Franklin Armory Wins Safety Award

I realize most people have never been nor will they ever get to the SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range. I have been fortunate enough to have attended multiple times and was supposed to be there this year. Thanks to weather-related travel delays, we did not arrive in Las Vegas until Tuesday evening so missed out on it.

Let me set the scene for you. You have hundreds of people wandering around a huge range that has over 50 shooting locations. At these shooting locations you have people of varying firearms experience shooting real firearms with real ammunition. Add on top of this a number of these people are also trying to film themselves or others while they are firing these firearms. It could be a recipe for disaster if you didn’t have excellent range safety officers and tight control by the various company representatives.

Thus, when I heard that Franklin Armory won the Action Target Industry Day Safety Award I was very impressed. Not only did they win the award but they did it while showcasing products – binary triggers – that work in a unique way. You can see some of how they work in the video below done by The Firearm Blog TV.

From the release by Industry Day announcing the win:

The winner of the Action Target Safety Award receives a $2,000 credit toward the 2023 Industry Day at the Range event. Franklin Armory has elected to donate the $2,000 to Project ChildSafe. Project ChildSafe is a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) program committed to promoting firearm safety to communities across the United States.

“Action Target recognizes the importance of promoting firearms safety throughout our industry. As market leaders, we understand the importance of building the safest and most advanced shooting ranges possible. We are proud to be a part of this great event and honored to recognize and congratulate Franklin Armory for taking the appropriate steps at Industry Day to promote firearm safety.” says Mike BirchPresident and CEO at Action Target.

Safety auditors judged shooting exhibitors during Industry Day, and the score was determined by range safety criteria such as providing hearing and eye protection, control of ammunition and safe handling of firearms on the firing line. Scoring also took into consideration the posting of rules, availability of first aid kits at the shooting stations and crowd management.

“We recognize that Industry Day at the Range is a fast-paced event, and like all firearms, our products require diligent adherence to the four rules of firearm safety,” said Jay Jacobson, Franklin Armory President. “Our team has consistently made safety not just a plan, but a process.  The fruit of that labor has been a safe and successful experience for all who attended.  We know all of our industry peers share this commitment, and it is with great honor that we receive this award.”

So congratulations to Franklin Armory and their whole team for showing everyone how to do it right.