Another Case Of A Gun Company Marketing To Youth

The gun prohibitionists like to compare firearms manufacturers to tobacco companies in that both supposedly have to market to youth because their customer base is old and white and dying out.

For example, this article from Think Progess asserts that Americans have a declining interest in the shooting sports and the gun companies have to hook kids on AR-15s.

Responding to Americans’ declining interest in shooting sports, gun manufacturers are developing programs to market their products to younger children. The National Shooting Sports Foundation trade association and the industry-funded National Rifle Association spend millions of dollars annually to recruit kids as gun enthusiasts. And those efforts increasingly focus on pushing semi-automatic assault weapons, including the very model used by the shooter in the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.

The mainstream media loves this meme and repeats it incessantly as evidenced by stories in the paper of making things up (NY Times), CNN, the Guardian, and others. It ignores the fact that one has to be 18 to purchase a long gun from a FFL and 21 to purchase a handgun. Moreover, many states forbid the possession of a firearm by youth under certain ages unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Of course this is utter bovine excrement. If anything, introducing kids to firearms through proper training programs like 4H, the NRA Junior programs, and the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation programs help build more responsible and more mature youth.

Thus, when I got the following press release from Glock yesterday announcing their contribution of $25,000 to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, I smiled. I knew it would help kids and piss off the gun prohibitionists which is a true win-win.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Apr. 10, 2015 GLOCK, Inc. donated $25,000 to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) at the 144th NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

Ed Fitzgerald, Special Projects Manager at GLOCK, Inc. has worked closely with the SSSF over the years. “As an industry leader, GLOCK understands the importance of promoting safe and effective ways of introducing competitive shooting to young men and women who are just starting in the sport,” Fitzgerald said, “The next generation of shooters are fostered through organizations like the SPP. We will continue our efforts to lead the way by supporting the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation.”

Accepting the check at the GLOCK Booth (#633) were Ben S. Berka, President and Executive Director of the SSSF and Scott Moore, National Director of the Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP). Presenting the check on behalf of GLOCK were Josh Dorsey, Vice President at GLOCK, Inc., and GLOCK spokesperson, R. Lee Ermey, “The Gunny.” The ceremony was attended by an exclusive group of Industry media.

GLOCK has been an active sponsor of the SPP since its creation in 2012. “The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is honored to receive this major gift from GLOCK. GLOCK’s support of the SPP is a key element to building a foundation from which to grow all action pistol sports,” Ben S. Berka said. “This donation will help local Scholastic Pistol Programs at the grass-roots level and provide local teams with the education, support and resources to run successful programs.”

I do wonder what The Gunny might say to those who would criticize Glock’s donation to SSSF as merely buying future customers. It probably wouldn’t be printable in a family publication.

I Guess We Don’t Suck And They Don’t Hate Us

A long-running Internet meme started by Larry Correia about Heckler and Koch goes like this:  HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

Larry was making fun of the assumed Teutonic superiority of HK as evidenced by the reaction of their fanbois to any criticism of HK.

I came across a press release today that indicates that maybe they don’t hate us. They are starting a sponsored shooting program for all levels of shooters from novice to expert. Moreover, you can apply for the sponsored shooting program via the Internet. In other words, you can find them, they don’t have to find you. Applications will be accepted today through May 31st.

Columbus, GA — Heckler & Koch announced today a new sponsored shooter program structured to assist shooters competing in all divisions and skill levels, from novice to expert. Competitors must complete an online application with profile information, photos, videos and events for approval. Levels of support will include a wide range of subsidies and assistance. Applications will be accepted from April 17th to May 31st.

To learn more about opportunities with the HK Shooting sponsored shooter program and become a candidate, complete an online application at Limited slots available.

Heckler & Koch is the world’s premier small arms systems company and a major supplier to global military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooters. An innovative leader in design and manufacturing, Heckler & Koch provides technologically advanced firearms, logistical support, training, and specialized services with the highest standards of innovation and reliability to its customer base.

For further information, please contact:
HK-USA Public Relations

Tel: 1-703-450-1900 x1226

American Website:
Global Website:

H/T: The Outdoor Wire

Protecting Liberty

Second Amendment commentator and independent film producer Billy Johnson has a new project. It is a documentary called Protecting Liberty. He has a Kickstarter campaign going with the intention of raising $225,000. He has until April 29th at noon to raise the money. He is far from the goal with only approximately $31,000 raised as this morning.

