Smith and Wesson Virtual Event

Smith & Wesson just held a 15-minute virtual event. It was to showcase the company and to introduce their new M&P 9 Shield Plus. With the extended magazine, it will hold 13 +1 rounds. There is also a Performance Center version which features fiber optic sights, has cuts for red dot optics, and has lightening cuts in the slide.

I haven’t seen it side by side with the Sig P-365 or the Springfield Hellcat but it is obvious that is what they are targeting with this new introduction.

The 15-minute video of the event is below. I thought it was well done. It told the history of the company, how they dealt with both the pandemic and the increased demand for firearms, how they are working to train new shooters, and then ends with the introduction of the new pistol. You will need to scroll to almost the end before the actual event starts.