Ruger CEO Mike Fifer Clarifies Why They Are Leaving California Market

As I reported yesterday in the infographic on the California Handgun Roster, Ruger is reportedly going to let all their semi-automatic pistols drop off the approved Handgun Roster. Today, Ruger CEO Mike Fifer clarified this in an interview with

“We’re being forced out of the state by the California Department of Justice,” explained Fifer. “This insistence on microstamping, which doesn’t work, is denying you your rights to have access to these guns.”

“We’re not abandoning the [California] market at all, we are trying our hardest to stay in the market,” he continued. “We’re committed to California and we’re fighting this every inch of the way.”

In other words, they’re not abandoning their fans, enthusiasts and customers in California. They’re going to do whatever they can to see that this inane law gets struck down.

7 thoughts on “Ruger CEO Mike Fifer Clarifies Why They Are Leaving California Market”

  1. Block all firearm and ammo sales to Cali state agencies and all other Police, Sheriff and LEO organizations in the state. When the pols can't get armed guards for protection,.they'll change the laws.

    1. Really? ORDER a company to do business in a particular state, AGAINST their wishes? Oh, you can surely find a federal judge STUPID enough to order that, but it won't survive appellate review — and Ruger would be sure to get an immediate stay until the case was appealed. Not even the 9th Circuit would be lawless enough to uphold that kind of fascism (and yes, I use the term technically, literally, and accurately).

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