LawDog On Compromise

A number of years ago, well-known gun blogger LawDog had a long post regarding compromise on gun rights. He used the analogy of splitting a cake wherein after a number of compromises we are left with just crumbs.

I was reminded of that analogy recently when I saw his infographic which put this analogy into pictorial form. It came up with regard to our recent demonstration outside of Sen. Thom Tillis’ office in Raleigh. Tillis was one of the prime architects of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which saw those of us who are pro-rights get nothing and the other side get “a good first step”.

I have to agree with LawDog. We have been reasonable for much too long. The urge “to do something” never results in either good policy or one that is actually effective. With the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bruen, we need to go on the offensive which it appears groups like the Second Amendment Foundation and the Firearms Policy Coalition have started to do.

Since I’m speaking of LawDog, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that he published an anthology this spring called Ghosts of Malta. In addition to LawDog, it has stories by Jim “Old NFO” Curtis and Kelly “Ambulance Driver” Grayson in it. I’ve read it cover to cover and highly recommend it. The anthology is available in both book and Kindle format on Amazon.

UPDATE: If you would like to purchase a copy of this infographic in a poster-size format, they are available from LawDog. Go to

Schrödinger’s NRA

Normally I would call this post “Tweet of the Day”. However, I found the title in Rob Romano’s tweet too good not to use.

Rob is the creator of the invaluable Gun Case Tracker which follows virtually every 2A related case at the Federal and state level. He is also the Community Communications Director for the Firearms Policy Coalition.

For those of us in the gun rights community, the acronym NRA means the National Rifle Association. For anti-gun politicians and the media, it is shorthand for both the National Rifle Association and every other gun rights group. Given their top-down approach, it is hard for them to conceive that the largest organization doesn’t control everything. It is also hard for them to conceive that the grassroots can actually make their voice heard without a lot of prodding from the folks in Fairfax.

Here are the pair of great tweets from Rob:

War Calibers?

Spain, like all European countries, has pretty extensive gun control even though it is the 7th largest exporter of firearms internationally. Every firearm and its owner is registered. This registry, controlled by the Central Inspectorate for Arms and Explosives, is updated monthly. It is estimated that there are 3 million firearms and 1.1 million owners registered with most being for either target shooting or hunting.

The Spanish gun rights organization ANARMA – Asociación Nacional del Arma de Espana – is concerned those numbers could be reduced even more if a proposal to prohibit certain calibers is adopted.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense maintains a list of calibers called “war calibers”. These are the calibers of rifles and ammunition that civilians are forbidden to own.

From LibreMercado (translated using Google translator):

The Government has just opened a new front against hunters and sports shooting fans. As denounced by the National Weapons Association (Anarma) , PSOE and Podemos threaten to confiscate thousands of rifles that, today, are legal, by classifying certain calibers as “war” and, therefore, prohibited for use by civilians. The popular .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x54R could enter that new black list , according to sources from the same association.

This new prohibition coincides in time with the new Arms Regulations , which came into force on November 5, and which has created great discontent in the field of hunting, sport shooting, arms collecting and historical recreation. Not in vain, several associations have filed an administrative contentious appeal in the Supreme Court against its entry into force.

Anarma denounces that, given the difficulties in prohibiting some weapons directly, the Government is studying expanding the current list of so-called “war calibers”, created in 1993 and which had not been touched for 27 years.

The ANARMA website goes into more detail on the calibers being proposed for addition to the prohibited list:

Well, presumably the ICAE has once again influenced the DGAM to expand the list of military calibers prohibited to civilians. These are as follows:


.30-06 Springfield

.458 SOCOM

5.45×39 mm SOVIET

5.7×28 mm FN

4.6 x 30 mm

5.8×21 mm Chinese

5.8×42 mm Chinese

ANARMA is especially alarmed that 7.62x54R and .30-06 Springfield are on the list. The latter is the best selling caliber of rifles and ammo in Spain.

They go on to add –

In view of the list, we believe that behind it is a distraction strategy, which we call “Jack Reacher”. As in the movie, a lot of targets are attacked, in order to hide the motives of the one who really interests. In this case, the 7.62x54R, the cartridge that fires the Mossin-Nagant, the SVT-40, the Dragunov and the Izhmash Tiger. These last three semi-automatic rifles that have always been in the ICAE’s sights. As with the new regulation, you cannot prohibit them, since they have never been FUL-AUTO, so they intend to prohibit the caliber. Possibly some others of those proposed are rejected, thus giving the appearance of a process with some formality. In short, another tease of legitimate gun users and an attack on private property and our freedoms.

I think ANARMA is correct. This is a devious way to ban firearms. Instead of saying you can’t own a Winchester 70 in .30-06, just ban the caliber as a “war caliber”.

