Don’t Be A Bubba

When surplus firearms were really plentiful, it was not unusual for a “home gunsmith” to convert one into a more sporting configuration. Usually it involved cutting down and reshaping the stock along with maybe a little metal work. There were even books on how to do it along with articles on it in gun rags. Now I am not talking about custom rifles where a professional gunsmith might use a surplus action as the basis for the custom rifle. I have a couple of Eddystone 1917 Enfields that formed the basis for magnum rifles. I also have a period correct Eddystone 1917 rifle with the protective leaves on the rear sight.

Given that you can now get a Savage Axis or a Ruger American centerfire rifle for a fraction of the price of an original Mauser that will be more accurate, it just does not make sense to destroy a piece of history for a hunting rifle. I don’t have a problem taking something that have been “bubba’ed” and reworking it but using a period correct, matching numbers Mauser of German or Swedish origin is almost a sin.

Reddit has a sub-reddit called Gun Memes. I saw this today and it was spot on.

When SKS carbines sold for $100 or less, they were a cheap way to get a deer rifle with almost .30-30 ballistics. Now if you want a Chinese or Russian SKS carbine, expect to pay $450 or more. Even the formerly ubiquitous Yugoslav SKS carbines are selling for $300 plus.

Respect that piece of military history and don’t be a “bubba”.