NRA Back To Houston

The 2022 NRA Annual Meeting was scheduled to be in Louisville, Kentucky. Then Carolyn Meadows called an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee that met last Friday to discuss future Annual Meeting. From the rumors I heard, they went into executive session rather quickly.

It seems that the decision was made to dump Louisville and go to Houston where they had intended to go this year.

NRA To Hold 151st Annual Meeting
and Exhibits in Houston May 2022

FAIRFAX, Va. — The National Rifle Association announced today the location of its 2022
Annual Meeting and Exhibits will be held in Houston, Texas over Memorial Day weekend May
27-29, 2022.

The NRA had planned to host its 150th celebration in May 2021 in Houston – the site of NRA’s
largest convention on record. The NRA community was disappointed when high COVID rates in
Harris County led to the cancellation of this marquee event.

The Association anticipates no further changes to the locations of the NRA’s Annual Meetings
and Exhibits from 2023 through 2026.

Not that I have anything against Texas but I was looking forward to Louisville for two reasons. First, it would have been easily drivable for me. Second, I could combine it with a couple of days touring the Bourbon Trail which is what we did the last time it was in Louisville.

I guess the plus side for me is that the credit I got for my canceled flights won’t be wasted.

3 thoughts on “NRA Back To Houston”

  1. Why on earth would they do this? I imagine they’ve got contracts to uphold in Louisville? And to put it on a holiday weekend when they’ve always tried to avoid that?

    The only reason I can imagine is because maybe (speculation ahead) their local vendors were willing to extend more money in credits for an event in 2022 in Houston than they would lose for canceling Louisville at this stage. They must have contracts in Louisville that are being broken, as any event of this size does at this stage (usually many years prior…)

    There was zero legal reason they needed to cancel in Houston, so they likely had no protection for doing so other than optics of a rapidly emptying exhibit hall. One reason I suspect for the Executive Session – to discuss just how much they were going to lose either way and how much they would lose if they didn’t go back to Houston within the year for this unforced change. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what the concern was for an Executive Committee meeting that was just about considering options for a meeting date and location (when dates & locations were set years ago).

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