Lighting The Man Cave

You’ve retreated to the man cave. You can’t take any more of the garbage that passes for entertainment on TV nowadays and have decided to read a good book. But a cave being a cave, it needs some lighting as it gets to be bothersome using night-vision goggles for reading.

Fortunately, a company called Tactical Lamp Worx has the solution. Since not just any lamp will do for the man cave they have created lamps out of AR-15 parts.

All the lamps are custom-made. The prices begin at $400 but you can lower the price somewhat by providing some of your own parts. While not cheap, I’m guessing this would comparable to what you would pay for a “designer” lamp. I doubt anyone else will ever have a lamp just like yours.

I love the motto of Tactical Lamp Worx – Pissing off liberals, one lamp at a time!

H/T Soldiers Systems