Is That Like Double Secret Probation?

Not wasting any time in not letting a tragedy go to waste, there have been renewed calls for more gun control after the murders in Boulder, Colorado. The usual suspects have weighed in as has President Biden.

President Biden is calling on the Senate to pass both so-called universal background checks and an assault weapons (sic).

President Biden on Tuesday implored the Senate to pass new gun control measures in the wake of a mass shooting that left 10 dead in Boulder, Colorado, this week.

Biden said he didn’t “want to wait another minute, let alone an hour,” to act on gun violence.

He urged the House and Senate to ban “assault weapons,” as he said he did as a senator.

“I got that done as a senator. It brought down mass shootings, we can do it again,” Biden said. “We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again.”…

The president also called on the Senate to pass two House bills that closed loopholes on background checks, including the Charleston loophole.

“These are bills that received votes with both Republicans and Democrats in the House. This is not and should not be a partisan issue. This is an American issue that will save lives, American lives. And we have to act. We should also ban assault weapons in the process,” Biden said. 

So if I understand Biden and the gun control cabal correctly, if only there was a ban on high capacity magazines and guns with cosmetics they don’t like as well as a background check on every gun transfer then we would not have another mass murder?

Sounds great until you take into account two facts that completely blow away their arguments.

Fact 1: Colorado has background checks on all firearms transfers, both public and private.

Fact 2: Colorado passed a 15-round limit on magazines back in 2013. Now it is my understanding that the Colorado Supreme Court may have invalidated that ban.

We don’t know yet how the murderer obtained the firearm at this time. Even with a ban in place, an angry, paranoid person such as this murderer is reputed to be would not let violating a gun control law stand in the way of something doing something heinous.

One last thing. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but sometimes life feels like a Matt Bracken novel where the killer is merely a pawn for more government control.

One thought on “Is That Like Double Secret Probation?”

  1. I think the legal case you are referencing is the action of an appeals court to invalidate a local AWB in Boulder. Preemption case.

    Also note that CO already has a Red Flag law. Perp’s family claims he was mentally ill and admits to have seen him with the gun. Uh.

    The false flag stuff will be out there especially since the perp was already in FBI files (again) but there is really no reason for the bad guys to take the risk. It was more or less inevitable. Democrats were all prepped to take advantage but they always are. Unlike Republicans.

    And people, carry your damn guns. Pistol against a rifle sucks but its not impossible. You don’t stand in the middle of the street and shoot it out. I can think of ambush scenarios in both parking lot and inside. Or you could try to pin the guy down to give the cavalry time to get there. Just slowing him down reduces the body count.
    Remember the Colorado Springs church shooting where exactly that was done (she also wounded him) and the perp suicided. All the experts tell us to mentally wargame scenarios ahead of time, so do it. Bad guys are subject to the same perceptual and physiological drawbacks in a fight that good guys are. Take advantage.

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