SHOT Show Pre-Release: Korth Sky Marshal 9mm Revolver

The German firm Korth is known for making some of the finest revolvers in the world. I had a Facebook conversation earlier this week with Grant Cunningham about Korth, the French firm Manurhin, and Colt Pythons. In terms of quality he said that Korth was first, then Manurhin, and then the Python. That is high praise indeed coming from Grant.

Korth is releasing a new 6-shot, 2 inch revolver in 9mm that does not need moon clips. They are also releasing a speedloader that works with 9mm. I realize Charter Arms released a non-moon clip revolver a couple of years ago called the 9mm Pitbull Revolver. While I don’t want to put down the Pitbull without having tried it, I think it is a reasonable assumption that the Korth Sky Marshal will be orders of magnitude better made.

I realize the video below is in German but I think it gets the point across.

From the release sent to me by Korth, the revolver will be able to test at Media Day. Oh, my!