I wonder which came first for the anti-gun movement – “weapons of war” or “war caliber”? Either way, it is a deliberate attempt by the prohibitionists to confuse the un-informed.

One Day Of The New Congress And There Are Already Gun Bills

The 116th Congress has been in session for little more than a day and we already are seeing gun bills. However, they aren’t all bad. There is even a good knife bill proposed. However, I imagine the really bad ones are in the pipeline. I’m sure Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA), the Carolyn McCarthy of Georgia and a card carrying Demanding Mom, will have a bill sooner or later.

The Good

HR 38 – Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) – This is a reintroduced version of his national reciprocity bill and it even has the same number as last time. 90 co-sponsors.

HR 88 – Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) – To protect the right of law-abiding citizens to transport knives interstate, notwithstanding a patchwork of local and State prohibitions, and to repeal Federal provisions related to switchblade knives which burden citizens. 4 Co-sponsors.

HR 155 – Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) – This bill would remove silencers or suppressors from the definition of firearms. I am presuming this means that they would also be removed from the requirements of the National Firearms Act of 1934. 23 co-sponsors.

HR 175 – Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) – To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition. I think this means an updating of FOPA 86 to provide more protection for travelers who have firearms. 0 c0-sponsors.

HR 189 – Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R- MO) – To provide requirements for the appropriate Federal banking agencies when requesting or ordering a depository institution to terminate a specific customer account, and for other purposes. The intent of this bill is to end Operation Choke Point. 0 Co-sponsors.

The Bad

HR 33 – Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) – To increase public safety by punishing and deterring firearms trafficking. (Somehow I don’t think Rep. Rush means the gangbangers and their girlfriends on the southside of Chicago). 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 49 – Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) – To require the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report to the Congress semiannually on the number of firearms transfers resulting from the failure to complete a background check within 3 business days, and the procedures followed after it is discovered that a firearm transfer has been made to a transferee who is ineligible to receive a firearm. Presumably this was inspired by the Charleston church murders. 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 157 – Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA) – To repeal the provisions of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act prohibiting the bringing of qualified civil liability actions in Federal or State court. 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 167 – Rep. Al Green (D-TX) – To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a licensed dealer. Presumably closing the non-existent gun show loophole. 1 Co-sponsor.

S 7 – Sen. Marco Rubio – (R-FL) – A bill to provide family members of an individual who they fear is a danger to himself, herself, or others, or law enforcement, with new tools to prevent gun violence. This is the first of the Red Flag laws promised. 3 Co-sponsors.

The Rest

HR 110 – Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) – To provide an exception to certain mandatory minimum sentence requirements for a person employed outside the United States by a Federal agency, who uses, carries, or possesses the firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence committed while on-duty with a firearm required to be carried while on-duty. 0 Co-sponsors.

There have been 321 bills or resolutions introduced as of yesterday according to If I missed any anti-gun bill that was introduced, please list the bill number in the comments.

UPDATE: HR 207 – Rep. C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger (D-MD) – To amend the Public Health Service Act to establish a grant program supporting trauma centers with violence intervention and violence prevention programs, and for other purposes. (Given his anti-gun stance, this bill should probably be in the bad column.)

We Forget The Lessons Of Lexington And Concord At Our Peril

Today marks the 243rd anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The impetus for the battle was the attempt by the military governor of Massachusetts, Gen. Thomas Gage, to seize the arms and ammunition of the militia. Gage had been ordered by Lord Dartmouth, Secretary of State for the Colonies, to disarm the militia.

As I noted on the 242nd anniversary, the colonists were fighting to preserve the right to keep and bear arms that was one of their rights as Englishmen since at least 1689. Since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, our right to keep and bear arms has been under continual attack. Moreover, some of these attacks have been led by our ostensible friends such as Gov. Phil Scott (R-VT) and Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL).

It doesn’t matter if it is raising the age to 21 to purchase a firearm, bump stock bans, restrictions on standard capacity magazines, extreme violence protection orders, universal background checks, or what not, these laws and regulations are intended to destroy our rights and to destroy the gun culture in America.

Ensign Robert Munroe, Issac Muzzy, Samuel Hadley, John Brown, Jonas Parker, Jonathan Harrington, Caleb Harrington, and Asahel Porter did not die on or near Lexington Green to see modern day Americans just toss their rights away.

Nor did John Robbins, Solomon Pierce, John Tidd, Joseph Comee, Ebenezer Munroe Jr., Thomas Winship, Nathaniel Farmer, Prince Estabrook, and Jedediah Munroe suffer grievous gunshot and bayonet wounds to have modern day American politicians push safety over freedom.

