Another Illegal Mayor

Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns can sure pick them. The newest member of his slate of illegal mayors is Jasiel Correia II of Fall River, Massachusetts.

The good mayor and his chief of staff Genoveva Andrade were just arrested on Federal charges. The indictments include bribery, extortion conspiracy, extortion and aiding and abetting, wire fraud, and filing false tax returns

From Business Insider:

The 27-year old mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was arrested Friday morning and charged with a slew of crimes, including extorting legal marijuana businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, federal prosecutors said.

Jasiel F. Correia II, the mayor, was arrested along with his former chief of staff, Genoveva Andrade. Beyond the bribes, Correia has been accused of extorting a building owner for cash and a Rolex watch in exchange for activating the water supply to a commercial building, and demanding that his chief of staff give him half of her salary in return for appointing her and allowing her to keep her city job, according to prosecutors.

Correia would get anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 in bribes to issue “non-opposition letters”. These letters are a Massachusetts requirement that marijuana businesses are required obtain from the local head of government. Without these “non-opposition letters”, they could not open for business. Correia has issued 14 of these letters.

As I’ve said many a time in the past, this organization should be renamed Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors given their criminal activities.

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