Quote Of The Day

One of my favorite gun blogs is the Vuurwapen Blog run by Andrew Tuohy. He has some of the best info out there and his reviews only come after he has put the item through the ringer. Moreover, he uses high speed video as well as great photography to illustrate things like recoil reduction and the effectiveness of certain flash-hiders.

Readers of his blog know that he served in Fallujah, Iraq as a Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to the 5th Marines. During his time in Iraq, he went on many mounted and dismounted patrols. Given that, I think he knows a thing or two about close quarters combat.

Thus, when Andrew wrote this on his Facebook page about an article in TTAG entitled “Self Defense Tip: Don’t Use a Rifle”, I paid attention:

The author bases his argument on an improper understanding of external & terminal ballistics, shotgun pattern sizes at indoor distances, the maneuverability of long guns inside American homes, and the ease of shooting long guns vs. handguns when under stress. Frankly, he has absolutely no understanding of any of these things.

Thank God for our veterans and their experience so as to save us from “advice” given by mall ninjas.

Gone But Not Forgotten

American Defense Enterprises or A.D.E. thought they could fade away from the view of their critics by taking down the YouTube video that had people rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in disgust. However, as we all know – and teens and politicians forget this at their peril – once it is on the Internet, it is there forever.

Thanks to Jimmyjive98, their original video was preserved and, I might say, enhanced for all to see. It also has a more appropriate soundtrack in keeping with what they are doing.

H/T Caleb