I imagine the men of Captain Parker’s Company of Militia were scared as they assembled on Lexington Green. There were only 80-some of them facing about 700 or so British regulars and Royal Marines. Nonetheless, they were willing to face off against the greatest army of its day. If we can’t stand up to a coterie of freedom-despising billionaires, their PR flacks, their media allies, and their trained-bear-act teens, it is a sad day for America.

For Those In Florida

Last year, Florida Carry got some grief from Marion Hammer and the NRA due to their stance on some bills in the Florida legislature. Notwithstanding that – and showing that they are united in their support of gun rights – they have passed on the following alert from the NRA and Marion Hammer. I think it shows class on their part.

The alert concerns a move by the anti-gun forces to diminish gun rights in Florida through putting constitutional amendments on the ballot. One need only looks at the moves by Bloomberg and Everytown to force so-called universal background checks through referenda. They succeeded in Washington and Nevada but failed in Maine.

From Florida Carry:

ALERT: Anti-gun CRC Members Want Gun Bans in the Florida Constitution

DATE: March 19, 2018
TO:      USF & NRA Member and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
            USF Executive Director
            NRA Past President

of the members of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)
are very anti-gun and they are proposing and pushing gun ban and gun
control amendments to put in the Florida Constitution.

Commissioners will be voting on these amendment soon. Links to these amendments are listed at the bottom.

Among these amendments are:

“assault weapons” ban which bans the distribution, sale, transfer, and
possession of so-called assault weapons and any detachable magazine that
has a capacity of more than 9 rounds.  (Makes possession illegal with
no compensation provided for those already possessed that must be

ban on any semi-automatic rifle that is able to accept a detachable
magazine or has a fixed magazine capable of holding more than10 rounds.
(that means almost all semi-automatic rifles)

ban on the sale and transfer of “assault weapons” and defines
“transfer” as the conveyance “from a person or entity to another person
or entity WITHOUT any conveyance of money or other valuable
consideration.”  (Note: to “convey” between persons without compensation
could mean the simple act of handing the firearm to another person
while hunting, on the range, or anywhere)

*A 10 day waiting period (excluding weekends and legal holidays) on all firearms to facilitate a background check.

*A ban on the purchase of any firearm by a person under 21 years of age. 

*A ban on the sale, transfer and possession of bump stocks and other devises, tools, kits, etc. 

Please email CRC Commissioners and tell them to OPPOSE gun control amendments!

PLEASE DO IT NOW !!! They could be voting on these amendments at anytime



(To send your message to all just Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box)

(Depending on you email program you may need to add commas or semicolons between each email)


For My Friends In Arizona

What is it with Republican governors in retirement havens? First there was Rick Scott (R-FL) going all squishy in Florida. Now it seems Doug Docey (R-AZ) is going squishy as well.

Arizona Citizens Defense League has the details in this alert:

Action Alert

Today, Governor Ducey revealed his “Safer Arizona Schools” gun control plan.  We posted a copy on our website
Caution!  You may want to wrap your head with duct tape to prevent it
from exploding when you read it.  It looks like a propaganda piece from
one of Bloomberg’s Astroturf groups.  Odds are they had a big hand in
writing it.

The good news is that many in the Legislature aren’t all that excited
about what they see in the Governor’s plan either.  The dream of
suspending all the rules and ramming this through without anyone
noticing has evaporated.  We’re now hearing that the Governor’s proposal
may be broken into a few smaller bills with the hope that at least one
will get to his desk.  That tells us we have a shot at ending this

The even better news is that your emails are having an effect.  After
receiving over 11,000 of your emails they know we’re watching and we
have their attention.  We can’t let up.  Your legislators need to hear
from you that there is NO acceptable “gun control.”

If you have already sent an email to your legislators, please do it again
If you have not yet sent an email, what are you waiting for?  If you
are willing to fight for your rights, we’ve done most of the work for
you by preparing the email to send to your legislators.  All you need to
do is click on the link above, follow instructions and click your mouse
button a couple more times.

legislators need to hear from you, letting them know that you are still
paying attention and expecting them to support your rights.  Send your email today!

Along with that alert is another one asking supporters in Arizona to send both letters and RTS (request to speak) notices to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of two pro-2A bills being pushed by AzCDL. These bills will die if they don’t pass out of committee this week.

Thursday, March 22, the Senate Judiciary Committee will debate
AzCDL-requested bills HB 2211 and HB 2212.  If these bills don’t pass
out of committee this week, they are dead for the session.  The deadline
for House bills to be heard in Senate committees (and vice versa) is
Friday, March 23.

HB 2211 would add a personal exemption for firearms to the state’s
bankruptcy statutes.  Currently there is no specific bankruptcy
exemption for personal firearms.