I met Billy briefly at the NRA Annual Meeting this past weekend. I have always found his commentaries for the NRA to be very thoughtful and thought provoking. This film will show how the mainstream media-fed misperceptions about violence are a threat to our civil rights and our fundamental human freedoms.

I intend to make a contribution and would urge you to do so as well. Films such as Protecting Liberty are how we in the gun culture can fight back against the mainstream media and their goal of suppressing our rights.

The Kickstarter page is here.

Swiss Army Dirk?

A Swiss Army knife should be considered a dirk (or dagger) under the law so sayeth California Attorney General Kamala Harris. She is appealing a California Court of Appeals ruling that a Swiss Army knife, even if carried with the blade open, cannot be considered a dirk or dagger. The case is California v. Castillolopez.

I first heard about the case from Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition over lunch at the NRA Annual Firearms Law Seminar. He was telling those of us at the table about the case and that the Second Amendment Foundation was joining with Knife Rights on an amicus brief.

As to Kamala Harris and the state of California, it is as if they have something against the Scots-Swiss carrying a Swiss Army knife in their sporran.

The joint release from SAF and Knife Rights on their amicus brief is below.

A legal brief urging the California Supreme Court to rule that common, non-locking Swiss Army Knives and similar pocketknives are not illegal ‘dirks’ or ‘daggers’ was filed on Monday.

George M. Lee, a partner at the San Francisco law firm of Seiler Epstein Ziegler & Applegate, wrote the “friend of the court” brief in the criminal matter of State of California v. Emmanuel Castillolopez on behalf of the civil rights organizations Knife Rights Foundation and Second Amendment Foundation.

Knife Rights would like to thank our good friends at the Second Amendment Foundation, Cal Guns and the Firearms Policy Coalition for their support of this brief.

The case stems from a dispute over section 16470 of the California Penal Code, which defines a dirk or dagger as “a knife or other instrument….that is capable of ready use as a stabbing weapon that may inflict great bodily injury or death.” But, for everyday pocketknives like the one at issue in Castillolopez, the definition applies only “if the blade of the knife is exposed and locked into position.”

Castillolopez was convicted in 2012 by a San Diego County jury for illegally carrying a concealed dirk or dagger after law enforcement found a Swiss Army Knife with the blade open in his pocket following a traffic stop. The Fourth Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal later overturned his conviction, holding that Castillolopez’ pocketknife didn’t meet the statutory definition of an illegally-carried ‘dirk’ or ‘dagger’ because it didn’t have a locking mechanism.

“For simply having a common, everyday Swiss Army multi-tool with the blade open in his pocket, Mr. Castillolopez was charged, prosecuted, and convicted of a very serious crime,” explained Lee. “We strongly believe that the Court of Appeal correctly held that the State’s arguments are wrong on the law and hope the Supreme Court similarly disposes of the matter in its forthcoming decision.”

Doug Ritter, founder and Chairman of the Knife Rights Foundation, said, “Ultimately, our important brief is about protecting knife owners from prosecutorial overreach by maintaining the historical definition of a ‘dirk’ or ‘dagger’ in California. If the State wins this case with their expansive theory on how a ‘dirk’ or ‘dagger’ is defined, every Boy Scout and slipjoint folding knife owner in California might one day be guilty of a felony. With millions of Californians at risk, and a potential bad state precedent to be set, we were compelled to stand up for their rights as we have elsewhere in this country when the government attempts to overreach in cases against knife owners.”

Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb agreed, saying that he hoped the high court would keep owners of regular, non-locking pocket knives from being subjected to felony criminal liability. However, he was quick to clarify that, “in order to secure the rights of law-abiding people, sometimes we have to take a strong position on a law’s application, even when the person at issue in a given case isn’t ideal.”

The Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition contributed assistance to the brief’s preparation.

A copy of the filed Amicus Brief can be viewed at:

The Opening Brief from California Attorney General Kamala Harris can be viewed at:

The Appellant’s Answer Brief can be viewed at:

The State’s Reply Brief can be viewed at:

NRA Annual Meeting – Guns of the Falklands War

I just sat in on the majority of a lecture by author and historian Martin K. A. Morgan on the firearms of the Falklands War. It could have been just was well been named FN Goes to War because the primary battle rifles and general purpose machine guns were either made or designed by FN Herstal.

