Do You Know Who I Am?

I got a piece of mail yesterday from the NRA that greatly amused me. It said it was from the “Honors Committee” of the NRA. I was nominated get the “National Patriot’s Medal” and to be a member of the “NRA Golden Eagles.”

Don’t they know I’m one of those dissident Life Members who is royally disgusted with Wayne and the majority of the Board of Directors? That I signed the ballot petition for their arch-nemesis Frank Tait? That I’ve been a critic of the NRA’s leadership and its direction for the last two years? That 1st VP Willes Lee has labeled me a “hater”?

I guess for the low, low payment of only $250 annually or a quarterly payment of $62.50 required to be a NRA Golden Eagle that all is forgiven.

My $250 would get me a special decal for my car, a NRA Golden Eagle ball cap (probably made in China), and the knowledge that I, too, could help pay the legal fees of Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors.

As the great Groucho Marx said in one form or another, “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” There are some I for which I’d make exceptions but this isn’t one of them.