Training Tip – Slide Lock Reload On The Move

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released another of their training tips video. This one features Adam Painchaud of the Sig Sauer Academy.

In the video, Adam demonstrates a slide lock reload drill. This drill consists of two precision shots at a 25 yard steel target, a slide lock reload while moving backwards and finishes off with two close range shots on a paper target while moving.

Adam notes that the drill teaches self-discipline because it forces the shooter to concentrate on the second 25-yard shot before moving backwards and reloading. The natural tendency is to think about the reload and the move as you are taking that second shot.

Video: Ankle Holsters For Concealed Carry

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has just released another one of their excellent training videos. This video features SIG SAUER Academy’s Adam Painchaud talking about carrying a pistol or revolver in an ankle holster.

As I have long batted around the idea of doing this given that I drive a lot and often work in places where guns are not welcome though not illegal. While it is not the ideal situation for a primary carry gun, it is good for a backup gun as well. I think it is a viable option when it’s a choice between carrying and not carrying due to clothing or the work environment.

Adam mentions both Galco and Alessi holsters for ankle carry. I’m sure there are others if you look. I think he is correct in saying a flimsy holster isn’t got to be comfortable. I’d go a step further and say it ain’t gonna cut.

One last comment – if you typically wear skinny jeans, you may want to consider other alternatives for carrying your concealed firearm. Just saying.

NSSF Defensive Pistol Tip – Drawing Your Pistol In A Car

In one of the latest training tips videos from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Adam Painchaud, Director of the Sig Sauer Academy, discusses drawing your pistol from concealment while in the driver’s seat of a car.

For the majority of us who are right-handed and carry on the strong side, the seat belt can be problematic. Adam shows a way of using the steering wheel to give yourself enough leverage to draw your pistol without interference from the seat belt. He also discusses alternate methods of carry including shoulder holsters, cross-draw, and the ankle holster. Personally, I drive a lot and the idea of using an ankle holster is getting more and more appealing.

NSSF Training Tip: Holdover And Offset

Adam Painchaud of the Sig Sauer Academy talks about holdover and offset in the latest training tips video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. A red dot sight or a scope is zeroed for a specific distance. If shooting a distance that is either greater or less than the zeroed distance, you need to compensate for it in order to get an accurate hit.

Adam discusses ways to determine the holdover and offset for your rifle. This becomes important in a defensive situation when you are using a rifle at close range. It is also important if you are in a competitive match such as a 3-Gun competition.

Trigger Finger Discipline

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released another of their training tips videos. This one is with Adam Painchaud of the Sig Sauer Academy. In this video, Adam demonstrates a training technique for working on your trigger finger discipline so that you will press and not jerk the trigger.

He is using a single action pistol but it would work with any pistol that doesn’t have a magazine disconnect. Adam starts by loading a round in the chamber and then removing the magazine. He then takes an aimed shot and then lets the trigger reset. The shooter follows this up with a dry fire aimed shot. If your front sight wobbles on the dry fire shot, you have found your accuracy problem.