Alan Gottlieb On Denial Of Cert In 2A Cases

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation issued a strongly worded statement today on the Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari in virtually every Second Amendment Case before it. The only case that touches on the Second Amendment remaining is Rodriguez v. San Jose. Given that property was taken by the police and not returned, you could easily make the argument that it was a takings case and not a 2A case.

“The Supreme Court’s refusal to take a Second Amendment Foundation case falls squarely at the feet of Chief Justice John Roberts.

“He owes every gun owner in the United States an explanation about why the high court declined to hear a number of important Second Amendment cases.

“Given the fact that the Supreme Court had a cafeteria-style menu of cases from which to choose, there is no excuse why the court at this time chose to ignore the need to rule on any of these cases, and send a message to lower courts that they can no longer thumb their noses at the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions affirming the individual right to keep and bear arms.

“There is still one more case pending cert before the high court that was filed by the SAF. It is known as Rodriguez v. San Jose, a firearms confiscation case out of the State of California.”

Alan is 100% correct. This needs to be laid at the feet of John Roberts. One does wonder what sort of blackmail material that the Obama Administration and/or the liberal wing of the Court has on him that he has gone so wobbly. It is either that or a pathetic need to be loved by the mainstream media elites.

He wants the “Roberts Court” to be respected. However, the Chief Justice should remember that respect is earned and not given. He sure as hell didn’t earn any respect today.

In a time when there is unrest in our streets and the pandemic has led to an increase in crime in many locations, the need for the Court to reaffirm its rulings in Heller and McDonald was now.

They had 10 chances and they blew every bloody one of them.

4 thoughts on “Alan Gottlieb On Denial Of Cert In 2A Cases”

  1. Here’s a simple reality. John Roberts is an incompetent political hack. He would have failed law school with an historically low F if he were to have been graded on his Obamacare opinion. His continued presence on the court is an affront to the rule of law.

    If anything else should be said of the man, he continually illustrates the tyranny of Marbury v. Madison, whereby the court assumed for itself a role never intended by the founders.

    The bar associations should demand is resignation from the court. He is an embarrassment to jurisprudence.

  2. I am betting on a pathetic need to be loved by the Left. His effort to try to portray the courts as non-political is having the exact opposite effect. Not only does he ignore the Constitution, he ignores the dictionary as shown by the other big case of the day. Oh, wait, the Left is changing the dictionary. Fortunately, I have an old one. Democrats get that the courts are political. Republicans need to get a clue.

  3. “Remember what happened to Justice Scalia? Want that to happen to you?” – Miss Terry Democrat.

    There’s your blackmail right there!

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