sure it's the same app.

  4. I've read that all these messages from the ruger (and now S&W) are basically marked as spam and never even make it to elected officials. Plus, it much better to send a unique, personal letter.

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