HB 2212 would eliminate the restriction that only Arizona peace officers
cannot be prohibited from carrying firearms in Arizona.  The proposed
law would extend “shall not be prohibited” to any law enforcement
officer employed by any jurisdiction (federal, tribal, state, local,
etc.) in the U.S.

Since this is the last chance for these bills to get a committee hearing, we going for a double whammy – RTS and a letter to the committee.

If you have a valid and active RTS account, please log in here and keep your browser open.  Then, click on the links below to register your support for each bill.

For HB 2211 go here: .

For HB 2212 go here: .

If you do not have an RTS account, or even if you do,
please click on the links below to send your emails to all the
committee members telling them to support these bills during the
committee hearing.

For HB 2211 go here to send your email to the committee: .

For HB 2212 go here to send your email to the committee: .

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference! 

GRNC – Time To Wake Up The Republicans In The NC General Assembly

Grass Roots North Carolina sent out an alert last night requesting that people call Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) between 9am and 11am this morning. They are also asking people to send an email to him asking them where is the progress on gun rights.

From GRNC:

Republicans in power-induced lackadaisical mode

Republicans lost in the spoils of power, just laying
back and enjoying their super majority at the expense of good gun bills
being left to languish?  Why the reluctance to move on anything
pro-Second Amendment?  These are good questions to ask of House Speaker
Tim Moore.

GRNC President Paul Valone has hand delivered the following
letter to Speaker Moore.  Please see the link below regarding his disappointment on the lack of follow through on pro-gun bills.

What’s going on with Pro Second Amendment bills?

If you are scratching your head and wondering the same; it’s time to
pass that question along to Speaker Moore.


  • EMAIL AND CALL SPEAKER TIM MOORE: Please make the phone calls on
    THURSDAY, BETWEEN 9 AND 11:00 AM, if at all possible. If not, call whenever you can. 

  • Ask the Speaker, “What’s going on with our pro-Second Amendment legislation? Have the Republicans
    gotten so lax in their power, that they’re writing off the gun voters who put them there?”

  • Email him at: and call using this number: 919-733-3451. Use the copy/paste text provided below to
    send the email. When calling, if you are sent to voicemail, please leave a message.


Suggested Subject: “What’s going on with pro Second Amendment legislation?”  
Dear Speaker Moore:
that Republicans are enjoying their super-majority spoils, it seems the
legislature has
become lackadaisical in pushing through any pro-Second Amendment
legislation.  This is deeply disappointing to me as a gun rights voter. 
expect our representatives to display the same character and conviction
in Raleigh that they claim to have while on the campaign trail.

As other
move forward on pro-gun bills such as constitutional and campus carry,
North Carolina seems to have dropped the ball on these very same
Why is that?

The need for passing House Bills 438, 588 and 746 is
obvious, and the window of opportunity is closing! Fourteen states now
Constitutional Carry without any dire consequences.  New Hampshire
became “Lucky 13”, beating North Carolina to the finish
line.  Georgia Governor Nathan Deal recently signed campus carry
legislation into law, so once again, another state passes North

naysayers continue to be proven wrong in their dire predictions
regarding the results of pro-gun legislation.  As you rest on your
laurels, other
states are moving forward and advancing gun rights.  So I ask of you,
“What is happening with pro-Second Amendment legislation in our

I will be monitoring your actions through Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


For My Friends In Illinois

One of the most important annual gun rights events held in Illinois is the Illinois Gun Owners Legislative Day or IGOLD. That is the day when gun owners from around the Prairie State converge on Springfield to meet with their legislators gun rights issues. IGOLD 2017 is set for Wednesday, April 5th.

The important thing to remember about Illinois politics is that not all Democrats are anti-gun and not all Republicans are pro-gun. The bill authorizing shall-issue concealed carry was sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) while recently defeated US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) was relatively anti-rights. Moreover, Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) is relatively pro-gun and neither house of the General Assembly has a super-majority.

With the number of murders in the city of Chicago now topping 750 for the year, I would fully expect some stringent gun control measures to be proposed by Chicagoland politicians. This is where they usually come from. The election of Donald Trump as President has caused the gun prohibitionists like Bloomberg’s Everytown, the Brady Campaign, and Americans for Responsible Solutions to turn their attention on the states. They know they can’t win at the federal level but they have had some success at the state level as can be seen by the passage of gun control referenda in Washington State, Nevada, and California.

If you live in Illinois and are a gun owner, please try to clear your calendar so that you can make the trip to Springfield. Your rights may just well depend upon it.

Thousands of Second Amendment Supporters Will March on the Capitol in Springfield, IL!


Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day

Wed. April 5, 2017
Prairie Capital Convention Center
Springfield, IL
Mark this important date on your calendar.  If you need
to reserve a vacation day before the end of the year –
several pro-Second Amendment legislators lost in the recent statewide
election, we will have an uphill battle when the General Assembly
returns to Springfield for the new session in 2017.  Anti-rights
legislators will be more determined than ever to disarm law-abiding
We know disarming innocent people does not make us safer. We know gun free
zones are killing zones.  It is important we lobby our legislators and
Gov. Rauner.  It is important that we voice our opposition to any
further restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.  It’s important
that we voice our
support for:
  • Less restriction on where we can carry, so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Reducing the cost of concealed carry licenses, which is too high for many to afford.
  • Reciprocity with other states in order to  protect ourselves when we travel in those states.
Even if you have already received your carry license,
this is NOT the time to sit back and become lax! 
who have taken the training and gone through the licensing process are
crucial to the fight and we need you to stand with us and be heard at
Save the date!  Be there!

Your 2017 New Year Assignment!

Your assignment for the New Year is to contact your State Representative and State Senator and express your concerns about: restrictions in the carry law, further attempts to enact firearm/magazine bans,
or attempts to make purchasing, owning, or transporting firearms more
difficult for law abiding citizens.  Contact your state legislators at
the State Capitol and at their home office. 
Don’t know who your state legislators are? 
Find them here:

Early Voting Opens In North Carolina Today

Early voting opens in North Carolina today. In Buncombe County where I live, it starts at 10am and runs to 6pm. Times in other counties may differ. The one-stop early voting runs until Saturday, November 5th. You can check the North Carolina State Board of Elections for which district you live in, links to your county elections board, and more.

In time for this, GRNC-PVF has released their recommendations of candidates for the office of President and on down. It is part of their Remember in November project. You will notice that they give recommendations and not endorsements. Recommendations are based upon their evaluation of which candidate would be better on gun rights issues.

2016 GRNC-PVF General Election
Candidate Recommendations

2016 election is a referendum not only on the Second Amendment, but
on diametrically opposed plans for the future of our Republic. Key to
the outcome of that election is North Carolina, which is now regarded as
a hotly
contested “battleground state.” Translated, the future of our Republic
is now in your hands. If you fail to vote, if you fail
to bring like-minded people to the polls, Hillary Clinton’s nomination
of the next Supreme Court justice will be, quite literally, your

Candidate recommendations versus evaluations:
Below are
recommendations for effective voting strategies by the Grass Roots North
Carolina Political Victory Fund. Candidate recommendations, which are
limited than blanket “endorsements,” are not made in all races, only in
races where a clear pro-gun candidate stands out or where
strategic voting is necessary to keep anti-gun candidates out of office.

Recommendations differ from GRNC candidate evaluations. While the
evaluations are
intended to provide an objective measure of where candidates stand on
Second Amendment issues, GRNC–PVF recommendations are analytical and
therefore subject to interpretation. For a full explanation of GRNC’s
objective star evaluations, go to:

Important note:
Candidates who lack voting records or other
history on Second Amendment issues and who fail to return GRNC’s
candidate survey automatically receive a zero star evaluation (0) on the
assumption that they are hiding their position from gun voters. Every
election year, we receive complaints about ostensibly pro-gun candidates
receive zero star evaluations due to failure to return the survey. Each
candidate is mailed a survey to the address he or she registered with
State Board of Elections. If they fail to return the survey, we cannot help candidates who will not help themselves.

Voting instructions: General election One Stop Early Voting
begins on October 20 and ends on November 5 at 1:00 PM. Absentee ballots must be received by 5:00 PM on November 8. Election day is
November 8 between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PM.
Click here to find your polling place on election day, or click here to find your One Stop
Early Voting place.

Important changes to voting laws: Due to ongoing litigation,
same-day registration will still be permitted during One Stop Early Voting. Straight party voting is no longer permitted, so
GRNC strongly suggests you investigate individual candidates. Please click here to find out about
identification requirements.


Key to listings:
Included in listings below are scores on
GRNC’s candidate survey, pro-gun voting percentage, and GRNC star
evaluation (0-star, *, **, ***, or ****, depending on how closely a
can be expected to agree with a control group of conservative gun
owners). “NR” means the candidate failed to return GRNC’s survey
which, for candidates without voting records, gives the candidate a
0-star (0) evaluation.


