For Illinois Gun Owners And Voters

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Illinois gun owners and voters are faced with the choice today between Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) and billionaire and Hyatt Hotels’ heir J.B. Pritzker. From what my Prairie State friends tell me, Rauner has been somewhat ineffectual as governor but has vetoed some of the most egregious gun control legislation to come out of the Illinois General Assembly. Pritzker, on the other hand, promises to support the whole litany of gun control from gun bans to state licensing of firearms dealers. The RealClearPolitics poll average on this race gives a clear edge to Pritzker. It will stay that way if gun owners stay home.

Both the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois Carry are supporting Rauner who they say has had an open door to them. Expect that door to be nailed shut under Pritzker.

Illinois Carry sent this out yesterday by email. They are correct in asserting that if all FOID card holders voted the 2A that it might be safe in Illinois.

Candidate for Governor
J.B. Pritzker Announces :
“NO safe space for NRA in Illinois!”
J.B. Pritzker vows, “The NRA will have no safe space in Illinois if I am elected governor.”  That means NO safe space for you and me!
Governor Rauner is the absolute only logical choice for gun owners.  He has a FOID card and supports the Second Amendment. The
Governor has provided IllinoisCarry access to his office and staff. He
has sought our opinions on gun legislation.  This last legislative
session, his veto and amendatory veto power was all that stood between
gun owners and the anti-Constitution tyrants in Springfield.  
Pritzker is elected – that protection will be gone and all he will need
is a simple majority to pass all the horrible anti-gun bills that gun
owners have been fighting against all these years.
how safe the Second Amendment would be here in Illinois if all
2,287,291 FOID card holders went into the voting booth Tuesday and voted
for pro-Second Amendment candidates like Gov. Rauner.
The Second Amendment
Is At Stake On Nov. 6th!
We Urge All Gun Owners To Vote!

Deerfield Sued Over Gun Ban By ISRA And SAF

The Village of Deerfield, Illinois passed an ordinance on Monday, April 2nd, that would ban “assault weapons” (sic) and standard capacity magazines. The ordinance contains a $1,000 a day fine for each day the items remain within the limits of the village. According to the ordinance posted on the village’s website, it becomes effective immediately but gives residents 60 days to remove the firearms and magazines.

As reported by CBS News:

The ordinance states, “The possession, manufacture and sale of assault weapons in the Village of Deerfield is not reasonably necessary to protect an individual’s right of self-defense or the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia.”

So, beginning June 13, banned assault weapons in Deerfield will include semiautomatic rifles with a fixed magazine and a capacity to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, shotguns with revolving cylinders, and conversion kits from which assault weapons can be assembled. And those are just a few of the firearm varieties banned. The list is long and includes all the following models or duplicates thereof: AK, AKM, AKS, AK-47, AK-74, ARM, MAK90, Misr, NHM 90, NHM 91, SA 85, SA 93, VEPR, AR-10, AR-15, Bushmaster XM15, Armalite M15, Olympic Arms PCR, AR70, Calico Liberty, Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle, Dragunov SVU, Fabrique NationalFN/FAL, FN/LAR, FNC, Hi-Point Carbine, HK-91, Kel-Tec Sub Rifle, SAR-8, Sturm, Ruger Mini-14, and more.

You will note that the Ruger Mini-14 is included in the ban. Many other earlier bans specifically excluded it.

In response, the Illinois State Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation have filed suit against the Village of Deerfield in state court. According to their email alert:

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) have filed a lawsuit against the Village of Deerfield this morning, April 5, 2018. This legal action is a challenge to the Defendant’s Ordinance O-18-06, passed on April 2, 2018, which bans assault weapons (used specifically as that term is defined in O-18-06) within the Defendant’s municipal limits.

The suit was filed In the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Lake County, Illinois, Chancery Division.

If you want to donate to the ISRA Legal Assistance Committee, you can donate here. ISRA’s LAC is a 501(c)(3) so it would be tax deductible.

I will have more up on the suit once I can get a copy of the complaint.

UPDATE: Below is the release from the Second Amendment Foundation on the lawsuit, Easterday et al v. Deerfield.

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit against the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois seeking an injunction against enforcement of the ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines” adopted by the Village Board of Trustees earlier this week.

