2016 SHOT Show Day Two: Gunblast.com

Who would have ever thought Colt would have released a semi-auto M4 carbine for less than $700? I guess that is one of the “benefits” of their bankruptcy. Jeff Quinn interviews Colt about it. The carbine doesn’t have a dust cover nor a forward assist. That said, it is a simple matter to add them to the carbine if you want them.

What I consider the major find from Day Two is the Inland Manufacturing-Ithaca collaboration on a reproduction of the Ithaca 37 Trench Shotgun from WWII. It will retail for $1200. I’m not sure if it comes with the bayonet or not.

These are two of the finds that Jeff found in Day Two of the SHOT Show. More can be seen below.

2016 SHOT Show Day One: Gunblast.com

Jeff Quinn does a good job of covering some of the new product introductions at the SHOT Show. He came across a number of things I wish I had seen. Given the size of the the SHOT Show, it is no wonder I missed them this year.

For example, the Italian gun maker Pedersoli is now making a .45 Colt/.410 “pistol” modeled on the old Ithaca Auto and Burglar shotgun. For those who don’t know the history of the Auto and Burglar, it was a short barrel shotgun with a pistol grip in 20 gauge. It was made from 1921 until the passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934.

Another interesting find was the new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge. This was the first new cartridge introduction by Weatherby in the last 17 years.

You can see this and more in the video below.

2016 SHOT Show Industry Day At The Range – GunBlast.com

Since I only made a part of Media/Industry Day at the Range, I think this 2-part report by Jeff Quinn at GunBlast.com gives a better picture of what was shown there.

I did get to shoot the new revolver from Kimber. It is a six-shot, double-action only .357 Magnum revolver. I found the trigger pull to be smooth and the revolver controllable by even me while shooting .357 Mag ammo. I would have liked to try it with some .38 Special to get a better feel for the gun without the concussion but beggars can’t be choosers.

Now for the second part of Jeff Quinn’s report.

2014 SHOT Show – Day Two With Gunblast.Com

In his overview of Day Two at the 2014 SHOT Show, Jeff Quinn starts out by interviewing Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged leather. I have one of his pancake holsters for my Colt Detective Special along with a belt pouch for a speed strip which is truly ingenious.

Among the others also shown is Caracal which has introduced a chassis-based rifle. Unfortunately, they didn’t discuss the problems with the Caracal pistols which resulted in a total recall.

2014 SHOT Show – Media Day With Gunblast.Com – Part 2

In Part Two, Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com again previews a number of new firearms being released at SHOT Show.

Included are a number of revolvers from Smith and Wesson including the reintroduced Model 66, the Model 686-6 in .357 Mag, the 5-shot 460 S&W Magnum, and the Model 986 in 9mm. This last gun seems to have very minimal recoil with the 9mm.

Speaking of low recoil, Armalite has introduced the AR-31 .308 Target Rifle that has a muzzle break more like one would see on a Barrett .50 BMG rifle.

Sig Sauer held their portion of Media Day at a separate range from what I understand. Jeff shot the new Sig P320 which is their first striker fired pistol and the Sig MPX submachine gun. It is a damn shame that the Hughes Amendment prevents us from being able to buy one of those because it looks like a great gun.

2014 SHOT Show – Media Day With Gunblast.Com

Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.Com shows a number of the firearms and optics that he tested at Media Day. Contrasting with last year, it doesn’t seem quite a cold and windy.

Among the firearms shown in the video below include the Glock 41 and 42, the Ruger American Rimfire, the Double-Star Compact Constant Carry SBR, and Colt Competition 14.5RR. The optics shown include scopes from Burris, Trijicon, and MSE.

2013 SHOT Show – Day Three With Gunblast.Com

Jeff Quinn is back for the third and final day of the 2013 SHOT Show. He starts off his report with an interview with Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger, who explains their fast and easy way to contact your representatives to say no new gun control. I think Ruger needs to be applauded for taking this stand. So far over 500,000 people have taken advantage of this tool in less than a week. Fifer is correct that we need to get this up to 20 million or more.

Jeff also profiles the UTS-15 bullpup shotgun, the Sig 227, sights from XS Sights, a carbon fiber AR from Windham, some Ruger exclusives from Lipsey’s, and Smith and Wesson Performance Center pistols.

2013 SHOT Show – Day 2 With Gunblast.Com

Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.Com is back for day two of the SHOT Show with more firearms, knives, and accessories. It was interesting to see the Caracal 9mm carbine as I had heard about it on the GunDudes mini-podcast from the show.

One of the manufacturers interviewed was Newtown Firearms of Placerville, California. You have to wonder how much grief they have been getting from the gun prohibitionists over their company name.

You can see more photos from day two here.