Products For Review After SHOT

I received in the mail this week two products on which I’ll be doing reviews in the future.

The first is called the EndoSnake. It is a lighted, fiber optic borescope device that allows you to examine the condition of your barrel. What makes this one interesting is that it is small enough to fit down the barrel of an AR-15 or similar rimfire firearm.

It runs off of a PC as well as your Android/IOS devices. In a quick test using my PC, I had no problem threading it down the barrel of a .22 LR rifle.

The other product I received is a speed loader for Glock 9mm/.40 S&W magazines. It is from a Michigan company called American Speedloaders. I ran into the people running the company at the Pop-Up Expo at SHOT. I had a long conversation about the product with Sam Palmeter who founded the company this week.

It reverses the way most speed loaders work. Instead pressing down on the spring from the top and then putting in the cartridge, here you insert the cartridge in the loader and then push the magazine into the loader.

While this speed loader is designed specifically for the Glock, I intend to try it with other double stack magazines as well as extended magazines like those for the Glock 18.

I will make short videos using these products to go along with the review.