Joining SAF in the legal challenge is the Illinois State Rifle Association and a private citizen, Daniel Easterday, who resides in the village and is a gun owner. The lawsuit was filed in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County. Plaintiffs are represented by Glen Ellyn attorney David Sigale.

The lawsuit challenges the village ban under a 2013 amended state statute that declared “the regulation of the possession or ownership of assault weapons are exclusive powers and functions of this State. Any ordinance or regulation, or portion of that ordinance or regulation, that purports to regulate the possession or ownership of assault weapons in a manner that is inconsistent with this Act, shall be invalid…”

“We moved swiftly to challenge this gun ban because it flies in the face of state law,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “While the village is trying to disguise this as an amendment to an existing ordinance, it is, in fact, a new law that entirely bans possession of legally-owned semi-auto firearms, with no exception for guns previously owned, or any provision for self-defense.

“The new ordinance also provides for confiscation and destruction of such firearms and their original capacity magazines,” he added. “What is particularly outrageous about this new law is that it levies fines of up to $1,000 a day against anyone who refuses to turn in their gun and magazines or move them out of the village by the time the ordinance takes effect in June. This certainly puts the lie to claims by anti-gunners that ‘nobody is coming to take your guns.'”

An Alert For Those In Illinois

Given that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives regulates all gun stores and other Federal firearms licensees, why would a state want to require them to have a state license as well? The answer is simple – to put them out of business.

That is the case in Illinois where the legislature passed bills that would require all stores selling guns – Mom & Pops, hardware stores, and the big box stores – to have a state license which costs $1,000 for 5 years. This adds a $200 cost to the annual $300 cost of a 01 FFL. The gun prohibitionists also know that the big box stores are more susceptible to PR blackmail – witness Dick’s, Kroger’s, and Walmart – than the Mom & Pop gun shops.

The Illinois State Rifle Association is asking Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) to stand up and veto these bills.


It is time to call Governor Rauner!

Please politely call the office of Constituent Affairs at 217.782.0244 and ask the Governor to VETO
both Gun Dealer Licensing Bills: SB1657 and HB1273.

Please share this alert!  If you are not an ISRA member, please join NOW!

If you are a gun owner living in the Prairie State, you NEED to belong to ISRA. Since concealed carry passed, the number of members has dropped while the number of permits and gun owners has increased. Too many people rested on their laurels and bad guns bills got through as a result. You want the politicians, especially those in marginal districts, to look out and see all those members. You want them to weigh their actions carefully. You want them to realize that voting for gun control is a sure bet that they won’t be reelected which is the goal, stated or otherwise, of damn near every politician.

Gun Day Wednesday In Illinois

A number of gun related bills may be acted upon today in the Illinois General Assembly. Both Illinois Carry and the Illinois State Rifle Association have issued alerts. Speaker Mike Madigan has a number of “shell” bills which can, and probably will, be filled up with anti-gun legislation. It is time to call your state rep and state senator if you live in Illinois.

From ISRA:

Monday, these Mike Madigan shell bills
from last year were given new life, as Mike Madigan’s gun grabbing
minions fulfill their mission to be pawns in Madigan’s “Gun Day”
Wednesday, TODAY February 28 by giving each of the shell bills a
brand-new anti-gun amendment The bills are HB1465, HB1467, HB1468,HB1469
and HB1664, and they all passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on
a partisan 8 to 5 vote.

The bills are:
HB1465 – Shell bill turned into Semi-auto age restriction and ban – Michelle Mussman

HB1467 – Bans a Bump Stock and bans any firearm modifications – Marty Moylan

HB1468 – Sets a three day waiting period for purchase of a semi-auto rifle – Jonathan Carroll

– Magazine Ban – Also bans protective safety clothing, like meat
carvers’ gloves and steel-toe boots and body armor. – Dan Burke

And finally, commented on by ISRA Lobbyists and select Law
Enforcement insiders as the worst written legislation ever seen in
HB1664 – Establishes an anonymous tip line to bring SWAT teams to your home to scoop up you and your firearm.   Deb Conroy

Remember that all of these legislators are beholden to Madigan to
carry these bills, or they get no campaign “support” for the fall.  But
these representatives already hate that you have the freedom to own
firearms, so for them this is no stretch.  They want to take that
freedom away, they have been awaiting the opportunity.

