Shocking Undercover Video Of A…….Legal Purchase

New York State Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn)wanted to show how easy it was to buy “high-capacity gun clips” in New York State. He visited two gun stores in the Albany area where they were sold. However, these were pre-ban AK-47 magazines which are legal to sell in New York State. So, in his “undercover” investigation, he buys a legal product and based upon this he is proposing to ban all standard capacity magazines.

Somehow his logic just fails me.

Adams has introduced S. 3573-2011 for the purposes of making “all large capacity ammunition feeding devices, regardless of date of manufacture, subject to the provisions of the penal law.” In other words, outlawing any magazines with a capacity of greater than 10. This is not the only gun control measure he has introduced this session of the New York State Senate. He has also introduced a bill requiring everyone outside of New York City to register their firearms on an annual basis with their respective county clerks.

Cam Edwards does a fine job of deconstructing Senator Adams and his shocking undercover video.