Well That Explains It!

If you have ever taken a firearm apart for cleaning or tried to assemble your own AR lower, you have had a part or two that flew off and was damn near impossible to find. We have all experienced it at some time or another.

Today, I read the best explanation as to why these small parts like a detent pin and detent spring are impossible to find after being launched into near space from your kitchen table or workbench. It has nothing to with their size but everything to do with Einsteinian physics.

The reason those parts that go flying are almost never found – because a
spring is causing the flying, they accelerate rapidly. In fact they reach
a very high speed, almost the speed of light. At the speed of light, time
shifting starts to occur. So those parts are time traveling. Sometime the
parts aren’t there yet when you look for them. Maybe try next week…

Brian in MI

Time traveling parts. Well that explains it. I guess I need to move my thought processes beyond that of Newtonian physics.

A Project For A Long Weekend

Outdoor Life magazine just published a video on how to make your own ballistic gelatin. It involves Knox unflavored gelatin available in grocery stores everywhere and a loaf pan. The size shown is large enough for shotgun pellets and rimfire bullets.

This seems like a good project to do with your kids on this long Memorial Day weekend. It will be something you can do together and it will help emphasize the need for safety when handling a firearm.

Doing it yourself is certainly cheaper than buying pre-made ballistic gelatin. Prices I saw of pre-made blocks that meet the FBI 10% gelatin protocol start at over $100. Compare this to the price of a pound of Knox unflavored gelatin on Amazon which goes for $14.90.

If Only It Was This Easy!

AR manufacturer CMMG has an animated video showing how to assemble an AR lower. It is actually a pretty good video. That said, nothing is quite as easy as it looks. At least not for me!

I first saw the video on the ENDO Gun Blog. If you have put together your own AR-15, then you need the T-shirt to prove it! Actually, I’m wearing mine right now and its a very soft, comfortable shirt.* You can buy it here.

*For the FTC, I bought the shirt a few weeks ago and I paid full price. There, are you happy now?