Please call your Illinois State Representatives today, starting at
8:30 am and ask that they oppose all these bills.  Don’t stop there,
tell your neighbors and friends about this attack on our freedom, let
them know to make the calls as well.

Please use the link below to identify and get contact information for
your Illinois State Representative and Illinois State Senator, then
keep that information handy.  There are now floor fights on several
fronts in Springfield in attempts to take away your gun rights, you will
be asked to call your legislators several times this week.

From Illinois Carry:

Emergency Call to Action!
Witness Slips and Phone Calls Needed!
anti-gun bills were filed in the Illinois House today and are scheduled
to be heard in Committee on 2/28/2018.  Don’t delay!  File Witness
Slips opposing the amendment (HFA1) on all
four bills immediately!
Remember to log in to your account first, if you have one!

File Witness Slips Now!
avoid having to complete each field manually, Log on to your ILGA
Dashboard (or Create a New Account if you have not already done so) then
return to this email and click on
the links for each witness slip. If you do not wish to create an
account, simply click on each witness slip link and complete the
required fields manually:
IDENTIFICATION: Enter your personal information. Enter “NA” for the
Firm/Business or Agency and Title fields unless you are officially
representing an organization.
II. REPRESENTATION: Enter “Myself” unless representing an organization.
POSITION: Unless instructed otherwise for a particular bill leave the
description field at its default value “Original Bill”. Indicate your
position by selecting the “Proponent”
or “Opponent” radio button.
IV. TESTIMONY: Select the “Record of Appearance Only” radio button.
If filing manually, complete the Captcha challenge and agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.
Then click Create Slip.
Make sure to also include these bills in your opposition phone calls to your

State Representatives. 


For Those In Illinois

It goes without saying that the gun prohibitionists in the Illinois General Assembly are trying to make hay out of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. The Illinois State Rifle Association sent out an action alert yesterday saying that Wednesday, Feb. 28th, will be “gun day” in the legislature. If you live in Illinois, it is time to be calling your local representatives.

From ISRA:

Wednesday, February 28th, has been
deemed “GUN DAY” by the Illinois Legislature, and the cast of anti-2A
usual suspects will be amassing in the State Capitol of Springfield.
They are emboldened by the fever pitch of the recent tragedy in Florida
and feel the wind is at their back as they move, as always, to infringe
further upon the rights given to us by our Founding Forefathers. The
primary pieces of legislation that will be voted on will likely be
“assault weapons” restrictions, the gun dealer licensing bill and its
grossly inadequate trailer bill.

We at the Illinois State Rifle Association and Springfield Armory are
heartbroken and disturbed by the acts of violence in Florida, committed
by a mentally unstable individual that so many that knew, and reported,
to be a danger to our citizens.

It is only natural in times like these to want to do SOMETHING. It is
also in times like this that we must not act solely for the sake of
acting. Clear headed discussions, free of emotion and knee-jerk
reactions must be the order of the day. We must do something to protect
our children so that these horrible acts are stopped for good. We also
must do what is necessary to ensure the survival of our Second
Amendment, the Amendment that protects all others. The Amendment our
Founders trusted to
our Republic with the words “Shall Not be Infringed”. These rights were
fought for and earned with the blood of American Patriots at places like
Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and Trenton.

Now is the time to act. With the specter of further
2A infringements looming tall over Springfield, Illinois in the coming
week, it is imperative that you contact your State Legislators and
demand that they uphold their Oath to protect the Constitution of our
beloved United States of America – and let them know you oppose any type
of “assault weapons” restrictions, the gun dealer licensing bill and
its grossly inadequate trailer bill. Freedom is not free. It
must be fought for against the forces who would happily give up our most
sacred rights and freedoms.

Please use the link below to identify and get contact information for
your Illinois State Representative and Illinois State Senator:

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
– William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

Attempt To Zone Gun Stores And Ranges Out Of Existence

The Illinois State Rifle Association sent out the following alert concerning a change in zoning in West Chicago, Illinois. The city is a small municipality located in DuPage County which is west (go figure) of Chicago.





