Illinois Governor Issues Amendatory Veto Of Assault Weapons Bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) issued an amendatory veto of Illinois HB 1468. An amendatory veto is when the governor replaces language in a bill passed by the Illinois General Assembly with his own language. The General Assembly has three options. First, do nothing and the bill will die. Second, override the veto with a three-fifths vote in each house and the original language becomes law. Finally, pass the law with the amended language with a simple majority.

IllinoisCarry has an extensive post on the amendatory veto which I am posting below. It does contains things that would be objectionable in a more pro-gun state but are seen as a compromise in Illinois. This would include things like a bumpstock and trigger crank ban as well as 72 hour waiting period on all gun sales.

From IllinoisCarry with links to their discussion forum and Gov. Rauner’s veto message:

Rauner issued an amendatory veto yesterday of HB1468. The bill sent to
the Governor’s desk 60 days ago with a veto proof majority would have
codified into law, for the first time in IL history, a broad brush
definition of ‘assault weapons’. As we had hoped, he stripped the
‘assault’ language out of the bill and instead opted for a 72 hr.
waiting period on all gun sales rather than risk law abiding gun owners
getting caught up in a felony trick bag set up by anti-Second Amendment
democrats. In a surprising move, the amendatory veto also included
instituting the death penalty for mass killers, freed up local revenue
to fund resource officers and mental health workers in our schools, a
ban on bump stocks, and set the framework for limiting people who are a
danger to themselves or others from having access to firearms. 
the veto, the Governor protects Illinois gun owners from a  gun
grabbing scheme which would have made firearm restraining orders easy to
obtain, virtually no-penalty for false testimony, and taking firearms
away from nearly anyone by almost anybody for any reason. With the
amendatory veto, it becomes a roadblock with a  felony penalty for false
testimony,  prevents vindictive grudges being used to take firearms
from lawful gun owners while providing a process to curb mentally ill
respondents – like the Parkland High School and Waffle House killers –
who are a danger to themselves or others from legally possessing
firearms . It also provides a clear and timely process for restoration
of  rights when a person is no longer a danger.
The full text of the veto can be viewed here.  Discussion of the veto can be found on IllinoisCarry’s discussion forum.

Gun Prohibitionists Waste No Time In Illinois

The gun prohibitionists were out in force yesterday in Illinois in support of Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB 183. Perhaps the leading gun prohibitionists group in the state is the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (sic) led by Colleen Daley. (I don’t know if she is related to Richard and Bill Daley or not). Gov. Quinn featured them prominently in his little soiree’ announcing his amendatory veto.

Daley and ICHV wasted no time in getting out a plea to their supporters along with a a chance to donate to their efforts. This tells me that the grassroots will be vitally important in getting the veto overridden. Our side knows it and so do the gun prohibitionist forces.

Dear Friend,

Today, Governor Pat Quinn stood with community leaders and concerned citizens as he announced his amendatory veto of HB 183, the Concealed Carry legislation that passed in the waning hours of the Spring Session of the General Assembly.

The Governor heard our concerns and made changes that make public safety a top priority!

The Amendatory Veto recognizes that guns and alcohol do not mix and bans guns in any place the serves alcohol. It also requires businesses to opt-in as opposed to opt-out if they would like guns in their establishment, it limits a license holder to carrying ONE gun and ONE magazine that can hold no more than 10 rounds, and removes the provision restricting home rule municipalities regulation of assault weapons.

To read the Governor’s changes click here.

The General Assembly is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, July 9th to deal with the amendatory veto. Representative Brandon Phelps, the sponsor of the bill has already filed a motion to override the Governor’s veto. Please call you legislators now and ask them to vote “NO” on the override attempt. Tell them you stand with Governor Quinn and support his amendatory veto of HB 183!

To find your legislators click here

The Governor has also created a website to make it easy for people to review the changes he has proposed. Visit the site by clicking here.

Call now and stand for common sense gun laws.

In Peace,

Colleen Daley

Executive Director

Here are Daley’s comments from yesterday. You will note she was the first speaker after Gov. Quinn finished his announcement of the amendatory veto.

ISRA On Quinn’s Amendatory Veto

The Illinois State Rifle Association is taking a dim view of Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB 183 which provides for that state’s concealed carry. They are asking people who live in Illinois to contact their legislators and ask them to vote to override the amendatory veto. Given that the bill was passed in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly by veto-proof majorities, it is essential that those who voted for the initial bill vote continue to vote to override.

From ISRA Alert:


As many of you know by now, Governor Quinn today issued an amendatory veto of HB0183, otherwise known as Concealed Carry. In issuing his veto, Quinn renders HB0183 essentially worthless from a self-defense perspective.