Thanks to his change in position on key Second Amendment issues, DONALD
now holds a GRNC 3-star (***) evaluation. He may or may
not be your first choice, but make no mistake: The election of Hillary
to POTUS absolutely will allow her to make at least one (and probably
more than one) Supreme Court appointment – this from a candidate who is
record as saying the SCOTUS decisions affirming an individual right to
arms are “wrong.” Without doubt, such a Clinton Supreme Court would
reverse both the Heller and McDonald decisions and pave the way for
massive gun bans. Beyond Clinton’s fundamental and pervasive corruption,
is on record as supporting semi-auto bans, universal gun registration
(a/k/a/ “universal background checks”), and Australia-style gun
confiscation. If Democrats also gain control of the US Senate (see
below), the Senate Majority Leader will be Sen. Charles Schumer – a
dedicated, long-term opponent of gun rights. Do not for a moment think
you can “sit this one out” simply because you don’t like
either candidate. It is your duty to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office.


this closely contested race which could be key to control of the US
GRNC-PVF recommends Republican RICHARD BURR.
With a 91%* pro-gun voting record, Burr holds GRNC’s highest 4-star
evaluation. Opponent Deborah Ross has a long history of antagonism
toward both gun rights and traditional American values. Beyond her
abysmal 21%
voting record, as NC House Judiciary Chair, Ross was responsible for
killing one of GRNC’s first Castle Doctrine bills, despite the fact that
had cleared the Senate and was sponsored by a fellow Democrat. In
fairness, with a 94% survey, Libertarian Sean Haugh also earned a GRNC
evaluation. Because he will likely garner less than 5% of the vote,
however, a vote for Haugh is a vote to put anti-gun Deborah Ross in the
Senate and to potentially give Hillary Clinton the votes needed to pass gun control.


District 1:
With only a 33% voting record, incumbent GK
Butterfield earned only GRNC’s lowest 0-star evaluation. Unfortunately,
Republican challenger H. Powell Dew, Jr. failed to return GRNC’s
survey, also earning a 0-star evaluation. GRNC-PVF recommends Libertarian J. J. SUMMERELL (survey 95%, GRNC ****).

District 2: GRNC-PVF recommends Republican GEORGE
. Holding scored 95% on GRNC’s survey, earning four stars (****), while challenger John McNeil refused to return the survey,
netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 3: With a 100% survey score and a 97% pro-gun voting
average, earning a GRNC four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend incumbent WALTER JONES. Challenger Ernest
Reeves refused to return the survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 4: Against longtime anti-gun Democrat David Price (0%
voting record, GRNC 0), GRNC–PVF recommends SUE GOOGE, who returned GRNC’s candidate survey with a score of 81%,
earning three stars (***).

District 5: With a 100% GRNC survey score and 100% pro-gun voting
record earning GRNC’s highest four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend incumbent VIRGINIA FOXX
over Democrat challenger Josh Brannon, who refused to return GRNC’s survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 6: Although the US House has not had any gun votes in
the 114th Congress, on the basis of his 99% survey score and GRNC four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF recommends MARK
over Democrat challenger Pete Glidewell, who refused to return GRNC’s survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 7: Due to his 100% pro-gun voting record, earning
GRNC’s four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF recommends DAVID ROUZER over Libertarian challenger J. Wesley Casteen
(82% survey, ***).

District 8: Although the US House has not had any gun votes in
the 14th Congress, on the basis of his 100% survey score and GRNC four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF recommends RICHARD
over Democrat challenger Thomas Mills, who refused to return GRNC’s survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 9: Due to his 100% pro-gun voting record, earning
GRNC’s four-star (****) evaluation, GRNC–PVF recommends ROBERT PITTENGER over Democrat challenger Christian Cano,
who refused to return GRNC’s survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 10: With a 98% GRNC survey score and 100% pro-gun voting
record earning GRNC’s highest four-star evaluation (****), GRNC–PVF continues to recommend long term gun rights supporter
over Democrat challenger Andy Millard, who refused to return GRNC’s survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 11:
Although the US House has not had any gun votes in
the 14th Congress, on the basis of his 100% survey score, leadership in
defending gun owners against federal abuses, and GRNC four-star
(****), GRNC–PVF recommends MARK MEADOWS over Democrat challenger Rick Bryson, who refused to return GRNC’s
survey, netting a 0-star evaluation.

District 12: Against longtime anti-gun Democrat Alma Adams (11%
voting record, GRNC 0), GRNC–PVF recommends LEON THREATT, who returned GRNC’s candidate survey with a score of
85%, earning three stars (***).