On Tuesday night, the West Chicago
zoning commission will consider a measure that would effectively ban the
operation of a firearm retail store or range anywhere in the village. 
This proposed measure is the dirty work of the gun grabbers and is
designed to squeeze the 2nd Amendment out of existence.


gun grabbers’ plan is to inflict “death by a thousand cuts” on your
right to keep and bear arms.  The West Chicago zoning proposal plays
right into that overall plan.  Bit by bit, the gun control movement
plans to diminish exercise of your 2nd Amendment rights.  They’ll sit
and smile while telling you they “…won’t take your guns” while, all
the time, working to make firearm ownership too impractical and too
expensive for the average citizen.


Attend the West Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals/Planning Commission
Meeting to be held at 7 pm Tuesday, October 4, in the Council Chambers
of West Chicago City Hall. City Hall is located at 475 Main Street, West
Chicago, Illinois.  We recommend that you get there by 6:30 PM to
ensure that you get a seat.

2.  Be prepared to vigorously defend
your right to keep and bear arms.  You may have the opportunity to
address the Zoning Commission so know your facts about your nation’s
heritage of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership.

If you see members of the media at the meeting, approach them and tell
them you are a law-abiding firearm owner who is sick and tired of
baseless attempts to curtail your rights.

4.  Pass this alert along to your gun-owning friends and family.

5.  Please post this alert to any social media sites or Internet blogs to which you may belong.


The text of the proposed zoning change is archived here. 

Reading over the proposed zoning change to the B-2 and B-3 zoning districts, gun stores and gun ranges (which can be only located indoors and as an ancillary use to a gun store) cannot be located within 1,000 feet of one another, of a residential housing zone in West Chicago or another municipality,  and of “any educational institution that serves minors; daycare center; cemetary, public park; forest preserve; historic district; public library; dwelling used for residential purposes; or place of religious worship.”

If you look at the 2016 zoning map for West Chicago, a 1,000 feet is approximately 3/4 inch. Using that measurement, I can find only two tiny locations located in a B-2 zoning district that might even qualify as they aren’t next to a residential housing zone or forest preserve. Not knowing the locations of schools, daycare centers, etc., I can’t even be sure of that.

The zoning code of West Chicago only permits listed uses within the manufacturing and office, research, and light industrial districts. No retail establishments are permitted within the manufacturing district unless ancillary to a manufacturing business. Thus, a gun maker could have a gun store within that district. I see no normal retail stores listed as a permitted use within the office, research, and light industrial district.

What the city of West Chicago is trying to do is called redlining. That is, to deny services to certain users based upon their characteristics. Traditionally, it was used to deny financial and business services to racial or ethic groups based upon where they lived. This redlining is at the heart of the dispute in the 9th Circuit in the case of Teixeira v. Alameda County. The 9th Circuit found that the right to bear arms includes the right to purchase them.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, I would urge you to attend this meeting. I would remind the council of the 9th Circuit’s ruling in Teixeira and the 7th Circuit’s ruling in Ezell which found that the City of Chicago couldn’t prohibit gun ranges.

A Couple Of Alerts From ISRA

The Illinois State Rifle Association has always had to fight the gun prohibitionists on many fronts. These two alerts show that nothing has changed.

First, if you live in the Cook County area, you might want to have a bun and coffee at the Corner Bakery tonight around 6:30pm.


ISRA has learned that a gun control group called “Northwest Suburbs
Organizing for Action(NWSOFA)” will be holding a recruitment and
strategy meeting this week in Arlington Heights. The NWSOFA has the
following objectives:

1. Passage of a state “dealer licensing” law which would
drastically raise the cost of firearms and ammo and eventually lead to
the closing of all gun shops in the state. The NWSOFA is a proponent of
Father Pfleger’s “Bad Apple Gun Dealer” campaign which has harassed
law-abiding firearm dealers for several years.

2. Replacing the late Justice Scalia with a gun grabber.


1. No matter where you live, you should plan on attending the NWSOFA Meeting:

WHAT: Gun control recruitment and strategy meeting

WHEN: Thursday, February 18, 2016

TIME: 6:30 PM

WHERE: The Corner Bakery, Northpoint Shopping Center, 470 E. Rand Road, Arlington Heights

NOTE: Please dress “under cover” so that you are not denied
entry to the meeting. Nobody needs to know your view on guns until the
meeting gets started.

2. Pass this alert on to all your gun owning friends and family and tell them to attend the meeting.

3. Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards, or social media sites to which you may belong.


