Interesting Interview With Duane Liptak Of Magpul

Cam Edwards of NRA News interviewed Duane Liptak of Magpul yesterday after Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) signed HB 1224 into law. Mr. Liptak is the Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul.

Mr. Liptak had a number of interesting comments during the course of the interview. First, Magpul will be going with a multi-state, multi-location manufacturing approach. While they haven’t released just where they are going, certain sites have already been selected. They plan a phased move out of Colorado with the magazine manufacturing being the first part of their company to move for obvious reasons.

When asked about their current employees and the impact the move will have on them, Mr. Liptak said that many of the current employees had expressed a desire to move with the company to the new locations. He seemed rather gratified by this loyalty of the employees to Magpul.

Magpul met with a number of state legislators during the fight against HB 1224. While Magpul presented facts and legal opinions as well as stressing the economic repercussions of the bill, this didn’t seem to make any headway with a number of the Democrats. Mr. Liptak noted that every time they went to the state capitol, they always ran into lobbyists from Bloomberg and MAIG. He said they were everywhere. It is a sad day when a New York billionaire can buy a western state legislature so easily. It reminds one of the railroad barons in Frank Norris’ The Octopus so dominated California of the late 19th century.

Gun Prohibitionists Crowing

Now that Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) has signed Colorado HB 1224 which now bans magazines with a capacity – or the ability to be readily converted – of over 15 rounds, the gun prohibitionists at Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors are crowing. I guess they feel they got their money’s worth.

Would that these gun prohibitionists cared so much about the lives and jobs of the employees of Magpul and their suppliers that will be leaving Colorado.

Someone Needs To Do Some Explaining

Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) is the primary sponsor of Oregon HB 3200. This bill, if passed, is a draconian gun control measure which would have drastic consequences.

From the Oregon Firearms Federation email alert:

HB 3200 not only bans most modern guns and magazines, it allows warrantless searches of your home, requires background checks and registration for a firearm you already own and as-of-yet undefined storage requirements. We say “a firearm” because even if you comply with the restrictions in this bill you may still only own one.

Section 4 of HB 3200 is the kicker. This section requires you to register your firearm and magazines owned before the bill’s passage and to undergo a new background check. It then goes on to say:

(4) A person may not register more than one assault weapon and
three large capacity magazines
under this section. Additional
assault weapons and large capacity magazines must be disposed of
in the manner specified in section 3 of this 2013 Act.
(5) A registered owner of an assault weapon or large capacity
magazine is required to:
(a) Securely store the assault weapon or large capacity
magazine pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the
(b) Allow an inspector from the department to inspect the
storage of assault weapons and large capacity magazines
to ensure
compliance with this subsection;

Here is where it gets really curious. Rep. Greenlick who, mind you, is the primary sponsor and the one who introduced HB 3200, disagrees with parts of the bill he introduced.

From The Oregonian:

Even Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, the chief sponsor of House Bill 3200, said the bill as introduced goes too far in not only banning the sale of these weapons but in limiting each gun owner to continue possessing just one of these firearms.

Greenlick said he also disagrees with a provision that would allow the state police to investigate gun owners who possess one of these weapons to make sure they are safely stored.

“In its current form, it’s a pretty flawed bill,” said Greenlick, adding that “I don’t think [the bill] is in play.”

As The Riddler of Batman fame would say, so riddle me this Rep. Greenlick, did you not know what was in the bill when you introduced it and, if not, why not?

Could this piece of legislation that has Oregon Ceasefire swooning be another piece of legislation written by Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors and dropped by parachute into the hands of willing naifs in the Oregon Legislative Assembly?

Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised.

Emily Miller On SAF’s Illegal Mayors Initiative

In a follow-up to her Washington Times article on the Second Amendment Foundation’s push to point out all of Mayor Bloomberg’s illegal mayors, Emily Miller was interviewed by Cam Edwards of NRA News on Monday.

Emily discusses how MAIG jumps on any shooting “like white on rice”. She then discusses the background of some of the MAIG members and their criminal past (and present). Of course, this is not new information to anybody who has followed gun blogs for a while. Still, it is good that this info is getting out. Even better is that the NRA through NRA News is acknowledging the roll that the Second Amendment Foundation is playing in publicizing this information.

Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors Project

Given that yet another member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors was convicted on theft charges just last week, I’d say this new project coming from the Second Amendment Foundation is quite timely. The “Meet the Mayors” ad is quite interesting. Make sure to click the link to it below.

BELLEVUE, WA – Inviting Americans to “Meet the Mayors” who have been involved in the anti-gun-rights Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Second Amendment Foundation is launching a campaign in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet that exposes the criminal and ethical wrongdoings of many members of that organization.

The “Meet the Mayors” ad can be seen at:

“Michael Bloomberg created this group to further his personal agenda of public disarmament,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “But within the ranks of his organization, our research has found several politicians who have been convicted of various serious crimes, thus making it impossible for them to finish their terms.

“We discovered,” he continued, “one mayor convicted of perjury and embezzlement, another who was convicted of attempted child molestation, and yet another who was convicted of assault and racketeering. There was one who was convicted on bribery, fraud and money laundering, and another who was convicted of domestic violence.

“In short,” Gottlieb explained, “many of these elitist politicians can no longer own firearms. The crimes they were convicted of suggest they are public enemies rather than public servants. No wonder they want to take guns from law-abiding citizens!”

“Perhaps Bloomberg should worry about background checks on his colleagues, rather than law-abiding gun owners,” he suggested.

Gottlieb said SAF research discovered a far higher rate of criminal activity within the ranks of the MAIG than among the ranks of more than 8 million citizens who are licensed to carry concealed firearms in 49 states.