The British used the L1A1 SLR, a semi-auto version of the FN-FAL, as their main battle rifle while the Argentinians used both the FN-FAL Model 50.00 and their own licensed DGFM/FMAP “DM” FAL. All these weapons were chambered in 7.62×51 Nato. This worked to the advantage of the British when they captured large stockpiles of Argentine Army ammo at Goose Green.

Morgan mentioned the anecdotal reports that troops with 2 Para switched their L1A1 rifles for the Argentinian select fire rifles that they captured at Goose Green. Interesting, I had just heard that same story of British soldiers trading firearms from an engineer at Remington after I told him I was going to this lecture. There must be some truth to this story for it to have come from such diverse sources.

The primary machine guns by both sides were again FN Herstal designs. The Brits used the L7A2 GPMG while the Argentinians used the FN Mag-58 GPMG.

NRA Annual Meeting – First Impressions

I spent Friday at the NRA’s Annual Firearms Law Seminar which was well attended. Rather than reinvent the wheel, check out Sebastian’s live blogging of that event. He did a great job. You can find it here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I’ll have more about the seminar later.

I also had dinner with Marcus Luttrell yesterday. It was sponsored by Lucky Gunner to celebrate the launch of his Team Never Quit ammo line made by Snake River.

I did miss all the political speeches. As I understand it, all the potential Republican candidates were there except Rand Paul and Chris Christie. Paul is saying that he wasn’t invited due to his NAGR connections. I will say that while I like much I learn about Rand Paul, the NAGR connection does cause me to question his judgment.

Today I plan to cruise the floor and maybe take in one or two of the seminars. More later.

Off To The NRA Annual Meeting

I leave in a few minutes for the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. I love the fact that the 2015, 2016, and 2017 meetings are all within relatively easy driving distance.

I will do my best to get some posts out over the long weekend. I will have some interesting stuff to talk about including shooting the new Glock 43, the Annual Firearms Law Seminar, having dinner with Marcus Luttrell, beer with Michael Bane, and acres and acres of guns.

New firearms introductions are starting to be announced.

Last week Ruger introduced a six-shot, 4.2″     SP-101 revolver in .327 Federal Magnum. The .327 Mag is a good cartridge looking for a home. I hope this helps it.

This week Remington introduced an alloy-framed small .380 ACP called the RM 380. It is supposed to be the first pistol made in Huntsville. I’m not sure what niche it is supposed to fill that hasn’t already been filled. That said, Remington has this one chance to get it right after the R-51 debacle of last year.

Also, this week, Heckler Koch just announced a subcompact version of the P30. It is the P30SK which has a capacity of 11+1 in 9mm.

The P30SK (“SubKompact”) has all of the sought-after characteristics of the larger frame P30

and P30L pistols but in a more concealable design.

The completely adjustable P30 grip feature -consisting of interchangeable backstraps and

lateral grip panels -is replicated in the shortened grip frame of the P30SK. Changeable

backstraps and grip panels allow the pistol to be easily modified to fit any individual user.

Like its larger frame P30 counterparts, the P30SK is available in multiple trigger firing modes

including HK’s enhanced double action only “Law Enforcement Modification (LEM).”For the

P30SK, the LEM trigger is configured with a “light strike V1″setup -requiring approximately

5.4 pounds-force to pull the trigger.

Finally, I have an iPod full of podcasts including, of course, the Polite Society Podcast to keep me going for the 5-hour drive. Nothing like a long drive to catch up on your podcast listening!

Win Some Guns

Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has released his monthly list of contests featuring firearms.

The giveaway compilation includes 17 handguns, 17 rifles, and 0 shotguns. I guess shotguns are being held back for closer to hunting season.

The handgun list includes 1911s, Sigs, a CZ Scorpion, and a Lionheart 9mm. The Lionheart is a latter day version of the earlier Daewoo 51. I have the Daewoo 40 and they are nice.

Thanks to Aaron for taking it upon himself to compile this list on a regular basis. If you know of any contests that aren’t listed, let him know.

SAF Reaction To DC’s Decision On It’s Appeal Palmer Case

On Wednesday, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine announced that his office would ask the US Court of Appeals to dismiss their appeal of Palmer v. DC. That decision in that case forced the District of Columbia to start issuing carry permits.

