2014 SHOT Show – Magpul Industries

Duane Liptak of Magpul was interviewed by the folks over at Arfcom about the new products they were releasing at the SHOT Show. The one that immediately caught my eye was the PMag for the AK-47. If it is as reliable as the steel mags from the Eastern Bloc nations, they will have a winner on their hands.

Liptak said that they didn’t release many no products this SHOT Show due to the relocation and he wouldn’t be giving any sneak peaks. However, he did say that Magpul would be releasing a number of new products over the coming year even as they relocate to Wyoming and Texas.

2014 SHOT Show – Gov. Rick Perry

The 2014 SHOT Show brought a lot of people to Las Vegas including Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). While he doesn’t say so in the video below, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he was doing some industrial recruiting while in Las Vegas.

I’m sorry that Perry blew up in the 2012 GOP race for president. While he might not have been able to name a third cabinet department he would cut, I think he does have a good understanding of what businesses need to succeed unlike the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Slide Fire Bump Sled

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to highlight some of the products shown at the 2014 SHOT Show. Some will be practical and some will be like the Slide Fire Bump Sled which looks like a fun way to burn ammo.

Slide Fire is known for their stocks which allow semi-auto firearms to “bump fire” or simulate full automatic firing. The Bump Sled is a concept product much like concept cars at an auto show – cool looking but not necessarily practical or ready for the market. It mounts an AR with a Slide Fire stock upside down in a cradle which connects to Browning M-2 style spade grips.

As to why Slide Fire developed the Bump Sled, according to an interview with the KitUp blog, it was for fun and to provide an entertaining product to the consumer.

You can see it in action in the video below. I guess one could use it to provide suppressive fire when the Zombies invade. In the meantime, it looks like a fun way to plink if you don’t care about the cost or availability of ammo.

2014 SHOT Show – Day Two With Gunblast.Com

In his overview of Day Two at the 2014 SHOT Show, Jeff Quinn starts out by interviewing Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged leather. I have one of his pancake holsters for my Colt Detective Special along with a belt pouch for a speed strip which is truly ingenious.

Among the others also shown is Caracal which has introduced a chassis-based rifle. Unfortunately, they didn’t discuss the problems with the Caracal pistols which resulted in a total recall.