Somebody’s Got To Win

Aaron at The Weapon Blog has put up his list of monthly gun contests.

Checking the list of pistols, it is an interesting mix. I see the new Sig P320, the Walther PPQM2, and the Colt Mustang XSP among a number of others.

The long arm list is dominated by ARs. You know, those dangerous and unusual weapons according to a deluded Federal judge in Maryland. Throw in a couple of IWI Tavors and you have an anti-Semite gun controller’s nightmare. Good!

The way I look at these contests is the same way I look at putting the occasional dollar down on a PowerBall ticket: somebody’s got to win and why not me?

Free Stuff

Aaron at The Weapon Blog is his usual efficient self and has compiled this month’s list of firearm and outdoor related giveaways. You can find it here.

In the handgun category, you will find a number of Berettas, Swiss-made Sphinx pistols, a Boberg, and a Ruger Commander-sized 1911 among the items.

The rifle category has its usual assortment of AR-15/M-4s, the newish Ruger 762, an IWI Tavor, and the Barrett 99.

You will also find a ton of stuff in the Accessories or miscellaneous category ranging from cleaning accessories to a Zombie Factor Bug Out Bag to a Parker compound bow.

If you enter any of these contests, take a moment and leave a thank you to Aaron in the comments section. Compiling such a list takes some time and I really appreciate the work he has done.

Time To Win Some Guns

It’s that time of the month again. Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has released his list of gun contests and giveaways for April.

The pistol category is a mixed bag with Kahrs, Berettas, Rugers, and a Sig P226 *with* a silencer.

There are 8 AR-15s, a couple of Tavors, and a couple of Ruger 10/22s among the offerings. Shotguns are a bit sparse with a Remington 870 and a Mossberg 930.

If you come across a contest not listed, help out Aaron and everyone else by letting him know the details.

Monthly Contests

Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has released his list of gun contests for March and it is loaded.

In the pistol category, there is everything from a Remington 51 to a Glock Gen 4 22 and everything in between. As of today, there are 18 links to contests where you could win a handgun.

The rifle category is likewise filled to the brim. I count 27 rifles that are available with enough ARs to outfit a reinforced Marine squad. There is also a Savage in .338 Lapua to take care of the sniping needs along with a few .22 rifles to handle the training. Now if we could only get .22LR ammo!

The shotgun category is sparse this month but the accessories make up for it.

If you do enter any of the contests, leave Aaron a note thanking him for this valuable monthly service. I’m sure he would appreciate it.

Monthly Contest List

Aaron at the has just released his compilation of contests that are giving away firearms.

The list of rifles include a boatload of AR-15s, a couple of AR-10s, a Tavor, a Barrett 99, and a handful of other rifles. There are only three shotguns but one is a Browning Maxus celebrating gun rights in Louisiana.

Pistols include everything from a Colt Peacemaker to a Beretta Nano and everything in between.

You can access the list here.

Free Stuff!

It is that time of month again. Aaron at Weapon-Blog has just posted his list of gun giveaways and contests.

In the long gun categories, I see not just a bunch of AR-15s but the new Ruger SR-762 and a Daniel Defense AR-15. You can add a Benelli M4 to that list.

Under handguns, Aaron has listed some interesting pistols including the Boberg XR9-S,  a custom Springfield 1911, and a Springfield XDm 3.8 in 9mm.

You can find the whole list here.

If you get a chance, leave a comment thanking Aaron for putting these up on a monthly basis.

It’s Time To Win Some Guns

Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has posted his monthly list of contests offering guns, ammo, knives, or trips.

Among the pistols are Springfields, Glocks, custom 1911s, and a Beretta Nano. Meanwhile, the list of long arms include seven ARs, a number of bolt action rifles, a Henry Big Boy, and a Browning Maxus shotgun.

Please keep Aaron and his family in your prayers as he lost a son last month. That he still takes the time to put this list up is remarkable.


It is that time of the month again. Aaron at the Weapon-Blog has posted his updated list of contests offering firearms and ammunition as prizes.

Checking this month’s listing, I see Glocks, 1911s, a Sig, and a Bond derringer. Oh, and how could I forget someone is offering a Hi-Point C9 pistol as a prize.

On the rifle side, there are a number of AR-15s including one from Daniel Defense. There are also some muzzle loaders for those interested in black powder shooting.

You can find all the contests here.