In Honor Of The Day

From Facebook by Closet Conservative

I wonder if her invitation to stay at her house in the Indy suburbs while I attend the NRA Annual Meeting is still open. Maybe it is the day but I think she might have been putting me on just like she has been putting on the media about being a stay-at-home mom from suburbia.

5 thoughts on “In Honor Of The Day”

  1. This ad is an April Fools joke, right? If not, we have a lot more "undocumented" aliens than the government admits.

  2. I gotta go get me a few million exploding lazer rounds before the $5/rd tax goes into effect in two weeks!

  3. That would promote conversation.. Wish she were that open minded. I love it when an anti-gun in-law comes to stay at my house – let's have that conversation!! 😀

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