Realpolitik In New Hampshire

As a longtime student of political behavior, it is rare to see any politician really express their utter contempt for the electorate in such bald terms. Usually they hide it behind pleasant smiles while uttering buzzwords that are meaningless when strung together.

This is what makes this appeal by New Hampshire St. Sen. Gary Lambert to New Hampshire voters so amazing. Lambert is an operative for the Romney campaign addressing the Republican City Committee in Nashua. Essentially he is saying that Romney is a soulless drone with no ideals and no beliefs but forget all of that because he’s our best chance to beat Obama. Of course, the perception that Romney represents the best chance to beat Obama is his perception and not mine.

The reason our country has a $15 trillion (give or take) debt is because we have too many of those soulless drones, both Democrat and Republican, who have no ideals and no beliefs in Washington.

Use the link above – the video is not currently embedding correctly.

Quote Of The Day

Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned has a very insightful look at the GOP field that he posted yesterday. As much as I don’t really care for Willard Mitt Romney, given the problems every other front-runner has had – and the media’s determination to sabotage them – it is looking more and more likely that Romney will be the last man standing. The Quote of the Day comes from a comment on Sebastian’s post by “Gnarly Sheen”.

This election feels more and more like someone taking you to a maximum security prison and asking you to pick whichever inmate you want to take care of your mother for the next four years.

Damn if Gnarly Sheen hasn’t hit the nail on the head!

As to Sebastian’s central position, that the next President could very well appoint 2-3 Supreme Court Justices and that is what really is at stake, I think he is right. Sandy Froman made that same observation at the Gun Rights Policy Conference when she quipped, “Pray for the Five”. There are a lot of post-McDonald cases wending their way through the District Courts. We need appellate level judges who will stand by the Second Amendment and for that reason, and that reason only, I would vote grudgingly for Romney.

It’s a helluva choice, ain’t it?