Congratulations To Cam Edwards

The Second Amendment Foundation announced earlier this week that Cam Edwards was awarded the 2021 Ray Carter Blogger of the Year Award. Congratulations to Cam on winning this award.

From the announcement:

The “Blogger of the Year” award honors the memory of Ray Carter, a lifelong gun rights activist in Washington State whose final years were spent working for SAF in its Bellevue, Washington national headquarters. Carter is remembered as “an activist’s activist” by SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, and one of the founders of “Blogorado,” an annual gathering of pro-gun bloggers in Colorado. Ray passed in May 2016 following a long battle with cancer, but he never gave up fighting in defense of the Second Amendment.

“Ray would have been delighted to see this award go to Cam Edwards,” Gottlieb observed. “Cam’s background and breadth of knowledge about Second Amendment issues makes him a superb writer and blogger. He knows the subject and he knows his audience, and he’s never backed away from the gun rights battle.”

“I am incredibly honored to receive the Ray Carter Blogger of the Year award,” Edwards said. “As someone who started out as a broadcaster to be recognized for my blogging and writing is really an honor. It really means a lot to me. I know I am in really good company with my colleagues.

Previous winners of the Ray Carter Blogger of the Year Award include Paul Lathrop of Polite Society Podcast (2016), Rob Morse of the Slow Facts Blog (2018), Charlie Cook of Riding Shotgun with Charlie (2019), and Rev. Kenn Blanchard of Black Man with a Gun (2020). Without engaging in too much self-promotion, I, too, am a previous winner. I was greatly honored to win this award in 2017.

I can say I was lucky enough to have met Ray aka Gay Cynic in person though not at a “Blogorado”. Dave Workman has more about Ray and the origins of the award here.