“Donald Trump Is An Asshole”

Evan Kostreva of On Point Firearms puts out an occasional newsletter. He sent out one on Saturday afternoon. His thoughts captured what a lot of us are feeling especially after a week in which all we heard in the media was that Donald Trump is a sexist boor.

Evan graciously gave me permission to reprint his comments. It is a bit of a rant but it is on target.

Donald Trump is an Asshole

Donald Trump is an asshole. Thankfully, that doesn’t matter in a president. We’ve all had bosses or friends or family members that are assholes. And guess what, they all managed to do whatever job they’re doing. It’s of no consequence. There are plenty of assholes in the world. I’m one of them, I should know. You might be one also. I’m not going to have a beer with Trump. He’s not coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t care. People have written literally dozens of books on the Clintons. Guess what? They’re assholes too.

Donald Trump is an asshole. He has hurt some people’s feelings. In contrast, the Clintons have blood on their hands and have left a trail of dead bodies in their wake a mile long. And look what happens when you choose a president that is hip and cool. You get 8 years of Barack Obama hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes. So what. Apple doesn’t pay taxes and you keep buying their shit. Lots of rich people don’t pay taxes. There’s a whole cottage industry called “wealth management” that finds creative ways to hedge the rich from taxes. I file deductions every year– as many as my poor ass can manage. I hope you do the same. Is it fair? Probably not. But you know why those loopholes are in place? Because of career politicians like Hillary Clinton. She’s been at this game for decades. What good has she done for this country? Our tax code is a joke and it’s because of crooked politicians like the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation doesn’t pay taxes. It’s nothing more than a giant money laundering scheme for their cronies.

Barack Obama has weaponized the IRS and other areas of the government to attack our Constitutional rights. Operation Chokepoint targeted firearms-related businesses. That’s why my bank of 15 years just dropped me as a client two weeks ago. Imagine the outrage if banks discriminated against the LGBT community, blacks, or Muslims. You wouldn’t hear the end of it. But because liberals hate the 2nd Amendment, it’s okay. No media coverage. No outrage. This policy literally threatens my way of life– and my ability to provide for my family.

Are you better off after 8 years of Obama? Do you want 8 more years of this bullshit under Hillary Clinton? It is impossible for Donald Trump to do a worse job than Obama or Hillary. Impossible. Our country cannot take much more. Obama preaches about low unemployment and the recovery of the economy. That’s laughable. Most of my customers cannot afford to buy a $200 knife from me– let alone a $2000 rifle. It was different a few years ago. Things are worse now. Your dollar doesn’t buy much. The entire financial system is on the brink of collapse. There is much uncertainty in the market. The failed policies of this administration have cost many folks their livelihoods– their homes and cars, their marriages. Can you afford 8 more years of this? I cannot.

My son is going to grow up in an America that is unrecognizable. The good old days are long gone. “Hope and Change” failed miserably. We need a major course correction and Trump is the asshole to do it. That’s my rant for today. I’m going to mow my yard and kick something in anger. Have a good weekend and God bless you and yours. God bless America. We need it.

— Evan

Evan runs a firearms and accessories business down in St. Pete, Florida. His website is here.

As to Trump’s comments to Billy Bush (nephew of George H. W. Bush and 1st cousin of W), they were rude, crude, and unattractive. Very few men unless they are up for sainthood have not said or thought something similar, if maybe less crudely, to other guys. I’d wager many women have said or thought the female equivalent about some guy’s buns or his “package”. The only difference is that we weren’t being recorded and it wasn’t “discovered” 11 years later in some video vault as we were running for President.

The Republican politicians who are stampeding to disavow Trump are what Trump said he’d grab. Their moral righteousness and prudishness is disgusting. Their weak spines are why our national debt is out of control and why even with majorities in both houses of Congress we still don’t have national reciprocity. The only reason to vote for some Republicans is because it would be even worse for gun rights if Democrats controlled things.

I don’t like Donald Trump any more than I like Hillary Clinton. However, while the former is a boor the latter is the avowed enemy of my civil rights. As I said three months ago, #NeverTrump means #NeverGuns. I will vote for Donald Trump whether I like it or not. Pragmatism and my gun rights must rule the day.

9 thoughts on ““Donald Trump Is An Asshole””

  1. "#NeverTrump means #NeverGuns"

    Nope, #NeverTrump means #ProGuns. Trump has already said he's for the Terrorist Watch List Ban. He'll sell us out on UBC's as fast as you can blink. He'll appoint justices like Garland, Souter, Kennedy.

    We are screwed either way, so don't fool yourself in thinking that Trump will be better on guns.

    1. #NeverTrump means Hillary, who's infinitely more anti-gun than Trump, who's, after all, only folling the lead of the NRA on the watch list. Remember, they're historically America's most effective gun control organization, blessing every bit of Federal gun control legislation prior to the AW ban, and as of late at the national level trying to sell us out after the VT shooting and most recently the Orlando one.

      Some time ago enough politicians learned that blindly following the NRA's lead could send them back home to spend more time with their families, so these last two gambits failed.

      But getting back to Trump, it's only the very rare national level politician who gives a damn about the RKBA, the last one I was sure of was Tom Coburn (who made it easier to tell by e.g. his interest in the effectiveness of the M4 in the sandbox). If you want someone truly good on this subject, look somewhere other than politics, and in the meantime, if you have a stark enough choice like we do in this election, who to vote for is clear.

  2. Donald Trump didn't pay taxes.

    Wait a second, wasn't this in a year when he had loss carryforwards? That is, unlike some state governments that make you pay whether you're making a profit or not, like Washington targeting Boeing, the Federal government doesn't play so much of a "head we win, tail you lose" game. If you suffer a loss in one year, you can count that against future profits for a limited number of years. That's a very different thing from what Apple does, although in the case of Apple I don't mind so much their efforts to avoid the world's 2nd highest corporate tax rate, the US's of course.

    Then again, I don't buy their shit, and I do agree Trump's an "asshole", but we need such a person in the White House. Just one on our side.

  3. He may be an asshole, but at least he'll be our asshole.

    Eww. That sounded better when FDR said it.

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  6. You are NOT voting for Trump….you are voting for a Supreme Court which honors the CONSTITUTION

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