Twitter Factoid Of The Day

John Tyler was born in 1790. He was both the 10th President and 10th Vice President of the United States. He served from 1841 until 1845 after assuming office on the death of President William Henry “Old Tippercanoe” Harrison.

Here’s where it get incredibly interesting. His grandsons Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. and Harrison Ruffin Tyler, the children of his son Lyon, are still alive. Lyon was born in 1924 and Harrison was born in 1928. Their father Lyon was born in 1853 to Tyler’s second wife Julia Gardiner (1820-1889).

As Matt Smethurst joked in a follow-on tweet:

Another way to think about this: There are people who could look at you today, in 2018, and say: “Yeah, my dad was 8 years old when the war started.”

“World War 2?”

“Ha, nope.”

“Oh wow, World War 1?”

“The Civil War.”

Think of it – you have three generations of one family spanning parts of four centuries. That is just incredible.

The Truth Or Wishful Dreaming On His Part

I saw a note that firearm company stocks were up today on rumors of a deal on gun control. What spurred it was a tweet by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) who is one of the most ardent gun prohibitionists in both houses of Congress.

This leads to the question as to what gun legislation. Will it be merely a ban on bump stocks, a bill to improve NICS, or is it something more? Therein lies the question and I just don’t have a good answer to that.

I do know that the Senate Judiciary Committee was supposed to hold hearings yesterday on “Firearm Accessory Regulation and Enforcing Federal and State Reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).” However, that hearing has now been postponed to December 6th.

Tweet Of The Day

I haven’t said anything on my blog about the shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. Part of it because there is more and more coming out. Part of it is because I don’t believe in instant analysis. Finally, part is that I spent the whole weekend taking Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 Classroom – Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement and I am decompressing from that intense experience.

I saw this tweet a bit ago. Former Bush speechwriter David Frum is calling for a lifetime ban on those who “raises a hand against a woman or a child”.

The anti’s are saying some of the stupidest stuff. They are calling for new laws when the laws that would have prevented the church murderer from legally obtaining a firearm were already in place. The problem was that someone in the US Air Force screwed up and didn’t report the results of the general court martial in 2013 to the FBI’s NICS check system. Note that this screw up occurred during the Obama Administration.

#2A Selfies

Among the many things President Trump is known for include his use of social media and his use of his three oldest children as advisors. A number of weeks back I remember Mr. Trump telling 60 Minutes that he had 28 million followers of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This got me to thinking about how we in the gun culture at the grassroots could use this to advance our Second Amendment rights. Mr. Trump owes us in the gun culture for our support throughout the general election campaign in return for his promises of supporting the Second Amendment. I’d wager, though I haven’t seen any hard statistics, that Mr. Trump’s pro-gun stance helped him eke out wins in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

My idea is to use social media and in particular Twitter and Instagram to communicate our grassroots message to Mr. Trump and his kids. For it to be effective, it has to go viral.

Simplicity is the key. While I have a whole list of things I want, picking 2-3 is more effective. It is also more readable in a picture which I have found out by experimentation. See the difference below. The first is my laundry list and the second is the top things I want.

Large List
Highlighted List

Shadows or not, I think the second picture is more effective as it shows that a person is standing behind it and has a limited list.

All you need to participate is a phone with a camera, a Twitter account, and/or an Instagram account. I would urge you to do both. The photo doesn’t need to look professional and indeed I think it is better if it didn’t. Post the picture with this hashtag –  #2ASelfie.

Your post needs to include your selfie, the hashtag, and the following addresses:

For Twitter:

  • @potus
  • @whitehouse
  • @realdonaldtrump
  • @donaldjtrumpjr
  • @erictrump
  • @ivankatrump
  • @(fill in your Representative’s Twitter handle)
For Instagram:
  • @whitehouse
  • @realdonaldtrump
  • @donaldjtrumpjr
  • @erictrump
  • @ivankatrump
  • @(fill in your Representative’s Instagram name)
Remember that Twitter has an 140 character limit. Instagram, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t have a character limit.

Forward this post to your friends and family who support the Second Amendment. Unlike the stuff that comes out of Bloomberg’s Everytown or the Brady Campaign, this really is a grassroots effort. Again, we need this to go viral. If it goes viral, it will have more of an impact than any petition.

The Hobbyist Exemption?

I just learned of an exemption to the NICS check when purchasing a firearm from a FFL. This is over and above the exemption for those that have CCWs from states where it is recognized as a substitute background check.

It is called the “hobbyist” exemption and I learned about it from a Demanding Mommy from Texas with whom I have been going back and forth with on Twitter.

This was in response to a tweet that noted a background check is required when purchasing a firearm from a Federal firearms licensee. “Tricia” said earlier you could buy an AR-15 without a background check in Texas because the state didn’t require it.

This shows just how little our opponents know about Federal firearms law and what is required.

And Now You Know The Rest Of The Story

The late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey used to have a feature called, “The Rest of the Story”. He’d end the feature with the tagline, “And now you know the rest of the story.” I saw the tweet below from Shannon Watts of Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors yesterday. Just like Al Sharpton demands “Justice!”, Shannon demands “Gunsense!”.

This is not just some Walmart store. This is my Walmart store. The one that is a five minute or less drive from my house. The one at which I buy ammo if it is in stock. In other words, I know the store and I know the gun counter. Both ammo and firearms are kept in a locked case and only certain employees have the key.

The story as reported involved the theft of an AR-15 and 150 rounds of ammunition from the locked case on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The thief purportedly shoved the rifle down his pants and just walked out.

And now for the rest of the story.

Donald Alan Skelton, 33, was arrested on Thursday as he went back to the same Walmart. According to records from the NC Department of Public Safety, Skelton was released from prison in February. His criminal record goes back to at least 2008 and includes convictions for felony breaking and entering and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

For this theft, Skelton was charged with larceny of a firearm, misdemeanor larceny, and possession of a firearm by a felon. He is being held in the Buncombe County Detention Center under an $11,000 bond.

Watts got 28 retweets and 7 favorites from this tweet. How the theft of a firearm by a convicted felon relates to “gunsense” and the call for universal background checks is beyond me.

Felon Repulsion Lever

Larry Correia – Mr. Monster Hunter himself – has forever changed how I will perceive the trigger on any firearm that I own. In an exchange with a sci-fi blogger who is both anti-gun and a lawyer for the Federal government, Larry had this to say on Twitter:

Larry does have a way with words.

Sheer Arrogance

There is a Twitter hashtag campaign called #ObamacareInThreeWords. The campaign was started by conservatives. So you have stuff like “IRS meets Kevorkian” and “Premiums will double”.

The White House is trying to fight back. One of their many Tweets is below.

It is an arrogant and authoritarian response in my (not so) humble opinion. Just because a bill is rammed through Congress, doesn’t make it then ensuing law any good.