“Massive Resistance” In Maryland

Many states were slow to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education holding that segregation by race was unconstitutional. You had massive resistance to the Supreme Court’s ruling throughout the South and the border states. Politicians were often the ringleaders of this opposition and the most vocal.

You are now seeing a similar “massive resistance” on the part of anti-rights politicians in may-issue states after Bruen. While some states such as New York have adopted laws that will make the implementation of this ruling difficult to the point of follow-on lawsuits, on the face of it they are complying. Then there are politicians like Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot (D-MD) who is one of the leading candidates for governor.

Franchot does not even camouflage the fact that he would ignore a Supreme Court ruling if elected. He reminds me of another Democrat politician – the late Sen. Harry Byrd (D-VA). It was Byrd who coined the phrase “massive resistance”. Taking Byrd’s famous statement and reworking it for Franchot would not be hard.

If we can organize the Southern States for massive resistance to this order, I think that in time the rest of the country will realize that racial integration is not going to be accepted in the South.

All you have to do is replace “Southern States” and “South” with “may-issue states” along with “racial integration” with “shall-issue carry” and you have it.

Regardless of whether Peter Franchot is elected governor of Maryland or one of the other candidates is elected, the Article I, Sec. 9 of the Maryland Constitution requires the winner to take an oath swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States. From what Franchot is saying, he makes clear he would willfully violate his oath of office once elected.

I fail to see any difference between a Franchot and a Byrd when it comes to upholding the Constitution of the United States. He may just as well be saying, “Gun Control Now, Gun Control Tomorrow, Gun Control Forever.”

UPDATE: It appears that virtually all the Democrats running for governor of Maryland would ignore the US Constitution and Supreme Court rulings.

Tom Perez, Wes Moore, Ashwani Jain, Doug Gansler, John King, and Jon Baron have all issued statements critical of Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) for following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bruen.

4 thoughts on ““Massive Resistance” In Maryland”

  1. Major LOL at Doug “You can open carry in Maryland” Gansler


    “Smigiel said it’s allowed in Maryland. Attorney General Doug Gansler said in federal court that Maryland doesn’t need to have concealed carry law because everyone has an open carry right.”

    The irony is that the carry permit in MD is for either open or concealed carry, and I plan to open carry. If you stay out of Baltimore (always a good plan) and a few places in Central Maryland, your odds of being attacked lower than bumping into a MAGA hat-wearing Trump Supporter (close to zero).

    Gun normalization needs to be a thing. Boo!

  2. Funny how incorporation (The supposedly constitutional Federal rule-by-judicial-fiat) works just fine as long as it follows the leftist narrative. Let SCOTUS make a ruling the leftists don’t like, and suddenly it’s revolution and secession time.

  3. On surface, most MD gun owners won’t care because SCOTUS said so… But, Gansler is banking on the 4th US Circuit to sustain a reinstatement of the ‘reason’ requirement.

    And they will. The 4th was, and to this day remains a “collective rights” circuit only as applied to the 2nd amendment. We are talking dyed in the wool, baked into the cake, pre-Heller, post-Heller, post-McDonald and they will be post Bruen as well. SCOTUS is unlikely to intervene in another gun or 2a case immediately after Bruen, so the smart money is on Gansler being right. They can administratively reinstate the requirements, get sued, requirements will be upheld at district, appeals panel, and probably en-banc too.

    Even it SCOTUS agrees to take a subsequent re-hearing, it will be years to get there and be decided. Hopefully, at least one of these massive resistance jurisdictions gets taken to court again and soundly defeated, sooner, rather than later.

    1. I doubt it.

      I am not a native Marylander; I moved here for grad school.

      My observation is that MD politicians are mostly showboaters. They want to been seen doing something without actually doing anything. Even the infamous 2013 Assault Rifle ban was a farce. I can own virtually anything with some minor tweaks. I can own and use 30 round mags, I just have to buy them out of state (Maryland is a small state I am not more than an hour from 4 other states where I can buy them lol).

      Maryland politicians will yell, scream, and holler, then pretend to do things. Even with regard to carry permits, its well known that if you holster your gun (as opposed to ass-crack-carry) you are unlikely to be stopped. And when you are, most of the time its nolle prossed, even if you have 37 other felonies. God Bless the Free State.

      Maryland (fortunately) is not New York or California (or New Jersey) where they are actually serious about gun laws.

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