“Camera” Hogg Throws Everytown Under The Bus

David “Camera” Hogg, the most famous non-victim from the Parkland school shootings, just threw Michael Bloomberg and Everytown for Gun Safety under the bus.

In the tweet below you can read him bemoaning the fact that gun control isn’t happening sooner and suggesting that every politician, Democrat or Republican, needs to be bought off.

I’m not sure what “hmu” means but he is called out on his tweet by someone named Ben Davis. Hogg’s response is to throw Bloomberg, Everytown, and probably Shannon Watts as well under the bus.

While I’m glad that Everytown is ineffective at their astroturfing, it is a bit unseemly to bite the hand that has been feeding you for so long.

Oh, what the heck, bite that hand Mr. Hogg. There is nothing I like better than to see disarray among the gun prohibitionists.

5 thoughts on ““Camera” Hogg Throws Everytown Under The Bus”

  1. Nice to see the left over the past six years or so saying the quiet part out loud. Buy off politicians to get your agenda. Used to be that you kept your mouth shut, did just that, and then pretended you hadn’t. Hey David, when you going to abandon the pretense and point out that elections are keeping us from having sensible policies, so the only recourse is to abandon elections?

  2. This is too funny! Hogg’s fifteen minutes of fame is LONG over, and now he’s scrambling for ‘relevance’ again, if he ever had any…

  3. So NRA isn’t the only org along the gun control/rights spectrum with a Wayne LaPierre Problem.

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