Four Good Reads On NRA Bankruptcy

Bitter and Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned have been part of the gun blogosphere for a long, long time. While not as active as they used to be, they are still astute observers of all things NRA.

Bitter has a wonderful fisking of the NRA’s public response to Judge Hale’s dismissal of their bankruptcy case.

She concluded:

In general, this public response highlights that it’s time for Wayne to go, along with most of the yes men he has put into place. This is an embarrassment to the organization, especially as anyone remotely literate can read what the judge really said.

The blog NRA In Danger also provides a brutal fisking of the NRA’s public statement. They may be the new kids on the block in terms of blogging but whoever is writing the blog has a deep, insider knowledge of how things actually work at the NRA.

When a bankruptcy judge who has been on the bench many years, and “seen them all,” says conduct shocks him, you’re hearing it from an expert.

NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre said today’s decision – and the ongoing independence of the NRA – empowers the Association’s approximately 5 million members. 

If the suit being dismissed empowers the members, does that mean that winning the suit would have dis-empowered them?

“We will never shrink from the tough and principled stands we take”

I’m getting too nauseous to continue. Hitler in his bunker was less delusional.

We had better enjoy the NRA annual meeting in four months, because it will probably be the last annual meeting. Anyone on, or getting elected to, the board, had best face the fact that they face lifelong dishonor as a member of the board that killed this fine organization. NRA has had men who held the Medal of Honor on its board, but they have been replaced by people who tremble at the thought just of dissenting. Let the leadership go insane and destroy the 150-year-old organization, these directors would rather not grow a spine.

Frank Tait, who I supported in his efforts to win a seat on theBoard and who I will be writing in for election to the Board, looked at the bankruptcy effort from a business perspective. He, after all, has been in managerial positions for many years.

“So why did you file? We can only guess that the lawyers saw the prospect of a wealthy client who wasn’t adverse to paying big fees, and thought of nothing else. Not even the most core ideas: 1. What do we want from the court? 2. is that something the court can legally give us?”

In my 40 years in business, I’ve been involved in multiple legal disputes. There is critical mindset to legal matters. THE LAWYERS WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around. The secondary mindset is risk-reward considerations, or as a former CEO liked to say “is the juice worth the squeeze.” Both of these key mindsets appear absent from the EVP and the Officers of the Board – and the remainder of the board is not asking the tough questions that are their fiduciary obligation.

Finally, Georgetown Law professor Adam Levitin has been following the case from the start. He may not be aware of the inner dynamics of the NRA but he wrote the textbook on bankruptcy law. His verdict on the filing from a legal standpoint is that it was a fool’s errand from the start.

The NRA’s bankruptcy petition was dismissed as filed in bad faith. I’m predicting that the court’s opinion will be in the next edition of every bankruptcy textbook as the case really is a textbook example of bad faith.  The court found that there was substantial evidence in the record that the NRA filed for bankruptcy for the purpose of gaining an advantage in its litigation with the NY Attorney General, namely depriving the NY Attorney General of the remedy of dissolution, rather than for any other purpose.  

He notes he’d be surprised if the NRA appeals or refiles. Moreover, he wonders if the creditors’ attorneys will file a sanctions motion against either the NRA or its attorneys for reimbursement of their litigation costs given the bad faith filing ruling.

Read all four of these blog posts. They all take a different approach but all conclude the whole bankruptcy filing was a fiasco.

Bitter’s Live Blog Of The Senate Hearing

I have been occupied with other things today so I haven’t been able to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “What Should America Do About Gun Violence?

Fortunately, Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned has been live blogging this hearing. I suggest going there to read it.

UPDATE: Links for the prepared testimony of the participants in the hearing (other than Wayne LaPierre) are below:

 Mark Kelly

Chief James Johnson

David Kopel

Gayle Trotter

In Case You Missed It This Weekend

There were a lot of great blog posts over the weekend in the gun blogosphere. However, there are two that I really want to point as worthy of a careful read.

The first is by Barron Barnett at The Minuteman. It is an open letter to Joan Peterson, gun prohibitionist and Brady Campaign board member, who took great exception to the video that he and Joe Huffman produced. Barron points out the hypocrisy of her views, the attacks made on gun rights activists by the prohibitionists, and how we care about all victims of violence – not the select few.

The second post is an examination of Mitt Romney’s record in Massachusetts by Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned. During the time that Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, Bitter was a resident of the commonwealth and was active with the Gun Owners Action League. She points out she is not a fan of Romney – nor am I for that matter – but felt the need to clarify his record on firearms from that time because we would be doing “our constituency a disservice if we aren’t honest about Mitt’s record on gun rights.” It turns out he did a number of things that actually helped gun owners.

As I said in the intro, both of these posts are worthy of your time and should be read. The former because it points out where the other side is coming from and the latter because we don’t always get the candidate and probably nominee for President we might wish to have.

A Candlelight Vigil? This Is Big News?

The Brady Campaign’s eagerly awaited announcement of what they plan for January 8th is….a candlelight vigil? Could they come come up with something any more lame and trite as this?

Brady Campaign Acting President Dennis Henigan announces a nationwide tribute to loved ones killed with guns. On January 8, 2012, the one-year anniversary of the Tucson shootings that killed six people and injured 13 others including a U.S. Congresswoman, people all across the country will gather for candlelight vigils honoring loved ones lost to gun violence. This intense spotlight on the human toll of gun violence is only the first step in mobilizing Americans to demand change.

As usual, the Brady Campaign is up to their old tactic of censoring dissenting voices. Sean Sorrentino of An NC Gun Blog left a polite message on their Facebook page which has disappeared. They are claiming he has removed his message. Having just spoken to Sean that is incorrect. He didn’t remove it, they did and then went on to block him from being able to comment on their page. Maybe they should just cover their eyes and ears and start singing nursery rhymes as it would be about as effective.

Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned is as nonplussed about the announcement as the rest of us. I like her final comment on it.

Perhaps the candles will also inject some personality into Dennis Henigan as he reads his script. The candles might also buy them some new audio equipment. If candles can stop bullets, then they can do anything in this season of holiday miracles, right?

UPDATE: As I expected, my post on their Facebook page pointing out that Sean had not deleted his post but it was done by their moderator has vanished into cyberspace.  You have to wonder about the strength of their beliefs if opposing opinions are such a threat to them.

Bloomberg Brings The Dead Back To Life (Updated)

Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned has a post on the late mayor of Freeland Borough, Pennsylvania, Tim Martin, who had been a member of MAIG. Mayor Martin passed away on September 2, 2010 due to cancer. Nonetheless, he has either been listed in advertisements or has signed letters to Congress and the President since that time on behalf of Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors. I didn’t realize that Bloomberg had such supernatural powers!

In fact, not only do they claim him as a member, but the deceased mayor has signed his name to at least two advertisements, three letters to Congress, and one letter to the President sent by Michael Bloomberg’s office. Now, just how on earth is Bloomberg getting a dead man to sign his letters? And why are media outlets running advertisements that are clearly fraudulent?

Go to Shall Not Be Questioned to see all the items that Mayor Martin signed from the grave.

UPDATE: It looks like Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors don’t like being exposed for frauds.They’ve responded with a statement saying that they had left a message with the late mayor’s office but never had a call back.

I guess MAIG must be taking their cue from the way the Book of the Month Club and all the assorted CD clubs used to work. Those clubs would ship you the book or CD unless you responded saying you didn’t want it. I wonder how many other mayors “signed” letters or “approved” ads with their names in it without ever having said yes or no.