Quote Of The Day No. 2

Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, takes the mainstream media to task over their continued characterization of Operation Fast and Furious as “botched gun sting”. His article titled, “Let’s be clear–the only thing ‘botched’ in ‘Project Gunwalker’ was the cover-up”, examines why the operation was never about tracking guns. He concludes:

To allow the characterization of “Project Gunwalker” as a “botched sting operation” to go unchallenged is to give the perpetrators near (or at?) the very top of the Obama government a free pass on the utter evil of this monstrosity, and allow “gun control” apologists to blame it on desperation stemming from “weak U.S. gun laws,” because of the “gun lobby.”

Mini-Blogger Meet In St. Louis

Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, and I had our own little “blogger meet” today in southern Illinois. We met for lunch in Edwardsville which is home to Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. It is also the county seat of Madison County which is also famous – or infamous depending on your inclinations – for the number of class-action lawsuits that have been filed in its courts.

It was nice to finally meet Kurt in person as we had corresponded for many months and I have been reading his columns for a while now. He arrived wearing his brand-new Project Gunwalker T-shirt which will make his fellow 82nd Airborne alumnus Sean Sorrentino very happy. Mine is waiting for me at the Post Office.

We talked about a number of things including deer hunting in Illinois versus North Carolina, shooting, politics, families, the prospects for concealed carry in Illinois, etc. And, of course, we discussed the latest House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on Operation Fast and Furious (aka Project Gunwalker). I think we were both amazed at how poorly William Newell presented himself in the hearings drawing even exasperated comments from Ranking Minority Member Elijah Cummings.

While discussing the region’s indoor shooting ranges, Kurt told me an amusing story of how he took out a target pulley system with his .500 S&W Magnum snubby(damn!). Kurt shoots from a lower position due to being in a wheelchair. The angle this time turned out just right for his bullet to clip the cable and sever it. Ooops! Still, anyone who can handle a .500 S&W Magnum snubby is more than OK in my book.

As long as Kurt is up for it, I think these lunches will be a regular thing when I come out to the St. Louis area. If there are other gun bloggers who would like to join us, please let me know. We may even be able to arrange a blogger shoot on the other side of the river in the free state of Missouri.

CSGV And Neo-McCarthyism

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence likes to cast aspersions on gun rights activists. Their Facebook and Twitter posts are littered with the terms “gun extremist”, “insurrectionist”, and “treason”. I, for one, have been labeled a “gun extremist” because I dared to question the sainted Carolyn McCarthy’s continued use of her family tragedy for political purposes. However, being called a “gun extremist” is not in the same league as being accused of “treason”.

Kurt Hofmann is one of those who has been called a traitor by CSGV and Ladd Everitt. In his St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column for Thursday, he discussed how Ladd Everitt and the CSGV are engaging in a new McCarthyism. He notes that, just like Sen. Joe McCarthy, CSGV likes to toss around accusations of treason with the same amount of proof as the late Senator. In other words, none.

Kurt concludes:

A nation of people who meekly accept the notion that they commit “treason,” merely by stating the obvious fact that the Second Amendment exists to guarantee their ability to resist government tyranny, is indeed a nation of sheep. That’s the nation the CSGV would like to see the U.S. become.

Over my dead body, CSGV–and I won’t die alone.

Treason is an ugly word. Those who would toss it around it with impunity need to be called out on it. Kudos to Kurt for exposing the neo-McCarthyism of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence for what it is.

Quote Of The Day

Kurt Hofmann writes the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. As such, he has been targeted by Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Kurt’s response is wonderful.

If, as I fervently believe, there is as much nobility in being despised by the despicable as there is in being admired by the admirable, CSGV has honored me indeed.

Let’s face it, if Kurt wasn’t effective he would not have been targeted. I congratulate Kurt on this honor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a certificate suitable for framing but the Complementary Spouse could whip something up if Kurt really wants one.