Second, no matter where you live in Illinois, you can respond to this one. Under a bill being considered, you would need the permission of every building owner and tenant in a 1,000 yard radius to discharge a firearm while hunting. The bill exempts “licensed ranges”. That’s fine except there is no such thing in Illinois. The wording “licensed ranges” is something that has been used in Bloomberg-sponsored bills in other states. I don’t doubt that this is the origin of this bill as well.


The gun-grabbers are going all out with HB6008 in hopes of dealing a
fatal blow to hunting and target shooting here in Illinois.  We all
know that the next step would be a full out attack on defensive firearm
ownership and the shuttering of gun shops.

Under HB6008, it would
be illegal for anyone to discharge a firearm for hunting purposes
within 1,000 yards of any building without the permission of the
building owner or tenant.  Yes, that’s right – 1,000 yards!  What that
means is that if you want to bag a rabbit for dinner, you have to get
the permission of every person living or working within one square mile
of where you’re standing.  What are the odds of success with that

Meanwhile, your dinner has hippity-hopped his way down the road.

crazier is the provision in HB6008 that would make it illegal for you
to allow a dog to hunt within 1,000 yards of any building without the
permission of the building owner or tenant.  So, you’re out walking your
dog one evening and Scooby-Doo happens to flush out a couple of
sparrows.  Ruh-row…no permission from the neighbors so it’s off to the
big house for the two of you.

The gun controllers are especially
sneaky when it comes to the third provision of HB6008 – a provision
that exempts “licensed” ranges from the 1,000 yard rule.  If you feel
good about that exemption, you shouldn’t because there are no licensed
ranges in Illinois.  No license – no neighbor permission – no range. 
It’s as simple as that.


Call the bill’s main sponsor, Rep. Carol Sente at (217) 782-0499, and
POLITELY inform her that you are a lawful Illinois firearm owner and
that you won’t be fooled by what’s contained in HB6008.  Tell her that
you expect her to withdraw the bill or you will do everything in your
power to see that HB6008 is defeated and that you will work tirelessly
to prevent her from being re-elected.

2.  Call your own State
Representative and tell him or her that you are a law-abiding firearm
owner and that you deeply oppose HB6008.  Tell him or her that you
expect them to vote against the bill.  If you do not know how to get in
touch with your State Representative, then click here for the Illinois State Board of Elections

3.  Pass this alert on to your gun-owning family and friends. Tell them to make calls as well.

4.  Post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards or social media sites to which you may belong.

Warning And Call To Action For Illinois Residents

In the wake of the 7th Circuit’s ludicrous decision in Friedman v. City of Highland Park in which the court upheld a gun ban based on “feelings“, the gun prohibitionists in the Illinois legislature are trying to strike while the iron is hot. State Sen. Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) has filed SB 2130 which would eliminate state preemption of local firearm ordinances. The state preemption of local ordinances was part of the grand compromise in the bill that allowed shall-issue carry in Illinois. Assault weapons (sic) bans in place before July 19, 2013 were allowed to remain in plan but no new ones could be enacted.

Both Illinois Carry and the Illinois State Rifle Association have issued alerts for their members and supporters on Sen. Morrison’s move to gut state preemption.

From Illinois Carry:

Currently, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act and FOID Act concerning concealed carry and transportation of firearms is the same throughout the entire state. On May 5, 2015, Senator Julie Morrison filed SB2130 Firearm Owners ID – Assault Weapons, a bill proposing to eliminate preemption of local ordinance related to modern sporting firearms and their accessories. Preemption was included as agreed language when the Firearm Concealed Carry Act was passed and, at the time, allowed ample opportunity for home rule municipalities desiring local regulation to enact such ordinances.

Eliminating preemption now would open the door to an ever growing patchwork of ordinances, making it nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to understand the legal status of their firearms when moving from place to place, and could turn legal firearms into illegal firearms in the blink of an eye.

This late in the session we do not get the same advance notice of committee hearings, readings, etc.. Everything is ramped up to move fast, sometimes overnight or faster, so instead of waiting for notice to file witness slips, it’s time to go directly to your legislators and voice your position. Please contact Senator Morrison immediately and express your concern about her bill interfering with your rights as a law abiding firearm owner.