“While Michael Bloomberg has been campaigning to turn gun owners into criminals,” Gottlieb said, “the criminals in his own ranks were engaged in such activities as tax evasion , extortion, accepting bribes, child pornography, trademark counterfeiting and perjury. One was even convicted of assaulting a police officer.

“And these people have the audacity to smear law-abiding gun owners as potential criminals, simply because they exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” he concluded. “He should pay more attention to what his friends are up to than worry about the gun owners he’s been trying to demonize.”

Funding The Crazies To Make You Look Moderate? Hmm

Dave Hardy has a post up on the substantial donation made by Mayor Mike Bloomberg to the Joyce Foundation. The money comes from his Bloomberg Philanthropies. At the same time as Bloomberg is giving money to the Joyce Foundation, the Brady Campaign is running a substantial deficit.

Sebastian examines this pattern of donations in more detail noting that little of the Bloomberg money is going to the more established (and somewhat more moderate) Brady Campaign/Center.

Essentially what Bloomberg is doing is to use the Joyce Foundation as a cut-out to fund the radical gun prohibitionists at CSGV, VPC, and Media Matters. The clamor from these organizations makes Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors aka MAIG look much more moderate and “reasonable” by comparison.

How Machiavellian!

Read both sets of posts from Dave and Sebastian to understand the full impact of Bloomberg’s moves.

Meet MAIG’s Version Of Colin Goddard

I know it is a tough job market for recent college graduates but there has got to be a better job than to be working for Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors.

Meet recent Syracuse University graduate Stephen Barton who is moving to Brooklyn to work for Bloomberg. It would seem the key job requirement to be hired by Bloomberg is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Barton’s case, it was a gun-free zone in Aurora, Colorado. That gun free zone was the site of the Batman Movie Massacre as Alan Korwin calls it and Barton suffered shotgun pellet wounds.

View more videos at:

What Is It With Bloomberg And His Illegal Mayors?

Yet another member of the Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns was arrested.


The FBI early this morning took Trenton, NJ Mayor Tony Mack into custody on Federal charges of conspiracy and extortion. From NBC New York:

Mack faces federal charges including conspiracy to obstruct commerce by extortion. Joseph “JoJo” Giorgianni, a top campaign contributor, and six others were also taken into custody. Information on their attorneys wasn’t immediately available. Specific charges against the suspects are expected to be outlined by Paul Fishman, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, later Monday.

Mack and the others arrested Monday were brought to the FBI office in Hamilton for processing and are scheduled to appear in federal court.

The arrests are the latest development in an ongoing federal investigation into alleged corruption within Mack’s administration, which has been marked by accusations of nepotism and reckless spending. In July, FBI agents searched offices in Trenton City Hall a day after raiding the mayor’s home. They also searched the home of his brother, Ralpiel Mack, and that of Giorgianni.

Mack is listed as one of the New Jersey members of MAIG as seen here.

As I said in the headline, what is it with these Illegal Mayors? You have them being arrested on corruption charges, extortion, assault, and the list goes on.

UPDATE: According to Bitter, MAIG has scrubbed Mayor Tony Mack from their list of members.

Silly gun prohibitionists! The Interwebs never forget. And besides, David Codrea put up a screen shot of the MAIG website and Mayor Mack when he posted on this earlier this morning on his WarOnGuns blog.

MAIG Doesn’t Like The Light Shone On Their Activities

It looks like blogger Sean Caranna of All Nine Yards and Florida Carry has struck a nerve with Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors. They seem to be scurrying around like cockroaches when the light is turned on.

The Daily Caller has the details.

Two days before Media Trackers Ohio requested an interview with Coleman, Bloomberg staffer Christopher Kocher emailed a story by a Florida blogger to Glaze, Roberts and several other MAIG regional coordinators. Kocher warned MAIG leaders that Sean Caranna, the president of Florida Carry Inc. — a pro-Second Amendment organization — had published a story criticizing Orlando MAIG coordinator Linda Vaughn.

Caranna found that a grant from the left-wing Joyce Foundation — which is managed by Bloomberg’s office — was insufficient to cover Vaughn’s salary. He reported that MAIG was leveraging taxpayer funds to reduce its overhead costs, by installing MAIG lobbyists in mayors’ offices nationwide — effectively using public dollars to lobby for gun control.

Kocher preceded Caranna’s story with a note instructing MAIG coordinators: “if anyone contacts you about the article or if anything like this has come up previously for you, please let us know.”

What I find most interesting about this story is the interconnections between MAIG, Bloomberg’s office, MAIG Executive Director Mark Glaze, and Media Matters for America. When you add in the known connections between the White House and Media Matters, these linkages between the so-called progressive groups gets very interesting. If one was an expert in social network analysis, I’m sure he or she would have a heyday mapping all these linkages.

Blood Dancing Bloomberg-Style

Within hours of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on the air demanding more gun control. On Monday night on CNN, he went further and made the ludicrous statement that the police should go on strike until more gun control is enacted.

Now Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors has gotten into the act with a full page ad in USA Today, a brand new website, and a petition demanding “a plan” to stop “gun violence” (sic). They are using some of the survivors of the Tucson shooting to push the message. Moreover, the gun prohibitionists from VPC and CSGV are going full tilt on Twitter pushing Bloomberg’s new efforts.

Interestingly enough, Bloomberg’s call to have the police strike may violate New York State’s Taylor law which says “no public employee or employee organization shall cause, instigate, encourage, or condone a strike.” Hmm, isn’t the mayor of New York City a public employee? Unfortunately, just like with his efforts at gun shows in Arizona where he hired private investigators to make straw purchases, he’ll probably skate on this as well.