Admiral In Charge Of Army Armor School?

They put a Navy admiral in charge of the US Army’s Armor School?

What does the Navy know about tanks?!

No, no, no.

The US Army’s Commandant of the US Army Armor School is a Brigadier General named Kevin Admiral.

Brigadier General Kevin D. Admiral assumed duties as the Armor School Commandant on 27 September 2019.

Commissioned in Armor from the University of Kansas in 1994, Brigadier General Admiral holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Biology and a Master of Science in Campaign Planning & Strategy from the Joint Advanced Warfighting School. He is also a graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies, London where he was a Senior Service College fellow.

Brigadier General Admiral has served in Armor, Cavalry, Mechanized Infantry and Stryker formations during his career. He served as an OC/T at the National Training Center, Small Group Instructor for the Armor Captain Career Course at Fort Knox, KY and Aide-de-Camp to the 36th Army Chief of Staff. His command assignments at every echelon from Company through Regiment includes two commands in combat; 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry (SBCT) and 3d U.S. Cavalry Regiment (SBCT) in Afghanistan. Following command of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen at Fort Hood, TX, Brigadier General Admiral served as Executive Officer to the Commanding General of United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, US Forces Korea (UNC/CFC/USFK). Prior to assuming his current duties at Fort Benning, he most recently served as the Deputy Commanding General for Maneuver, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson and Commander, Task Force Southeast in Paktiya, Afghanistan.

It’s Friday and I just found this kind of funny. The plays on his name just write themselves.

Prince Philip Anecdote

As most people know by now, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has passed away. He was known to have quite a dry sense of humor and I rolled over laughing when I read this one.

I think even the Aussies would like that one.

Great Cartoon

This has been trending around the Internet yesterday and today.

The only correction I might make is to drop “This Part Wouldn’t Be Too Tough” a bit further south into the Bay Area. There are some areas in the Bay Area I’d exclude like maybe Oakland as I get the feeling that there are a lot of off the books firearms in that area.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…

This is a short guest post from ScotShot. In it, he theorizes about the true origins of the shortage of a consumer product with which we are all familiar.

It was a dark and stormy night on K street sometime in early January. Adam Longneck had been pestering Lady P about some virus that was going to turn Orange Man Bad into Orange Man Gone, but no-one was paying attention to him since he blew out the impeachment. Nonetheless, Lady P was desperate. So she had grudgingly agreed to let some failing interns do what they could to come up with ideas that would turn a pending infection from China into a national panic.

It was after bed-time and the chilled Ketel One had run out ages ago. The button downs were unfastened and there wasn’t a Windsor knot to be seen. Karen was poking the eyes of the bunny on her sweater with a ballpoint and Tyler was using lip-balm for the tenth time that hour he rubbed his chin and was temporarily distracted by the lack of growth since that morning. Not that it was worrying him.

… “OK, OK, these are great ideas, but Lady P needs something to get it going. We need, we need a trigger..” “What do we HAVE, people?”

There was silence, then a Karen-in-the-Korner raised her hand. Tyler sighs. “OK, what?” KK says, “Toilet paper.. “ A hush settles in the room and then high fives all round.. The Android gets tapped.. “mm-hmm.. yup.. it’s us.. you can tell her we got it … tell her to call the people at

Social Distancing Made Understandable

“Social Distancing” seems to be the word of the year along with “flatten the curve”. All of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You go into many stores and you see “X” on the floor indicating just how far apart you should be from the next person. X’s are fine but I stumbled across an easier explanation that will appeal to those in the gun culture.

Instead of trying to figure out if that is 6 feet or is it merely 5 1/2 feet, the picture below makes it simple. I found it on Reddit.

I’m sure if you wanted to be pedantic you could say that an AR15 with an A2 stock is going to be longer than the M4gery with a collapsible stock throwing off the suggested distance.


Safariland Launches Tactical Drop-Leg Holster For The Space Force

Safariland just announced today that they are releasing the Model 8304 Space Force SLS™/SRS® Drop-Rig Tactical Holster. It is aimed directly at the newest member of the Department of Defense – the Space Force. You can see a video of this new holster below.

Just a reminder. Before you rush out to your local Safariland dealer because you want to be as tacticool as the next Space Force wannabe, you need to remember the day.

Spam Of The Day

My spam blocker requires me to approve all comments. While tedious, it protects you the reader from offers for fake Viagra, other drugs, marriage brokers from 3rd world or ex-Communist countries, and psychics among others.

However, now and then I get a spam comment that makes me laugh.

Herewith is the spam comment from a “Therese Bisdee”:

Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.

Please let me know. Thanks

Myspace? Really?

While Myspace actually still exists, this is not 2005 when it was in its heyday. A quick scan seems to indicate it is mostly music and video content.

In the meantime, in honor of Wuhan coronavirus…

Move Over Super Bowl – It’s Time For Super Barrel II

If the impeachment trial in the Senate hasn’t caused you to ditch television entirely, you know that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. That’s where one set of oversized rich guys beat up on another set of oversized rich guys to see who will get even richer.

Yeah, well, whatever.

The exciting news is that Brownells will be holding Super Barrel II!

From Brownells:

GRINNELL, Iowa (January 31, 2020) – Brownells will give away a barrel full of freedom during the biggest pro football Sunday of the year with its Super Barrel II Weekend extravaganza.

One lucky Brownells fan will bring home the championship-worthy trophy of a barrel full of 13,889 rounds of 5.56mm NATO Hornady Frontier 55-grain M193 ammo.

Starting at 12:01 AM Saturday, February 1, and going through 11:59 PM Sunday, February 2, Super Barrel II contestants can sign up for their chance to win at the Brownells Super Barrel II page.

One lucky winner will be drawn by random and will receive the big red barrel full of ‘Merica valued at $4,239.99.

Containing enough ammo to fill almost 70 standard-length belts for an M249, the barrel weighs more than all but the very biggest football linemen. If all 13,889 cartridges contained inside were laid to end-to-end, they would stretch over 870 yards — almost twice as far as the most passing yards ever in a modern pro football championship game.

Just think what you could do with that amount of ammo!

You could give the Demanding Moms, the Cult of Personality known as Giffords, AND Brady United the collective vapors.

It could make Mike Bloomberg’s campaign against Big Gulps looks as small as he is.

Or it could give you enough ammo to become really proficient with your AR-15!