Senator Morrison can be reached at:

(217) 782-3650
(847) 945-5200

Please contact your own State Senator to voice your opposition to SB2130.

Telephone numbers and email addresses can be found at this link.

I will add the Illinois State Rifle Association alert at a later time as I don’t have access to it at work.

UPDATE: Here is the alert from ISRA.




Anti-gun extremist State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) has introduced a dangerous gun control bill that would ban the possession of most of the guns you now own. If passed, SB 2130 would allow city councils and village boards to decide which firearms you would be allowed to own – and you know what that means.

Many insiders believe that SB 2130 is the gun control movement’s first stab at legislation that would allow city councils and village boards regulate concealed carry at the local level – and you know what that means too.


The gun-grabbers have tipped their hand. They are planning a full-out assault on your gun rights in the closing days of the spring legislative session.


1. Call State Senator Julie Morrison at (217) 782-3650 and politely tell the person that answers the phone that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you oppose Julie Morrison’s efforts to crush your gun rights. You should also call Senator Morrison’s district office at (847) 945-5200 to deliver that same message.

2. Call your state senator and politely tell him or her that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you do not appreciate Sen. Morrison’s efforts to restrict your rights. Politely ask your senator to vote against SB 2130. If you do not know who your senator is, or if you do not know how to get in touch with your senator, then click this link: Find Your Senator.

3. Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards or social media sites to which you belong.

4. Pass this alert on to your friend and family and ask them to make phone calls as well.


For Chicago-Area Gun Right Activists

The Illinois State Rifle Association has released an urgent alert regarding a public meeting held by the anti-concealed carry forces including the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (sic) and anti-gun State Rep. Elaine Nekritz. They are trying to build support for more restrictions on concealed carry in Illinois. After fighting so hard for so many years, it would suck to see all that hard work go to waste through overbearing regulations.

From ISRA:



The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence along with Anti-Gun State Representative Elaine Nekritz are planning a public meeting to build support for legislative restrictions on Illinois new concealed carry law.


Anti-gun forces in the Illinois House are attempting to pass legislation that would make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to get concealed carry permits. They even want to force the removal of firearms from American Legion and VFW halls. Imagine that. Our vets serve their country with honor and the gun grabbers want to thank them by denying them their Second Amendment Rights.


1. IMMEDIATELY call (847) 229-5499 and politely tell the person that you would like to RSVP for the April 16th public meeting. Call and RSVP even if you cannot make it to the meeting. DO NOT say anything to the person on the phone about your position on guns. If asked, just say that you are interested in learning about the impact of the concealed carry law on you and your family. Again, DO NOT say anything to the person about being pro-gun…they do not need to know where you stand…they only need to know that you are RSVPing for the public meeting. It’s important that you make their phones ring off the hook! Keep them busy!

2. Attend the public meeting – even if organizers tell you that there is no space available:

a. Indian Trails Library, 355 Schoenbeck Road, Wheeling, IL

b. The meeting will be held Wednesday, April 16, 2014 and begins at 6:00 PM. Be sure to show up by 5:15 or so to be sure that you get a seat. This meeting will be very crowded so plan ahead and get their early.

c. The antigunners who will be there will certainly attack your right to keep and bear arms and your right to defend yourself and your family from dangerous criminals. Be prepared to vigorously defend your rights! Do not let these people trample on the rights that so many brave Americans fought and died for.

d. If you see members of the media there, approach them. Tell them that you are a law abiding citizen and that you do not appreciate having your rights challenged. Tell the media that you fully support the right to self defense that you will not allow your right to defend yourself to be diminished.

Remember – only you can preserve and protect your rights. If you leave that job up to the “other guy,” you will see your rights evaporate.



For Illinois Readers

The Illinois State Rifle Association Political Victory Fund has made an endorsement in the upcoming Republican primary for governor.

The ISRA Political Victory Fund (ISRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Senator Kirk Dillard in the Republican primary for Governor. Along with Senator Dillard, Senator Brady and Treasurer Rutherford have been staunch, long standing proponents of the Second Amendment and the efforts of the Illinois State Rifle Association. It is clear, however, that Senator Dillard alone presents the best opportunity to defeat Governor Quinn in November. We urge you to vote for Senator Dillard in the Republican primary on March 18.