“We need to focus our energies not on litigating old laws, but defending new ones that our leaders enacted
in good faith
to comply with court rulings while still protecting public safety,” Attorney General Racine said.
“The Council enacted a law that sets a process by which individuals may apply for gun licenses, which has
superseded the law at issue in Palmer v. District of Columbia. Going forward, our energies are best spent
focusing on defending the current law. We are vigorously defending it in the district court, and we are
confident that it will be upheld.”

The new carry laws that the DC Council “enacted in good faith” (sic) are so onerous and so draconian that the Second Amendment Foundation filed a second lawsuit. DC took as their model Maryland who has a “good cause” requirement.

The Second Amendment Foundation is pleased with their victory but note that it isn’t over yet. They still have pending motions before US District Court Judge Frederick Scullin over the enforcement of his decision in addition to Wrenn et al v. DC.

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation will continue fighting the District of Columbia’s new concealed carry law, while notching a small victory with today’s decision by the city to drop its appeal of SAF’s victory in the Palmer case that forced the city to adopt a carry permitting structure.

“While we’re happy to see the city drop their appeal of our earlier victory,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, “we were eager to face them in court, as there was no possible way they could have successfully argued in favor of continuing an outright ban on carry in the District.

“This is one more critical Second Amendment Foundation victory for gun rights,” he added. “But we will continue to keep suing the city of Washington, D.C. over their new carry law that is still an unconstitutional infringement on our Second Amendment rights.”

Under the District’s newly-adopted law, permit applicants must still provide a good reason for carrying a protective firearm outside the home, and the police chief gets to decide whether that reason is valid. So far, only a handful of applicants have been approved, and Gottlieb said that shows a fundamental flaw in such a discretionary permitting scheme.

“No public official should enjoy that kind of sway over a citizen’s right to bear arms,” Gottlieb stated. “It creates a manifestly unfair system that is wide open to abuse and favoritism, as we’ve seen in New York, California and elsewhere that insiders and elitists can get permits, but average citizens are routinely given second-class consideration, or no consideration at all.”

This is not the end of the Palmer case, however. SAF still has outstanding enforcement motions pending before U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr., who handed down the initial Palmer ruling. His rulings on those motions could produce further appeals, SAF attorney Alan Gura explained. SAF has already filed a lawsuit challenging the District’s current highly-restrictive “good reason” requirement.

“Our intent is to continue our battle for the right to bear arms on behalf of all the citizens, not just a privileged few,” Gottlieb concluded.

One thing I did notice in DC Attorney General’s release was the Congress has until May to disapprove the Council’s permanent legislation concerning concealed carry. I’m not sure where that stands but Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) have introduced the Second Amendment Enforcement Act of 2015 which would remove the power of the DC Council to enact gun control legislation. The bill also includes shall-issue carry permits, the ability of DC residents to purchase firearms in Maryland and Virginia, and repeal the firearms registration system.

One way or another the District is going to be dragged kicking and screaming into recognizing the Second Amendment just like the South was over civil rights and integration. And just like the South, the District will attempt to do it with all due deliberate speed if their new mayor is any indication.

For WNC Shooters

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission announced a temporary closing of Wayne E. Smith Shooting Range in Haywood County. The temporary closing is for annual maintenance. The range is in the shadows of Cold Mountain (yes, THAT Cold Mountain). As it is the closest (free) public range, I’ve shot there a number of times.

From the WRC:

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will close the Wayne E. Smith Shooting Range on Cold Mountain Game Land in Haywood County April 13-17 for routine maintenance and repairs.

Commission staff closes the range for one week each spring to clean the grounds, shore the backstop, grade the shooting lanes, and then seed, fertilize and lime the lanes. Staff also will repair and grade the parking area and entrance road, as well as repair or replace shooting benches as needed. The range is scheduled to reopen on April 18.

The Wildlife Commission does not staff the Wayne E. Smith Shooting Range, but it is open to the public free of charge during daylight hours Monday through Saturday. No shooting is allowed on Sundays. Shooters are allowed to use pistols, rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders on the range, which features five shooting lanes.

The range does not have an address, but it is located near Waynesville in Haywood County, about two miles past Lake Logan off of Hwy 215, when traveling from Hwy 276. GPS coordinates are: -82 56.385, 35 22.841.

For more information about public and private shooting ranges across North Carolina, see the Wildlife Commission’s online interactive map. For more information about the Wayne E. Smith Shooting Range on Cold Mountain Game Land, contact Land Management Biologist David Stewart at 828-648-0008.

The only correction I might make to this is that the range, in my opinion, is closer to Canton than Waynesville.