More Money Down The Drain At NRA

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals denied the NRA’s request for an en banc hearing in their lawsuit against Maria Vullo of the NY Department of Financial Services. They had originally sued her on First Amendment grounds saying she had violated their right to free speech and to equal protection of the law with regard to an investigation involving the NRA and three insurance companies.

This was an appeal from the court’s decision on September 22nd which reversed and remanded the District Court’s decision not to dismiss the NRA’s free speech claims against Maria Vullo. The court found that she was covered by qualified immunity.

So we see, yet again, that the vaunted legal prowess of Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors, is more a myth than a reality. When one sees how much the NRA has spent on legal bills with the majority going to Brewer, one has to wonder just what value that they got for that money.

To help put things in perspective, the legal budget of the Second Amendment Foundation was $1.8 million according to their new Executive Director Adam Kraut.

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