“Four More Years of Obama: Gun Control ‘Under the Radar’ No More”

Cam Edwards interviewed Dr. A.M.R. Hawkins of Breitbart’s Big Government yesterday. They discuss Obama’s history of support for gun control and how he has the ability to seriously impact gun owners through court appointments, regulatory changes, and executive orders. It does not take action by Congress for him to do things like that.

Hawkins’ full article, Four More Years of Obama: Gun Control ‘Under the Radar’ No More, can be found here.

Katie Pavlich On The IG’s Report

Katie Pavlich of Townhall.com was a guest of Cam Edward’s on NRA News last night. She discussed Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on Operation Fast and Furious. She makes a number of good points including how Eric Holder was claiming to be totally exonerated within minutes after the report was released.

Katie is always a good interview and she knows her stuff with regard to Project Gunwalker.

It was interesting to see the local news here in western North Carolina last night. The Inspector General’s report and Operation Fast and Furious were actually the subject of a report!

Gun Ownership In Other Countries

Cam Edwards interviewed David Tipple, the owner of Gun City in New Zealand. The gun prohibitionists in that country are upset that the store is having a promotion for Father’s Day in which one gun will be sold for one New Zealand dollar.

The most interesting thing about the interview is when Mr. Tipple described how only licensed gun owners are allowed to purchase firearms in New Zealand. He compared their license to an American driver’s license except that to obtain one you must a police background check which includes interviews with your family and your neighbors, an inspection of your home, and an inspection of your gun safe. When you hear what people have to do in other countries in order to possess a firearm, you give thanks for the farsightedness of our forefathers when they adopted the Second Amendment.

Former Head Of El Paso Intelligence Center On Project Gunwalker

Cam Edwards interviewed Phil Jordan about Operation Fast and Furious on NRA News today. Mr. Jordan is the former director of the El Paso Intelligence Center. He made some interesting points in the interview. With regard to the firing of ATF Agent and whistle-blower Vincent Cefalu, Mr. Jordan said that it was done as a warning to other agents to not cooperate and to keep their mouths shut. He also said it was a complete injustice to the Terry and Zapata families for the DOJ to allow the damage control/cover-up efforts to continue.

NRA President David Keene On Gunwalker, Obama, and Elijah Cummings

New NRA President David Keene was on Cam and Company today. Among the items discussed were Project Gunwalker, Elijah Cummings’ forum tomorrow, and Barack Obama’s election chances.

Keene did make a very good point about Project Gunwalker. He said “the ATF did not do this on their own – as crazy as they can be – without orders from above but also without informing those above.” He goes on to say that one thing bureaucrats always do is protect themselves.

Issa Staffer: Project Gunwalker Doesn’t Stop At Ken Melson

This is an interview that Cam Edwards of NRA News had with Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller to discuss Project Gunwalker. Included is part of an interview with House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa who flatly states that Attorney General Eric Holder will be the last witness called. He goes on to explain that they are taking a bottom-up approach to the investigation and started at the lowest level.