From NSSF’s #Gunvote

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s #Gunvote has released a new video after Hillary Clinton’s “reinterpretation” of the Heller decision.

From their Government Relations Update email:

the last Presidential Debate of the 2016 Election season on Wednesday
night, Hillary Clinton was asked by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News
to explain her statement from a year ago that “The Supreme Court is
wrong on the Second Amendment.” Specifically, Wallace asked her to
explain her problem with the reasoning of landmark Heller decision.

again, the American public saw Mrs. Clinton’s general election strategy
play out of providing lip service to the Second Amendment while soft
peddling what are her true strong gun control sentiments. This time, she
surprised observers by saying, “I disagreed with the way the court
applied the Second Amendment in that case, because what the District of
Columbia was trying to do was to protect toddlers from guns and so they
wanted people with guns to safely store them.” An Associated Press Fact Check termed that claim a “misstatement.” See and share the #GUNVOTE video.

To save you some time, I have embedded the video below.