In Slow Motion

I watched this on Facebook and was blown away (no pun intended) by the videography of this short video. It comes from Bullet Theory Films. You can see more of their work on their website.

4 thoughts on “In Slow Motion”

  1. Thanks for this amazing video in that much detail, but one thing is also a fact that most of the people having guns don't even know what they are having in their hands and simply have them for showoff. You people can take help from the MA Gun License to have guns and know about the moral obligations associated with them.

  2. Nonsense Jacky. There are over 300 million guns in the U.S. possessed by 80 to 100 million people. With that there are a total of about 500 unintentional firearm deaths nationwide per year. That's a minuscule percentage and the number has been steadily coming down as gun owner numbers have been going up dramatically. It's not laws and regulations that are reducing unintentional deaths and injuries, it's voluntary education and awareness. You've fallen for the false paradigm that "most," or even a significant number of people are irresponsible, incompetent, and dangerous. The facts just don't bear that out. With tens of millions of people firing billions of rounds every year, with only a relative handful of mishaps, the evidence proves that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible and safe, and we, the shooting community, are constantly working to improve those numbers and reduce even further the incidence of harmful behavior. Gun owners are not the problem, and government is not the answer.
    Jeff Knox,, GunVoter,org.

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