Happy National Nurses Day

May 6th is the day that we celebrate National Nurses Day. It is the beginning of Nurses Week which concludes on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Unlike what you see on Grey’s Anatomy, it is the nurse who gives the shot and not the doctor. Unlike what you saw on Nurse Jackie, very few nurses are drug addicts stealing medicine from the patient. Unlike what you saw on Ben Casey or Dr. Kildare, nurses are not just subservient pretty little faces whose job it is jump when the doctor says jump. No, nurses are the professional health care givers who provide the backbone of our health care system. Much of their job isn’t exciting and doesn’t make for good television but is utterly necessary.

So on this National Nurses Day, I want to salute nurses everywhere and especially my own special nurse, the Complementary Spouse.

The Complementary Spouse, BSN, RN, MHS, CPAN

I am told by the Complementary Spouse that the only time she wore this white uniform with the pin and nurses cap was for this photo and at her graduation from nursing school. I won’t say what year she graduated other than to say it was in the last quarter of the 20th century.