NRA-PVF’s Ad Buying Strategy Captures Attention Of The LA Times

Normally, the only way the National Rifle Association can capture the attention of the Los Angeles Times is when there is a shooting. And then they are usually blamed for “pushing loose gun laws” or some such nonsense.

Fortunately, the NRA-PVF’s campaign ad strategy is what is attracting the attention of the LA Times. If you live in a battleground state like I do, you have been inundated with campaign ads around the clock. However, they really are most prevalent around the time of the local news broadcasts. The NRA-PVF is taking a different tack in an effort to have their message stand out.

But the NRA this year is spending a premium to place its spots lambasting President Obama during popular sports programs such ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” in key markets in battleground states.

The influential gun lobby is also buying time during late-night shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Late Show with David Letterman and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

NRA is not the sole political advertiser in those time periods, but it
is one of the most prevalent, often running several spots in one
football game, said Republican media strategist Brad Todd, who is
crafting the group’s ad campaign.

“We don’t have to compete with
18 other political ads,” said Todd, who said the group tested the
strategy during this year’s Wisconsin gubernatorial recall to reach
independent blue-collar voters.

The LA Times goes on to say that the demographic being targeted by the NRA is men under the age of 55. They also give attention to the NRA’s army of volunteers who will reach approximately 50 million voters before Election Day through calls, knocking on doors, and mail. Of course, this army of volunteers is something the gun prohibitionists and their top-down organizations can never hope to match.

This Ad Irritates Me

The Obama campaign has been playing the ad below virtually non-stop in western North Carolina for the past couple of weeks.

CBS News Anchor and 60 Minutes Correspondent Scott Pelley’s question is ignorant and the Obama campaign just loves it.

Why do I find the question ignorant?

First, it ignores totally that any capital that Mitt Romney invested has already been taxed once. This is not pre-tax or tax-deferred monies upon which no tax was withheld. Romney has already paid tax on the capital invested and probably at a 35% rate or higher. I say higher because the original investment could very well be from 2002 or earlier. If so, Romney paid anywhere from 38.6% to 39.6% in taxes on this money.

Second, by focusing in on the relative amount of tax paid by Romney, Pelley ignores the absolute amount in dollar terms – $2.8 million. Thanks to the astute investment managers who run his blind trust who generated a $20 million long-term capital gain, Mitt Romney has just paid more in taxes than most people earn in a lifetime.

Third, Mr. Pelley should be asking why Obama supporter Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (of which I am a shareholder) has never paid a dividend. One answer is that dividends are taxed at a higher rate than capital gains. If Buffett paid himself a dividend, he would have to pay more taxes.

Fourth, it is good public policy to tax long-term capital gains at a lower rate than ordinary income. It provides an incentive for investors to put up the money needed for business growth. If there is no business growth, there are fewer jobs. Fewer jobs also mean lower tax revenues. When capital gains rates have been lowered in the past there was a net increase in revenues even though the rates were lower.

Finally, I hate both the ad and the question for the divisive “us versus them” attitude it takes. This is America where we celebrate risk takers and not some Euro-socialist country that has driven out all the entrepreneurs.

One Percenters For You Know Who

I really don’t see how having events like this will let you connect with the middle class but I guess when you need campaign cash you’ll do anything.

The best comment on this campaign video comes from David “Iowahawk” Burge who wrote on his Facebook page:

Rejoice, you bitter clingy filthy flyover hillbillies! Thanks to the Obama campaign, you finally have a chance to live the dream of every American: rubbing elbows with chic lefty fashionistas. Dessicated Eurotrash Vogue editor Anna Wintour explains it for you in what will go down in history as the WORST CAMPAIGN AD EVER.

You have until tomorrow to enter to attend this event!!! Think of all the fun you could have by asking Anna her opinion of 9mm Luger versus .45 ACP.

UPDATE: It didn’t take the Republicans long to use this video. As Ed Morrissey of HotAir says of it, the Republicans played it straight but it may as well be a parody called “When Obama Wears Prada”. Also, on the same day the Wintour ad appeared and the jobs report was released, Obama appeared at six – count’em six – campaign fundraisers.

And today I got emails from both Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker inviting me to donate and to enter the contest. I’m thinking donating one cent might cost them a lot more in processing that the donation. Hmmm. Just think of the blogging opportunity…..