Happy St. Crispin’s Day

As you put on your shoes this morning, remember St. Crispin who is the patron saint of shoemakers as today is the feast of St. Crispin.

You may know the name Crispin for another reason. It was the eve of St. Crispin’s Day when Henry V delivered his band of brothers speech to the English before the Battle of Agincourt. That is, at least according to William Shakespeare.

I think of the battle for the Second Amendment and the fight to secure our God-given rights. When you get down to it, those of us down in the trenches fighting for your rights are like the English before Agincourt. They were facing the French who had just had reinforcements. Likewise, we face anti-rights groups who are flush with cash provided by billionaires with their own armed security details. So if you are in the battle for the Second Amendment, you are my brother (and sister).

H/T David C.

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