BattleComp For The AK

Battle Comp Enterprises has developed one of their BattleComp muzzle breaks for the AK. I like my AK-74 and I know the AK family in general has a loyal following. But the AK being the AK, isn’t a BattleComp muzzle break just a little too fancy for an AK? A muzzle break or compensator that cost about 1/3 the cost of the entire rifle just doesn’t make a lot of economic sense to me.

Morally Outdated?

A few days ago the Russian Defense Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, began a firestorm of controversy in Russia (and in the blogosphere) by saying that the Kalashnikov and Dragunov SVDs sniper rifles are “morally outdated”. He made it worse by saying he was thinking of buying foreign weapons.

Somehow I don’t think these guys in this recruiting video for the Russian airborne, the VDV (vozdushno-desantnie voiska), would agree.

I still like my AK-74 but think those blue berets and blue-striped undershirts are a little…uh, different.

H/T SayUncle

C. K. Shivers – The Gun

Former Marine infantry officer and foreign correspondent for the New York Times C. K. Chivers recently published a book called The Gun. It is a look at the history, development, design, and role of the AK-47 in conflicts around the globe. The video below is a brief overview of the book as told by Chivers himself. One point made about the book is that it will not appeal to the hardcore AK fanatic. As the Kitup Blog says about it:

Chivers forced me to retract my statement during the lead in to the show that he was a “sort of gun expert.” He admits that he’s done a lot of reporting on guns, talked to a lot of fighters who use them and researched the history of firearms, but it’s not like Col. Doug Tamilio at PEO Soldier Weapons is ringing his phone off the hook with a job offer.

If you’re into the caliber debate, want to relive the ill-fated rush to field the M-16, are a student of the civil war, World War II and the Cold War, like the M-14 better than the AK-47, like the AK-47 better than the M-14, are a student of the inner workings of Soviet economic planning and international revolutions or are intrigued by how something as simple as a rifle gets from paper to palm, The Gun has something in it for you.

Christian at the Kitup Blog did a longer interview with Chivers. It runs about 30 minutes and can be found in the embedded player below.

Not That Kind of AK

If you stumble across a website called the “AK Press”, let me warn you in advance – it isn’t about AK-47’s or other Kalashnikov variants. It isn’t some helpful site discussing the differences between an AK-47 and an AK-74 or suggesting which mixture of wood stains to use to get the perfect plum color on your stocks. It isn’t a forum like AK-47 Net or the AK Files or the AK Forum.

Now that I’ve said what it isn’t, I’ll let them tell you what they are:

AK Press is a worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material. We’re small: a dozen people who work long hours for short money, because we believe in what we do. We’re anarchists, which is reflected both in the books we provide and in the way we organize our business. Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute and how we structure our labor. All the work, from sweeping floors to answering phones, is shared. When the telemarketers call and ask, “who’s in charge?” the answer is: everyone. Our goal isn’t profit (although we do have to pay the rent). Our goal is supplying radical words and images to as many people as possible.

Ah, jeez, where do these people come from? Unfortunately, having seen what passes for scholarship in some of the nation’s colleges and universities, I think I know the answer to this.