Dom Raso – The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

NRA News just released a new video commentary from former Navy SEAL Dom Raso. He launches into a very vigorous defense of the AR-15 as a self-defense weapon. I really like these couple of lines from his commentary:

AR-15s are fine for Hillary and her family. They’ve been protected by armed guards who use them for three decades. But average Americans who watch the news and feel genuine fear for their safety, and their families’ safety—Hillary wants to deny them the level of protection she insists upon herself.

The elites will always have protection, usually government-supplied, against threats from their enemies, domestic and foreign. As to the rest of us, we are, as Michael Bane and others have noted, on our own. That means you and I are our own first responders. Why should we be denied an easy to use, fairly lightweight, highly functional, medium-powered firearm that is rarely, if ever, used in criminal attacks just to appease the powerful and the ignorant?

The answer is we shouldn’t.

Now That Chris Christie Is Out Of The Race, What Happens To This Guy?

When Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) was seriously running for the Republican nomination for President, high profile cases involving New Jersey’s unjust gun laws tended to bring clemency. In this latest case involving a Pennsylvania corrections officer who was hit by a drunk driver on his way home from Atlantic City, one has to wonder.

Ginny Simone, in a report for NRA News, discusses the case of Sgt. Ray Hughes who is facing felony charges.

“From Infamy To Victory”

This video which is part of the NRA’s Frontline Series does an excellent job in showing how the United States went from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the signing of the surrender in Tokyo Bay. It is hosted by Ollie North.

Particularly poignant is the interview with Jiro Yakimura. Mr. Yakimura was a Nisei. That is, Mr. Yakimura was a natural born US citizen whose parents had immigrated from Japan. When Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Mr. Yakimura was a college student in Hawaii and was a member of ROTC. In the days that followed, he and his fellow ROTC students were given a 1903 Springfield and sent to guard various spots on Oahu. Then, due to his Japanese ancestry, his services to his country were no longer needed. The story has a somewhat happy ending as Mr. Yakimura was finally able to serve his country as an officer in Army Intelligence in the Pacific.

NJ Gun Attorney Evan Nappen On The Pardon Of Steffon Josey-Davis

New Jersey attorney Evan Nappen, the man who wrote the book on that state’s gun laws and who represented Steffon Josey-Davis, was on NRA News yesterday. He was interviewed by Cam Edwards regarding Gov. Chris Christie’s complete and full pardon of Steffon. Nappen said the next step would be to go to court and get an expungement of the conviction from Steffon’s record.

Nappen also discussed the recent murder of Carol Bowne who was still waiting for her gun permit to be approved when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

Cornell University Says Kill The Townies

In the battle between town and gown, Cornell University is going after the townies and they want them killed.

You can relax a little. Cornell isn’t trying to kill local Ithaca conservatives though it may have crossed the mind of some campus radicals. The Ithaca townies in this case are not the two legged variety but rather the four-legged cloven-hoofed variety with flashy white tails.

It seems that Cornell University is overrun with whitetail deer. You need to remember that Cornell is a weird hybrid in that it is both a liberal arts Ivy League school and a land-grant university with many test farms. It is this latter part of the campus that is the great attraction to the deer combining as it does food, shelter, and lack of predators.

According to a report by Professor William Jacobson at the Legal Insurrection, the university came up with a two-part plan to control the great numbers of deer attracted to its campus. In a move that would warm the cockles of Sandra Fluke’s heart, on-campus deer are given free, permanent birth control. They got tubal ligations. Meanwhile, off-campus deer were subject to a controlled hunting program with emphasis on killing does.

The plan was an expensive failure as Professor Jacobson describes in this interview with Cam Edwards.

Potential Good News In The Shaneen Allen Case

The NRA News is reporting on Facebook that Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain has requested a delay in Shaneen Allen’s case while he reviews the appropriate resolution of the case.

BREAKING NEWS: The prosecutor in the Shaneen Allen case has requested her upcoming trial be delayed while he reviews the appropriate resolution of her case. Shaneen is the Philadelphia mother of two who became an unwitting victim of New Jersey’s gun laws. Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Ginny Simone and Shaneen’s attorney Evan Nappen coming soon.

The interview by Ginny Simone and Cam Edwards with Shaneen Allen and her attorney Evan Nappen is below.

Hopefully, this will turn out well for Ms. Allen. She deserves something good to happen after all that she has lost due to the prosecutor’s intransigence and New Jersey’s utterly ridiculous laws.

“There Is No Justice For Gun Owners In New Jersey”

The headline, “there is no justice for gun owners in New Jersey”, is a statement by Brian Aitken on the treatment that he and Shaneen Allen have received from that state’s justice system. He is featured in a new NRA News Report by Ginny Simone entitled “Accidental Criminals: Brian Aitken is Living the Nightmare”.

As both Aitken and Allen point out, if Ms. Allen had lied to the officer when stopped for the traffic violation in Atlantic County, New Jersey, she wouldn’t be facing up to 10 or more years in prison for being an “accidental criminal”. The judge in her case told her that telling the truth didn’t matter in this case; it got her in trouble. Isn’t incentivizing lying a perversion of any justice system?

Moreover, as Aitken points out, the gun laws of New Jersey are not meant to deter criminals but rather to deter honest citizens from actually owning firearms. Both judges and prosecutors want to use these “accidental criminals” as poster children for their goal of a disarmed public.

Every potential juror in Atlantic County should see this video along with Simone’s earlier one on Shaneen Allen. If they understood the ramifications, they might just vote “not guilty” in the jury room. Her case is a strong argument for jury nullification.

Callling It Murder Or Calling It A Shooting – What’s The Difference?

Does it matter if we call a violent act using a firearm that results in death a murder or a shooting?

It does according to this latest commentary from Dom Raso. Calling something a murder denotes the evil intent and focuses on the perpetrator of the crime. However, as the media is more likely to do, calling it a shooting focuses on the tool used and not the intent. The former is news while the latter is propaganda and allows the media to push its anti-gun agenda.

NRA News On Gun Runner Yee

You have to wonder if Sen. Leland Yee has a cool tong/triad nickname like Raymond Chow has in “Shrimp Boy”. My suggestion is that he should now be know as Gun Runner Yee. That has a strong masculine ring to it and should fit in with his activities on behalf of Wo Hop To and the Hop Sing Boys.

Ginny Simone of NRA News takes a more serious approach to Gun Runner Yee than I do and interviews the NRA’s longtime attorney in California, Chuck Michel, regarding his arrest.

“Just Say No To Firearm Ignorance” – Billy Johnson

Billy Johnson is one of the newer commentators for NRA News and I think he is one of the best. In a commentary released last week, he examined how communities respond to the accidental death of children. On the one hand you have accidental drownings and on the other you have accidental deaths involving firearms. Which do you think is responsible for more deaths of children under the age of 15? If you answered drownings you would be correct. A child is 12 times more likely to drown than to die from an accident involving a firearm according to CDC statistics.

Billy noted in his small community in Michigan they had an accidental drowning last year. The community responded with programs for better education and more water safety measures. They didn’t ban water sports, they didn’t move to close the Great Lakes, and they didn’t want to create Swim Free Zones. The community devoted time, money, and education to help handle the problem of water safety. They believe it is a community’s responsibility to make sure all kids know how to swim.

The question Billy asks is why is the response to accidental gun deaths not the same as for drownings.