We Are Of Different Worlds

I think it is patently obvious that the writers at New York Magazine and I live in different worlds when it comes to guns. Consider this headline on a story about a recent Quinnipiac poll surveying attitudes of New Yorkers towards guns and gun ownership:

There Are Still New Yorkers Who Think It Should Be Easier to Buy a Bunch of Guns

The writer of this story, Joe Coscarelli, is aghast that 26% of the respondents thought you should be able to purchase more than one handgun per month. After saying it has been “a brutal, bullet-riddled summer” in Mayor Bloomberg’s Paradise and noting that 36% of New Yorkers think that gun laws should be either less strict or stay the same, Coscarelli has this to say:

That leaves more than 60 percent saying, you know what, let’s go ahead and make those laws stronger, but a full 26 percent of those polled oppose a proposed bill limiting handgun purchases to just one per month. Because who knows when you are going to need to grab a few at once. Just in case.

We may live in different worlds but the Second Amendment applies everywhere in the United States – even New York City – despite what Mr. Coscarelli and Mayor Bloomberg might think. As far as I’m concerned, there should be no restrictions other than the size of your wallet in how many firearms you possess or purchase.