District 13: This district represents a rare opportunity for gun
owners to elect a gun rights supporter who has not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. GRNC-PVF strongly recommends Republican TED
(survey 100%, GRNC **) over Democrat Bruce Davis
(survey: NR, GRNC 0). Beyond running for Congress, Budd owns a gun shop.
we should have recommended him in the Republican primary election, but
underestimated his ability to beat no fewer than 16 Republican


North Carolina Governor: In this critical and tightly contested
race, GRNC-PVF recommends PAT McCRORY (GRNC ***)
over longtime anti-gun Democrat Roy Cooper (58% voting record, GRNC 0).
Having, in years past, killed pro-gun legislation as NC Senate Judiciary
Chairman, Cooper will most certainly veto any pro-gun legislation GRNC
get passed by the legislature. Although Libertarian Lon Cecil scored 99%
on GRNC’s survey, earning four stars (****), he will draw only a few
percent of the vote, potentially helping Cooper get elected. Cooper must
be kept out of the governor’s mansion at all costs.

North Carolina Lt. Governor: GRNC-PVF recommends
incumbent DAN FOREST
, who scored 95% on GRNC’s survey, earning four stars (****). Challenger Leslie Coleman, during her tenure in
the NC Senate, voted with gun owners only 67% of the time, earning a low one-star (*) evaluation.

North Carolina Treasurer: GRNC-PVF recommends DALE
(****) who earned a perfect 100% pro-gun voting record while in the NC House.

North Carolina Attorney General: For the open seat vacated by Roy
Cooper, GRNC – PVF recommends BUCK NEWTON for Attorney General.
In the NC Senate, Newton has been a leader for gun
rights, cementing passage of three omnibus pro-gun bills. With his 100%
survey score and 100% pro-gun voting record, Newton earned GRNC’s
highest (****) four-star evaluation. By contrast, Newton’s opponent,
anti-gun Sen. Josh Stein voted with gun owners only 38% of the time,
netting him a 0-star evaluation.

Judicial races: GRNC-PVF recommends you vote for
all of the following:

BOB EDMUNDS for NC Supreme Court
PHIL BERGER, JR. for Court of Appeals (Stephens seat)
RICHARD DIETZ for Court of Appeals (Dietz seat)
BOB HUNTER for Court of Appeals (Hunter seat)
HUNTER MURPHY Court of Appeals (Geer seat)
VALERIE J. ZACHARY for Court of Appeals (Zachary seat)


Note: Only contested races are covered.

District 1: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent BILL
(100% voting record, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Brownie Futrell (survey: NR, GRNC 0-star).

District 2: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent NORMAN
(100% voting record, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Dorothea White (survey: 68%, GRNC *).

District 4: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger RICHARD
(survey: 95%, GRNC ****) over Democrat incumbent Angela Bryant (voting record: 22%, GRNC 0).

District 11: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 97%, GRNC ****) over Albert Pacer (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 12: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent RONALD
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Susan Byerly (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 15: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JOHN
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Libertarian Brad Hessel (survey: 94%, GRNC ****) and Democrat Laurel Deegan-Fricke
(survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 16: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent ERIC
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat Jay Chaudhuri (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 17: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent TAMARA
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Libertarian Susan Hogarth (survey: NR, GRNC 0) and Democrat Susan Evans (survey: NR, GRNC

District 18: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent CHAD
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Gil Johnson (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 19: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent WESLEY
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Toni Morris (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 20: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger BARBARA
(survey: 99%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. (voting record: 50%, GRNC 0).

District 21: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger DAN
(survey: 99%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Ben Clark (voting record: 25%, GRNC 0).

District 22: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger T. GREG
(survey: 99%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Mike Woodard (voting record: 0%, GRNC 0).

District 24: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent RICK
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger John Thorpe (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 25: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent TOM
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Dannie M. Montgomery (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 27: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent TRUDY
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Michael Garrett (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 28: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger DEVIN R.
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Gladys A. Robinson (voting record: 0%, GRNC 0).

District 30: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent SHIRLEY
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Democrat challenger Michael W. Holleman (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 33: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over Jim Beall Graham (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 36: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over Robert Brown (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 37: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger BOB
(survey: 96%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Jeff Jackson (voting record: 0%, GRNC 0).

District 38: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger RICHARD
(survey: 99%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Joel Ford (voting record: 25%, GRNC 0).

District 39: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(NC House voting record: 94%, GRNC ****) over Lloyd Scher (survey: 47%, GRNC 0).

District 41: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JEFF
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****), who has sponsored pro-gun legislation and been a leader for your rights in the Senate, over
Libertarian Chris Cole (survey: 95%, GRNC ****) and Democrat Jonathan Hudson (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 44: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DAVID L.
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over challenger Nic Haag (survey: 97%, GRNC ****).

District 45: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over Art Sherwood (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 46: GRNC-PVF recommends WARREN
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****), who has been a leader for your rights in the Senate, over Anne Fischer (survey: 49%, GRNC 0).

