A reader reported that he got this from Symantec’s Norton Antivirus when visiting my blog.

The reader also reported that he got this when visiting John Lott’s blog.

I must say I’m a bit disconcerted about this. It is not like I’m paranoid or anything but I wonder if this is a new thing aimed at either conservatives or gun bloggers. If you follow Twitter, you know that there has been a campaign to report certain conservative Twitter users such as Dana Loesch’s husband Chris as a spammer in an effort to block them.

ADDENDUM: If you use a Norton product and you are getting the fraud warning, please let me know at jpr9954 AT gmail dot com. I’d like to keep track of this. If you are getting this from any other product, please try and capture a screen shot of it.

UPDATE: This gets weirder and weirder. I just ran the blog URL through Symantec’s SafeWeb and it reports “OK”. Laura below who uses Norton products is having no problems.