Under Quinn’s amendments to the bill, most public locations would be “off limits” for concealed carry. Furthermore, firearms would have to be carried in a closed container out of the view of the public. Making concealed carry even more impractical is Quinn’s restriction limiting licensees to one firearm and no more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Quinn’s amendatory veto contains a whole host of other restrictions that are aimed not only at hindering concealed carry, but also at suppressing the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms in general.

Although Quinn claims his veto is in the interest of public safety, the truth of the matter is that Quinn is using HB0183 as a vehicle to punish firearm owners. Quinn’s motives were made abundantly clear by his decision to surround himself with anti-gun extremists as he announced his veto. Quinn even stood side by side with Fr. Michael Pfleger, the Catholic priest who has openly called for gun shop owners and pro-gun elected officials to be dragged into the streets and murdered.

The bottom line is this: if Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB0183 is not overturned, law-abiding gun owners will have fewer rights than they had before HB0183 was even drafted. Yes, that’s right; HB0183 has been transformed into a gun control bill.


1. Immediately phone your State Representative AND your State Senator and politely tell the person who answers the phone that you are a law abiding firearm owner who wishes to see Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto of HB0183 overturned. Phone lines will be busy, but keep trying until you get through. If you do not know who your Senator or Representative is, the Illinois State Board of Elections has an interactive search page here:

If you know who your state legislators are, you can find their contact info here: and .

2. Pass this alert on to your friends and family and ask them to call too.

3. Post this Alert to any and all Internet blogs or bulletin boards to which you belong.

4. Take the time to sign up a new ISRA member. ISRA needs the continued support of Illinois gun owners.

If you remain silent, you are giving Quinn tacit approval of his gun control folly.

Quinn’s Amendatory Veto Overridden In Illinois House

The Illinois State House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of SB 681 by a vote of 78 yea to 28 nay. The breakdown of the vote by representative can be seen here.

Quinn used his amendatory veto power to graft on a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines, and .50BMG rifles to a bill that would allow Illinois dealers to sell ammunition by mail order.

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued this legislative alert on the override this afternoon:

SB681 Bill Has Been Over-ridden By The House of Representatives and the Governors Veto!

Today, the Illinois House of Representatives has voted to over ride SB681 and the Governors veto. By a vote of 78-28-0, the bill is now considered dead.

SB681 as previously reported had to do with restriction of shipping ammunition to Illlinois residents.

Thanks to the Illinois State Rifle Association membership and gun owners throughout the state, along with the many phone calls made to legislators, we were able to stop this bill from becoming law.

 As a point of clarification, Quinn’s substitute language is dead and the original language of the bill restored meaning that Illinois dealers can now ship ammo to FOID card holders.

IL Gov. Quinn’s Amendatory Veto Over-Ridden In State Senate

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of a bill that would have allowed Illinois residents to purchase ammunition by mail order was over-ridden in the Illinois State Senate yesterday by a 49-4 vote. Quinn used the amendatory veto to rewrite the bill to ban semi-auto rifles, standard capacity magazines, and rifles in .50 caliber.

The original sponsor of the bill says that Quinn overstepped his authority:

Republican Sen. Dave Luechtefeld (LUK’-tuh-feld) of Okawville
(OH-kuh-vil) says Quinn overstepped his authority. Luechtefeld’s
original bill merely allowed approved Illinois gun owners who buy
ammunition through the mail to purchase it from Illinois companies as
well as those out of state. 

The Peoria Journal-Star reports that Quinn is not giving up on his attempts to ban semi-automatic rifles with cosmetic features he doesn’t like.

Spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the Democratic governor will continue
seeking a statewide assault-weapons ban to enhance public safety. She
would not elaborate on his strategy.

The measure now goes to the State House for action on the governor’s veto. If they override it, Illinois residents will be able to purchase ammunition by mail-order from Illinois companies.

Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner and a resident of southern Illinois, has more on it here.

UPDATE: Richard Pearson, Ex. Director of ISRA, included this info in his Thursday bulletin about overriding the veto.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2012, the Illinois Senate passed SB681 in its original form at a margin of 49 – 4. The bill, SB681, was a simple bill that allowed ammunition to be mail ordered from dealers or companies in Illinois and shipped to FOID card holders in Illinois. FOID card holders could already order ammunition from out of state sources.

The Governor illegally used his amendatory veto power and substituted language to turn SB681 into an all encompassing ‘assault’ weapons ban. The Illinois Senate reaffirmed the original language and intent of SB681.

Next week, SB681 will have to be voted on in the Illinois House of Representatives. Be sure to call your state representative and ask them to vote for the override of the Governor’s Veto of SB681. To reach your representative, please click here for the Illinois State Board of Elections website to learn who your legislators are!

 The Illinois House of Representatives goes back in session on Tuesday, Dec. 4th.