District 47: GRNC-PVF recommends RALPH
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Mary Jane Boyd (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 49: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger WILLIAM
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Terry Van Duyn (voting record: 0%, GRNC 0).

District 50: GRNC-PVF recommends JIM
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Jane Hipps (survey: NR, GRNC 0).


As above, only contested races are covered.

large number of open seats plus a number of RINOs who voted against gun
on omnibus pro-gun bill HB 562 make NC House race is critical in 2016.

Please note that GRNC-PVF is withholding recommendations for any
incumbent who voted against gun owners more than twice
in the 18 floor votes for omnibus pro-gun House Bill 562 in the last session.

District 3: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent MICHAEL
(recent voting record: 94%, GRNC ***) over Marva Fisher Baldwin (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 6: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 88%, GRNC ***) over Warren Judge (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 7: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger WILLIAM
(survey: 81%, GRNC ***) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Bobbie J. Richardson (voting record: 9%, GRNC 0).

District 9: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 94%, GRNC ****) over Brian Farcas (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 10: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JOHN R.
(recent voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Evelyn Paul (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 11: GRNC-PVF recommends Republican challenger
(survey: 85%, GRNC ***) over Libertarian Brian Lewis (survey: 90%, GRNC ****) and anti-gun incumbent Democrat Duane Hall
(voting record: 9%, GRNC 0). (Yes, Lewis had a better survey score by 5%, but is unlikely to have the resources to win.)

District 15: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent PHILLIP
(voting record: 93%, GRNC ****) over Dan Whitten (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 16: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent CHRIS W.
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Steve Unger (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 18: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger GERALD
(survey: 96%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Susi Hamilton (voting record: 5%, GRNC 0).

District 25: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JEFF
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over James D. Gailliard (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 34: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger BILL
(survey: 95%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Grier Martin (voting record: 24%, GRNC 0).

District 37: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 92%, GRNC ****) over Libertarian Robert Rose (survey: 95%, GRNC ****) and Democrat Randy Barrow
(survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 38: GRNC-PVF recommends Libertarian
challenger OLEN WATSON III
(survey: 96%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Yvonne Lewis Holley (voting record: 9%, GRNC 0).

District 46: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 92%, GRNC ****) over Libertarian Thomas (Tom) Howell, Jr. (survey: 98%, GRNC ****) and Democrat Tim
Benton (survey: NR, GRNC 0). (Yes, Howell had a better survey score by 6%, but is unlikely to have the resources to win.)

District 50: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger ROD
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Graig R. Meyer (voting record: 17%, GRNC 0).

District 51: GRNC-PVF recommends Libertarian
challenger JOHN SAULS
(previous NC House voting record: 83%, GRNC ***) over anti-gun Democrat incumbent Brad Salmon (voting record: 44%,
GRNC 0).

District 55: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent MARK
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****) over Kim Hargett (survey: 54%, GRNC 0).

District 59: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JON
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****) over Scott A. Jones (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 67: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JUSTIN P.
(voting record: 96%, GRNC ****) over Carson Roger Snyder (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 69: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DEAN
(voting record: 94%, GRNC ****) over Gordon B. Daniels (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 74: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DEBRA
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****) over Marilynn Baker (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 82: GRNC-PVF strongly recommends incumbent
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****), who frequently sponsors pro-gun legislation and is a leader for your rights, over Earle
Schecter (survey: 63%, GRNC *).

District 92: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 98%, GRNC ****) over Democrat Chaz Beasley (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 93: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JONATHAN C.
(voting record: 98%, GRNC ****) over Sue Counts (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 94: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JEFFREY
(voting record: 100%, GRNC ****) over Michael T. Lentz (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 98: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent JOHN R.
(voting record: 94%, GRNC ****) over Jane Campbell (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 104: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
Republican ANDY DULIN
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over
Democrat Peter Noris (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 105: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
Republican SCOTT STONE
(survey: 90%, GRNC ****) over Democrat Connie Green-Johnson (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 109: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent DANA
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****) over Susan Maxon (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 113: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
Republican CODY HENSON
(survey: 92%, GRNC ****) over Democrat Maureen Mahan Copelof (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 118: GRNC-PVF recommends incumbent MICHELE D.
(voting record: 97%, GRNC ****) over Rhonda Cole Schandevel (survey: NR, GRNC 0).

District 119: GRNC-PVF recommends challenger MIKE
(survey: 100%, GRNC ****) over anti-gun incumbent Joe Sam Queen (voting record: 25%, GRNC 0).

District 120: For this open seat, GRNC-PVF recommends
(survey: 95%, GRNC ****) over Randy Hogsed (survey: 70%, GRNC **).

message, supporting the candidates listed above, is authorized and paid
solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not
authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.